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Carrie Underwood And Her 74-Year-Old Mom Got The Cutest Matching Tattoos

Underwood's sisters also got in on the tattoo fun.

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Carrie Underwood and her 74-year-old mom recently commemorated their adorable relationship with some dainty permanent ink: Over the 4th of July weekend, the 40-year-old singer revealed that she and her mom, along with her sisters, all got matching heart tattoos.

The big twist? It was all her mom’s idea.

“When your 74-year-old mother asks you and your sisters to get matching tattoos with her in Vegas, the only questions are, ‘what?’ and ‘where?,’” the pop country singer captioned her Instagram post, revealing several images of the cute tats.

“I never would’ve thought I’d see the day that Mama Carole would be gettin’ some ink! 😂❤️ #WhatHappensInVegas.”

The “Before He Cheats” singer included a group photo of everyone’s tats, with most opting for their wrists while Underwood chose to place hers on her foot. Underwood can be seen laying on the tattoo table, flashing her ridiculously long and toned legs as she got inked.

Her mom Carole meanwhile was pictured smiling as a tattoo artist inked her wrist. Another photo showed Underwood sitting in what appeared to be a waiting room with her mom and sisters.

The American Idol winner also thanked tattoo artist Darek Riley for "being so sweet to the Underwood girls" and giving them their matching ink.

Underwood was hanging in Vegas for her Vegas residency, Reflection, where she is performing at the 5,000-person capacity Resorts World Theatre. She is the first artist to perform on theatre’s stage.

While some may be shocked at Underwood’s mom for being the brains behind the tattoo operation, others might recall that this isn’t the first time Mama Carole has let loose.

In 2019, Underwood’s mom got on stage with her daughter while she sang her hit, “The Champion,” and stepped in to rap Ludacris’s verse on the song. Afterward, Underwood shared a picture of the pair on stage, saying, “Got to share the stage with this amazing champion tonight! Of course, I’m talking about my mom! She crushed it!”

Underwood also shared a video of her mom’s rapping talent, captioning the post, “Nailed it! I kept trying to keep her on track! At the end she said ‘Did I do OK?’ Who knew Mom could rap?!”

Rapping on stage and suggesting tats for the whole family? Major cool points awards to Mama Carole!