'Tis The Season for Shopping

Amazon's Just-Announced Early Access Sale Might Deliver The Best Deals Of The Year

Prime Day 2.0? Don't mind if we do!

Amazon's Early Access Sale is being dubbed Prime Day 2.0.
Future Publishing/Getty Images

Hey Alexa, set a reminder for Amazon’s Early Access Sale on Oct. 11 and 12! If you haven’t heard the news yet, hold on to your underwear: Amazon has basically announced a “Prime Day 2.0” coming in mid-October, promising massive deals the likes of which we probably won’t even see on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Honestly? It’s a godsend. Not all of us can afford to wait until a month before Christmas to shop for our entire family’s presents.

Meanwhile, other winter gift-giving holidays are often celebrated even sooner. Hanukkah starts on Dec. 18 this year, y’all. Most of us need to budget for the holidays. So, the time to shop is now...-ish. Thankfully, the Amazon gods are making it easier and (seemingly) less expensive than ever. With their first-ever Early Access Sale, it’s your chance to scoop up great deals on the season’s hottest gifts without having to wait until a paycheck or two before the holidays.

Here’s everything you need to know to take full advantage of Amazon’s Early Access Sale.

What and when is the Early Access Sale?

Consider this your warning: Wednesday, Oct. 11, and Thursday, Oct. 12, are the new shopping holidays. Amazon’s Early Access Sale will feature two days of what is being described as “amazing deals” on items across all of Amazon’s dozens of shopping categories. Prime Day has almost always been in the summer — except in 2020, thanks to the pandemic. That year, it was held in October, and it looks like an October sale worked out well for Amazon since they’re doing it again.

Who can participate in Amazon’s Early Access Sale?

If you’re not a Prime member, now might be a good time to sign up. The Early Access Sale will offer exclusive deals on both days that are only available to Prime members.

How can you prepare for this momentous shopping occasion?

Get your affairs in order, people!

  1. Is your Prime membership up-to-date? The last thing you want is to find a lapse in payment has caused you to miss scoring a fantastic holiday present.
  2. Is your favorite card on file? Some of us use specific bank or credit cards for holiday shopping. Make sure you have that saved already and selected as your default option.
  3. Have you saved the correct address? If you’re having top secret presents delivered, where should they go? Now might be an excellent time to add in the address at the office or to simply delete some old gift-giving addresses from your Amazon shipping details so that Morgan’s new Gabby’s Dollhouse doesn’t end up shipping to your childless bestie that lives four states away.
  4. Save the Amazon Deals Page. All of their best deals will show up there first, and it will no doubt be updated throughout the day on both days. Just pin the tab next to your email and Docs tabs... it’ll be worth it.
  5. Do you have everyone’s list? Seriously. Do you know what your family wants to open this year?

What kind of deals can you expect?

Just like with Prime Day, Amazon seems to be remaining tight-lipped about what will be on sale. If Prime Day is any example, there are certain items you can expect to save big on. Things that are usually on major sale:

  • Fire Tablets... all of ‘em. Prime Day 2022’s Fire tablet markdowns were insane. The Fire HD 10 Kids is selling for $199 now but for around $100 on Prime Day. (And it still comes with that wildly long, forgiving warranty.)
  • Anything Alexa compatible. Need a new Echo, Ring, or remote? Early Access Day should offer great deals on these Alexa-enabled products.
  • “Smart” stuff. Amazon is always ready to push smart devices into our homes, and sale days are typically the best time to do it. Whether you need a new, better television to get you through the rest of football season or you want a new Bluetooth speaker lightbulb for the kitchen, it’s “smart” and probably going to be on sale.

Ah, we really are entering the best time of year, aren’t we?