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Gird Your Loins: Lifetime’s Upcoming Christmas Movie Has Their First-Ever Sex Scene

Have yourself a spicy little Christmas!

Lifetime has a step up on the competition this year by announcing the first-ever sex scene in one of...
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’Tis the season for cuddling up on the couch with some wine or hot cocoa and binge-watching so many holiday movies. Some of the campiest and best Christmas movies are from Hallmark and Lifetime, with their trope-y plots where a small town girl meets a big city guy and they fall in love while trying to save the town’s 100-year-old Christmas tree farm.

However, this year, Lifetime has a step up on the competition by announcing the first-ever sex scene in one of their holiday films.

As part of 12 new movies featured in this season’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” lineup, a holiday film called A Cowboy Christmas Romance will include a now highly-anticipated sex scene. Actor and star of the film Jenna Kramer recently admitted the details on an episode of her Whine Down podcast.

Kramer, who co-stars in the movie with actor Adam Senn, teased the spicy scene in conversation with the film’s writer, Sarah Drew.

“Spoiler alert — he lays me down on some hay, and then we, you know,” she said. “Obviously, it’s still Lifetime, it’s still family, but it was pushing limits there, too… They didn’t cut anything. I was so happy that they really left it all in there.”

“It all came out so beautifully, but especially the scene in the kitchen,” added Drew. “I had written into the stage directions, ‘He pulls her up onto the counter, he shoves things off the table.’ I put it all in there, so I was like, ‘Don’t take the steam and the sex away from me. I wrote it on purpose, I want it in there.’”

For those curious as to the actual plot of the film, A Cowboy Christmas Romance is about a real estate agent who “returns home to Arizona to reclaim land belonging to a rancher,” but they end up falling for each other.

After news spread of the upcoming spicy scene, Tia Maggini, SVP of scripted content at Lifetime, confirmed the news, telling Variety: “We think that there’s an audience out there that’s hungry for grown-up romance, and we’re looking forward to adding some smolder to the usual holiday sugar and spice. We love trying new things, and we’re excited about this new ‘first’ for us for a holiday movie.”

Lifetime has always been a little more scandalous than their competitors, but a literal romp in the hay was not on our 2023 bingo card. Nevertheless, we’re here for it!

A Cowboy Christmas Romance will premiere on Lifetime on Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET.