10 Gifts For The Coffee Lover Person In Your Life

10 Gifts For The Coffee Obsessed Person In Your Life


You love her and she loves coffee. This holiday season you don’t want to disappoint her (or her coffee obsessed brain), and Scary Mommy is here to help with these amazing gifts she’ll be over the moon for.

1. Pioneer Woman Mugs


How cute are these Pioneer Woman mugs? They are eclectic and will cheer her up before the coffee is even poured. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch but so adorable, right?

2. Flea Market Rack With Mugs


A rack to house her coffee stash that will look super sweet sitting on her counter top and give her easy access to her caffeine fix. It is the perfect way to celebrate her.

3. Coffee Sign


Coffee-love needs to be shared, and this sign will be perfect to hang in the kitchen, living room, bathroom… wherever. If it has the word coffee on it, she’s going to love it.

4. Coffee Sweatshirt


This cropped sweatshirt looks super cute over her favorite t-shirt and can be worn while she’s out running errands and double as a pajama top. An added bonus is it lets everyone else know she’s can’t function without that caffeine so stay out of her way.

5. Travel Mug


Everyone needs an insulated coffee mug to keep their coffee hot when they are on the run. This one is the perfect size and screams she literally can not take on another thing so don’t ask.

6. French Press


Even if it doesn’t get used every morning, french press-made coffee is luxurious. This sleek one is perfect and doesn’t take up a lot of space in kitchen cabinets. Using it is an act of self-care.

7. K-Cup Organizer


This K-cup organizer is the only way to keep her precious cups from rolling around her pantry or drawers. This organizer holds 32 of her favorite blends and keeps them immediately available.

8. Barn Wood Coffee Mug Holder


The only way to show off a coffee mug collection is to do it with style. We love this sign for its rustic charm and functionality.

9. Storage Hooks


A brilliant way to store all those coffee mugs without taking up any space are these amazing storage hooks that fit inside your cabinets and leave the shelves to house other things like coffee makers and designer blends.

10. Creamer And Sugar Bowl Set


Every coffee lover needs a little sugar bowl and matching creamer to get their coffee tasting just right. We love this flea-market style set from Pioneer Woman and so will your coffee-guzzling friend.


Pick out a few of these gifts with some gourmet coffee and make a nice basket to give this year and you will be a forever-friend. Just don’t forget to treat yourself to some caffeine paraphernalia too.

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