12 Creepy And Easy Halloween Crafts To Make With The Kiddos This Year

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Halloween Crafts
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Looking to have a little fun with your Halloween decor this year? Begin by getting an early start and tackling some of these crafts! Some are spooky, but we’ve included a few sweet options to make with your younger children as well. In each case, the crafts offer a chance to work together, learn together, and potentially bond. Not to mention they could be the perfect Halloween party game activity to drop some iconic Halloween, ghost, and pumpkin jokes and make the night even more memorable.

These crafts also have the spooky potential to be decorations for your front porch or home decor. Be the envy of the neighborhood, save some money, and put your kiddos to work. Of course, they’ll enjoy the haunted magic of it season, but most of all they’ll adore the time they get to spend with you. So have a blast and make memories while you can — we all know that once they’re spiraling from a super sugar rush on Halloween night, you’ll have anything but fun together. That’s OK, too, Mama! It’s the good memories they remember most.

Easy DIY Halloween Crafts

1. Spider Web Plate

This cute little guy is the perfect rainy day activity to do with your littlest crafter.

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2. Felt Owl

Are you dying? We’re dying. Could this felt owl be any cuter? Sit him on a window sill or add him to your fall wreath.

3. Rustic Halloween Sign

Why spend a fortune for rustic, farmhouse-inspired signs from Hobby Lobby or Target when you can make it yourself and personalize it as desired? This seems like a no-brainer to us.

4. Skull and Crossbones Wreath

A little creepy, sure, but it’s also super cool. All you need is a couple bags of fake bones you can find at any craft store or Halloween pop-up shop.

5. Dollar Store Crystal Ball

So, you want to be a fortune teller for Halloween, huh? This spooky and cool crystal ball can be made mostly from items found at the Dollar Tree. Whether you use it for your Halloween costume or just set it on your mantle when you decorate for the season, it’s cute and cheap. And you can customize it to fit your current decor. (In other words, if a creepy skull isn’t your thing, make the crystal ball show something less morbid. The future is, quite literally, yours to behold.)

6. Super Cute Bat

Oh, ya know, just another fun craft to do with your kiddo. Maybe read Stellaluna that night or look up some useful facts about bats that you can share while you craft.

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7. Pumpkin Monster and Melted Crayon Pumpkin (and More!)

This video actually has more than a dozen cool Halloween-inspired crafts. Our two favorites, though, both involve pumpkins. We love the idea of stacking pumpkins like you would snowballs to make a man or monster. We’re also suckers for any chance we get to stick a crayon in a hot glue gun. Just, ya know, take the paper off first.

8. Messy Pumpkins

As the original crafter mama who posted this craft suggests, there will definitely be a mess. This activity might best be done in a garage or outside on one of those sneaky warm fall days.

9. DIY Dementor

Got a Harry Potter fan in your midst? Spook up an entryway or patio by crafting a few of these terrifyingly simple to make dementors. Just keep chocolate nearby to keep everyone happy.

10. Glowing Wall Eyeball

Is your kid into all things spooky? If so, they’re going to love this cheap and easy wall decor! All you need are a few items from your local Dollar Store, and you’ll have a Halloween craft that doubles as a statement piece.

11. Skeleton Stack Candle Pillar

This craft seriously couldn’t be more rad if it tried. Like, honestly, we’re considering making it and then keeping it up all year long. Bonus? Like many of the other projects on this list, you only need a few household crafting supplies and items from the Dollar Store.

12. Candy Corn Coasters

No matter which side of the great candy corn debate you fall on, you’ll be a fan of this fun craft. For starters, it’s practical — who can’t use a few more coasters, especially festive ones like this? But also, and more pointedly, any candy corn fans in the house can snack while you craft.

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