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Steve Martin And Martin Short Reprised Their Roles From 'Father Of The Bride' For 'SNL' And It Was Hilarious

The sketch even included two special surprises that had the crowd roaring.

Steve Martin and Martin Short revived their “Father of the Bride” characters as co-hosts of “Saturda...
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Gen Z might know legendary actors Steve Martin and Martin Short from their roles on Only Murders in the Building, but any millennial can tell you that before they were podcasters solving murders, they were concerned father George Banks and eccentric wedding planner Franck from the Father of the Bride films.

Saturday Night Live treated viewers to a bit of nostalgia when Martin, 77, and Short, 72, (who were hosting) reprised their roles from the classic ‘90s film for one of their sketches that evening as the two hosted the show together.

The bit even included two special guests that made the audience cheer out with excitement.

The sketch — which acted as a trailer for another installment in the Father of the Bride series — began with a shot of the classic home from the movie.

“This is our home: 24 Maple Drive. We bought it when Annie was in grammar school. She even got married here. So many memories,” Martin said.

George then has a conversation with his eldest daughter Annie (played by SNL cast member Heidi Gardner), who is getting married for the eighth time.

“Annie, what makes you think I can afford an eighth Nancy Meyers-style wedding? I’m financially drained,” the former SNL star joked.

Martin Short then walks in, to rousing applause, as he reprises his role as Franck “doing an accent that I think is still OK,” as an SNL voiceover jokes. Franck helped plan the wedding (and eventual baby showers) for the Banks family in the Father of the Bride films.

As Frack chats with George, Annie, and wife Nina — a role originally played by legendary actor Diane Keaton but now taken on by SNL cast member Chloe Fineman — about her upcoming nuptials, Franck suggests that Annie takes on some sort of vaginal rejuvenation procedures — which turned out to be a little more information than one particular family member needed.

“Eww! Can we not talk about my sister’s privates right now? I feel like I might blow chunks!” Kieran Culkin whined as the SNL audience went crazy.

Culkin, 40, has found recent fame for his role on the hit HBO series Succession where he plays spoiled, out of line Roman Roy. He originally played the role of Nina and George’s son, Matty, in the Father of the Bride films when he was just a kid.

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Culkin added, “My sister in a wedding dress? Gross to the max! Oh, by the way, no cake for me [because] I have a colonoscopy tomorrow.”

With the surprise of Culkin, the SNL audience didn’t think there could be one more shocking moment in the works, but Martin and Short had one more trick up their sleeve.

The hosts’ Only Murders in the Building cast mate Selena Gomez comes through the door to a loud applause from a stunned audience. Franck hired her as the wedding singer for a cool $1.8 million dollars.

The group then closes out the sketch by singing Franck’s famous “Every Party Needs a Pooper” song.

Martin and Short are SNL legends, and this is just another reason why. While some actors may turn their noses up at reprising certain roles they’ve played and see it as beneath them, Martin and Short embraced it. The duo are no stranger to an SNL sketch either. Martin has hosted the show 16 times, while Short has hosted three episodes.

Seeing them together on stage this weekend was just what viewers needed this holiday season.