The Rock... Rocks

Dwayne Johnson Just Picked Up Drew Barrymore, & It Was A Masterclass In Consent

The internet quickly pointed out his respectful behavior.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (respectfully) picks up Drew Barrymore in a segment from 'The Drew Barrymo...
Ash Bean/The Drew Barrymore Show

The latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show might as well have been titled "The Two Most Lovable People in Hollywood Meet," because that's exactly what happened. From the beginning of the segment, viewers knew it would be good — always the host with the most, Drew Barrymore literally came out dressed as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, donning his infamous circa-'90s black turtleneck, gold chain, and fanny pack. But that's not why the segment is going viral.

It all started when Johnson, in turn, gifted Barrymore with a super gorgeous rose gold fanny pack of her own. Each fanny pack had a list of fanny-related questions. From "guilty pleasure" meals that go right to the rump to the best butt-related compliment, it was a silly but no-holds-barred interview between the tiny Barrymore and demigod-sized Rock. The very first question, though, led to a moment that sent the internet into a collective swoon.

"Squats help you build a strong fanny. Do you think that you could do five squats with me on your back?" Barrymore asked. Without missing a beat, Johnson offered to prove he could, having her stand on her couch for the best lifting scenario. But what really caught everyone's attention was their follow-up interaction and how Johnson handled needing to touch Barrymore.

Sure, she'd just asked to be lifted, which implies touching. But Johnson still took a moment to explain where he'd need to grab her and confirm she was giving him consent. This shouldn't seem like a big deal, but it is. While many of us may joke about wishing a big, hulking guy like Johnson would sweep us off our feet, the truth of the matter is being lifted requires a lot of physical contact — something that should always require consent.

The exchange was quick and not at all awkward, proving that asking for consent doesn't need to be cumbersome, even "in the moment."

When The Drew Barrymore Show shared a clip of the interaction on Instagram, people flooded the comments with observations about Johnson's A+ gallantry.

"The respect this man just showed her by explaining what he was going to do and getting her consent is what everyone needs to learn," said @iammoira.

"The way The Rock asked for consent and explained what he was going to do before doing it," gushed @sbolduc1, adding a swooning emoji. "You can tell he's a girl dad. Bravo, sir."

"I love how he asked for consent and told you exactly where he was going to put his hands," echoed @baht.simpson.

"And this is how we do consent, doesn't need to be weird, this is perfection," wrote @the_goth_mermaid.

"Ever the gentleman, getting full consent before touching her. Even when it was her idea first. Class act. Love him," said @melissaj_101.

"Oh my gosh, I didn't think I could love the Rock more, and [there] he goes asking for consent and explaining everything because even tho she asked, he still wanted to make her comfortable 🥹," commented @momlikeaboss_.

Johnson has long been known for his respectful, family-man persona. And, yes, he is indeed a "girl dad." Whatever propelled him to be so respectful to Barrymore is worth applauding. Not only was it exactly what should be done, but it was also just a lovely thing to witness. In one swift six-minute segment, many viewers went from already thinking he was a pretty great guy to being in absolute awe of how pure this man must actually be.

Did I mention he also adorably apologized to Barrymore's dog, Douglas, for scaring the pup when he got off the couch? Johnson may have just fully cemented his status as the golden standard among Hollywood men.