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Lance Bass Played His Least Favorite *NSYNC Songs For His Kids To See Their Reactions

You will be surprised by the songs he chose.

Lance Bass put his kids through the “ultimate test” to see if they agreed with his lack of enthusias...
Lance Bass / TikTok

Pop royalty, Lance Bass, who has two-year-old twins Violet and Alexander with husband Michael Turchin, shocked fans when he revealed his three least favorite *NSYNC songs. During a meal at his home Bass put his kids through the “ultimate test” to see if they agreed with his lack of enthusiasm over the songs.

“I’m gonna play my kids my three least favorite *NYSNC songs and see if they agree with me,” Bass says as the kids eat their breakfast at the kitchen table.

First up, Bass selects the song, “Riddle,” which must be super obscure because I was the most intense *NSYNC fan, and I do not remember this song at all. The song was featured on their 1997 self-titled album.

As the weird and honestly not good-at-all song plays, Bass and Turchin dance around the room while their children do not even crack the slightest smile. They wrote “What is this?” and “Unamused” above the kid’s heads in text overlay on the viral video.

Next up, he plays “Here We Go,” a classic *NSYNC, also off their 1997 self-titled debut album. As Bass sings along and dances to this absolutely bop of a song, Violet and Alexander give him nothing.

Bass writes, “Sir, I’m trying to eat” and “*life contemplation*” over their heads in text overlay, joking that the kids could not care less.

As the song continues on, one of Bass’ children begins to cry.

“Same, buddy,” Bass says to his kid. “Maybe this will cheer you up. Play the next one!”

The last song Bass plays is another *NSYNC banger, “Bring In Da Noise,” off of their 2000 sophomore album, No Strings Attached.

One kid continues to be utterly bored, simply eating their food and disassociating while the other continues to weep.

“The kids have spoken,” Bass jokes.

After the video was seen by fans, several TikTok users chimed in, shaming Bass for including such infamously good *NSYNC songs in his bottom three.

“HERE WE GO?!?! That felt like a personal attack bc I sing and dance to this with passion every time😂,” one user wrote.

Another said, “SIR ‘Here We Go’ and ‘Bringin' Da Noise’ are ABSOLUTE bangers! 😂😂”

Bass replied back, “I can be swayed on Here We Go but NOT RIDDLE”

While some of his older songs might make Bass’ twins cry, the latest *NSYNC song, “Better Place” for the kid’s film, Trolls Band Together, was a huge hit.

"I never thought that they would ever be able to see Dad on stage or hear a new song on the radio,” he told People.

“So, when we're in the car and the song comes on and 'Better Place' is playing, they freak out and they're like, 'Ah!' And they know that that's Baba on the radio. It's special for me, for them to be able to hear that and see what Dad does. And, who knows? Hopefully, in the future, we'll get to give them a little more.”

As for all those rumors about Bass and his former bandmates hitting the road together for a reunion tour, while nothing is set in stone, Bass says he’s hopeful.

“Look, the door is always open,” Bass says to E! News. “And I think especially now. I'm game and you know we will be talking at some point. So hopefully, fingers crossed something will work out.”