There's A Keanu Reeves Coloring Book And Yes, Please

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There's A Keanu Reeves Coloring Book Now And Yes, Please
Scary Mommy and St. Martin’s Press

The cure for your boredom has arrived in the form of an 80-page adult coloring book filled with Keanu Reeves

From the genius that brought us Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Momoa coloring books comes another collection of ready-to-be-shaded masterpieces. This go-round, artist Maurizio Campidelli has chosen Keanu Reeves as the subject of his latest Crush + Color series. And, honestly, who doesn’t need the mysterious hero that is Reeves during times as trying as these?

Not to mention, lockdown hasn’t entirely lifted yet and we’ve basically burned through everything on Netflix. We need a new hobby, and coloring *ahem* outside of the lines with Keanu seems like a pretty dreamy place to start. Since the coloring book is 80 glorious pages, it should keep us all entertained for quite some time.

Crush + Color

If you’re wondering what a coloring book devoted to Keanu Reeves might look like, well, first of all, get ya mind out of the gutter (there isn’t enough room for both of us in there). There’s nothing inappropriate. But in all seriousness, the coloring book contains precisely the sort of aloof appeal we’ve come to expect and love from the humble and eternally super hot actor.

I mean, is it hot in here — or is it just Reeves reading a leather-bound tome in front of a roaring fireplace?

Crush + Color

If you need a little pick-me-up, the coloring book can help you envision a world in which Reeves picks you up… armed with fresh flowers and a sexy gaze, no less.

Crush + Color

But lest you start to think this is veering toward Harlequin romance novel territory, you can also color Reeves practicing martial arts, which just feels right TBH.

Crush + Color

Trust, there’s plenty to keep you busy. But if you happen to speed through your artsy tribute to Reeves, you can always put your colored pencils to more work on The Rock’s biceps or Momoa’s man bun. Or, if your fingers are cramping from so much coloring, revel in the current Keanussance we find ourselves in by reading some of the actor’s wisest quotes.

Happily, we will have even more of him in our lives soon as the new Bill & Ted movie is coming sometime this summer. The trailer released earlier this week was a nice treat to say the least.

And if you really want to drive home all the feel-good Reeves feelings, consider the fact that he routinely does things like cuddle puppies and personally deliver hand-written thank-you notes to young fans.

An entire afternoon devoted to staring at Keanu Reeves? We don’t mind if we Keanu, er, do.

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