Khloé Kardashian Receives Criticism Over Plastic Water Bottle 'Rant'

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Khloé Kardashian angered fans after her early morning gym “rant” about single-use plastic water bottles

If you’re trying to be more conscious of the environment by reducing waste and recycling as much as you can, it seems even Khloé Kardashian can relate. The reality star shared a lengthy “rant” about single-use plastic water bottles during her early Monday morning gym session, but in the process, she managed to anger fans who pointed out her and her family’s frequently wasteful lifestyle habits.

“So many people tag me in these huge gallon-sized jugs of water,” she began, showing off an impressively enormous reusable bottle of her own, “and I feel awesome ’cause I know people are staying hydrated.”

She continued, “There’s something that irks me is that I see people taking water bottles and they’re just pouring it into the gallon size reusable plastic bottle so they can consume their water for the day. That defeats the purpose because those water bottles are just going to go into a landfill somewhere and potentially cause, you know, pollution.”

“We’re trying to limit our single usage of plastics, so I think people should just be aware of that,” she said. “The point of this is, yes, to stay hydrated, but also to hopefully reduce, you know, all the pollution.” She added affordable suggestions for water filtration tools and pitchers that you can find on Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond, adding, “That is a lot smarter than buying cases of waters.”

She went on to clarify that she wasn’t “judging” the occasional need for a single-use bottle, adding, “I’m just saying that I don’t know why we’re pouring water bottles into jugs… just to throw that plastic away.” She ended by joking that she’s “turning into Kourtney,” who is known for leading a strict organic lifestyle, adding, “but let’s try to save the environment for the kids.”

Of course, Kardashian is certainly correct about the impacts of single-use plastic on the environment. The average American throws out 100 water bottles per year, and more than 300,000 tons of plastic are estimated to be littered or inadequately disposed (i.e. wishcycled) each year. That waste ends up in the oceans by way of wind, rivers, or wastewater outflows, according to the Washington Post, so even if you are recycling your water bottles, there’s a good chance that more than 90% of them are still ending up in landfills. The best solution — as Kardashian pointed out — is for people to simply stop relying on single-use plastic water bottles and instead using glass or reusable plastic picks, an overall more affordable and sustainable option.

That said, fans on Twitter were quick to point out that celebrities, including the Kardashian/Jenner family, certainly contribute to excess environmental waste, whether through lavish birthday parties, pantries chock full of plastics, their penchant for toilet papering each other’s houses during a widespread TP shortage, so on and so forth.

So far, Kardashian hasn’t responded to the feedback on her “rant for the morning,” asking fans not to “judge her” for sounding “tired” before daybreak. “Just trying to share what little I do know about the environment,” she ended, before sharing one last snap of her reusable water jug post-workout, which was fittingly half-full. Or half-empty — you know, depending on how you look at it.

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