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Rebel Wilson Talks About The Challenges Of Being The Mom Who Wants To ‘Do All The Things’

The new mom talked about how motherhood has been “amazing and so emotional.”

Rebel Wilson opened up about the challenges of motherhood. The 'Pitch Perfect' star welcomed daughte...
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Rebel Wilson has had a big 2022. She came out with her partner Ramona Agruma on June 9 during Pride Month. She announced that she had welcomed her first child, daughter Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson, via surrogate on Nov. 7. The Pitch Perfect actor reflected on her year of milestones during a chat with Maria Shriver and how motherhood has completely rocked her world.

“You hold the baby and cut the umbilical cord and literally from — from that moment on, you’re just like — it was just, like, amazing and so emotional,” she explained to Shriver on TODAY.

Like all new moms, Wilson is learning to navigate the obstacles that come with balancing personal and career lives with the new, often demanding role of motherhood.

“It’s really challenging. I have this big international career and — you know, I'm, like, the breadwinner of my family — I like to think,” she explained. “So it’s really challenging too, like, ‘Well, now how do I do all the things and be a great mother and great partner and all of that?’”

Wilson had previously detailed how she was handling being the mother to a newborn on her Instagram Stories a week after announcing Royce’s arrival: “One week of motherhood is done. It’s been a total life change. I’m not looking my most glamorous. I’ve been learning how to change diapers, how to feed the baby, and I’m just so lucky I have amazing help in my amazing partner Ramona, and I have an awesome baby nanny.”

“[Royce] is doing amazing,” Wilson gushed on the story. “She’s a little tiny thing, but she’s doing so amazing, and is healthy and awesome, and is such a chill baby actually. So it’s been really cool to get to know her.”

It’s going to be fun seeing Wilson share Royce’s milestones, along with her own throughout her motherhood journey.