These Bath Bombs For Kids Have The Coolest Surprise Toys Inside

Bathtime just got a lot more fun.

by Keri Pina
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Three colorful bath bombs for kids with surprise toys inside
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When stocking up on bathroom essentials for kiddos, bath bombs with toys inside deserve a spot on your shopping list next to the bubble bath and kid-friendly face wash. Bath toys exist to trick little kids into practicing good hygiene, and if your tub is overrun with toys (and bathtub toy storage), then you might need a new con to keep your kids soaking in the bathtub for a few extra minutes.

Enter bath bombs, which have been around since the late 1980s but exploded on the self-care scene in 2014. Adults love them because they create an effervescent bath experience by releasing bubbles and essential oils into the water. Kids love them for the exact same reason, but hiding a little toy inside is a game-changer. If the bath bomb is the fireworks show, the little toy inside is the grand finale.

So if your kid’s nightly bath ritual has become more of a chore, here are the best bath bombs with surprise toys to remind your kids that baths are one of the ultimate luxuries in life.

Best Bath Bombs With Toys Inside

If bath time in your house has lost its magic, these pretty pony bath bombs are here to conjure up some fizzy fun. Their yummy candy scents and all-natural ingredients (including Epsom salts and coconut oil) make for soft skin for ages 3 and up, and the formula is free of parabens and phthalates, too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We keep buying more. Our daughter loves these. The smells are great. The pony is so much fun to watch and see which one she will get. We have gotten a few packs so far and have only gotten one double.”

If a toddler in your life loves bath bombs, this gift set includes 12 scented bombs in a decorative tin and a mini farm scene, so the surprise animals have their own home. As a KonMari devotee, I appreciate any toy that comes with its own storage solution, and I love that this can be enjoyed outside of the tub, too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have a 3.5-year-old toddler and she absolutely loves these. She begs to take baths - I was up in the air prior to purchasing, but know she will throw a fit if we don’t have them on hand when it’s bath time. She gets so excited to see which animal is inside, and plays with all of them during her bath.”

These egg-shaped bath bombs are textured to look like real dino eggs and reveal an itty bitty dinosaur once the fizzing goes extinct. The scents range from rose oil to blueberry, and the formula doesn’t stain tubs (or skin).

One Reviewer Wrote: “What a way to have a fun bath time for the kiddos. These smell amazingly good. I liken them to the popular brand that is of a much higher price. I bought these for the grandkids but I may get some for myself as well. I would then have a dinosaur as a bonus.”

Made with olive oil and Epsom salt, these bath bombs have over 3,800 five-star reviews on Amazon and reveal random character toys and super vibrant colors in the water. The six-pack includes fun fragrances like bubble gum and gummy bears, so bath time is sure to feel like a treat.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My son loved these and would use one every time he was going to take a bath! Made bath time very exciting for him since he looked forward to the surprise inside. They are nicely scented and did not cause any irritation on his skin or burn his eyes.”

For kids who are big fans of dogs, this is the bath bomb set to get. These 3.5-ounce bath bombs have a mixture of scents like lavender, peppermint, and orange, and a promise to fizz longer and bubble bigger. The toy dogs inside, ranging from pugs to huskies, are sure to make any toddler smile.

One Reviewer Said: “My granddaughters (ages 3 & 5) love bath bombs, and I usually have some on hand for them. I have bought many different brands in the past, and these have been the best by far! They love the colors, smells, and the toys inside, which are puppies, are larger than most. Will buy again!”

Since bath time and imaginative ocean play seem to go hand in hand, these aquatic animals (they’re not branded, so we’ll just call them Nemo-adjacent) are the perfect toy for these hand-made bath bombs. All packed up in a super cute sailing-themed gift box, the 12 bath bombs are made with essential oils and natural ingredients, so they’ll be gentle on sensitive skin.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought these for my son for Christmas. He ranked them as to which ones he would use first to his favorite, which would be last. He loved all the cute little figurines inside the bomb. They smelled great, and made really pretty swirls in the tub. I felt like they were good-quality bath bombs!”

With a formula that promises not to stain or leave an oil ring in the tub, this bath bomb gift set has surprise toy animals inside, from unicorns to frogs, promising to make bath time a splash. The scents range from calming (like lavender or chamomile) to energizing (like orange or green apple) so you can really choose your own bath adventure.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We love these! They smell great, they last a long time-so prolonged gratification, they don't stain, and the toys are really cute!! Our daughter has sensitive skin and these don't bother her at all.”

Hand-made in the USA by a team of moms, this gift set of six ninja bubble bath bombs is made with 99% natural ingredients and fun fragrances like banana and Fruit Loops. Wow your kids with the fizzy bubble action and a grand finale of the emerging ninja toy, and they won’t whine about bath time ever again. Not a fan of ninjas? The company has a bunch of other sets your kids will love.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’ve only used one so far but from what I can tell this is a really good quality product. Beautifully packaged without too many frills — absolutely giftable. The scents are fantastic, and the bath bomb didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.”

For kids who love a good long soak, these magical bombs are extra large for extra long fizzy action – about three minutes of effervescent fun. Once the fizzing stops, a pretty piece of kid-friendly unicorn jewelry is revealed, and you can’t go wrong with bubbles and bling.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These are the best bath bombs I’ve found so far. They are packaged beautifully perfect for a gift. They give the water bright color, smell amazing and each one is a different flavor. Best part — there is a piece of kids jewelry in every bomb as a surprise.”

Has bath time in your house become an epic battle between good and evil? Superhero bubble bath bombs are here to save the day! You won’t have to fight your kid into the tub when there’s a bright bath bomb and hidden hero waiting for them. Don’t worry if your kid likes playing the villain – there’s a Joker toy hidden in these bombs, too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The scents are nice and they make my hands so soft when I'm washing the kids. The toys are good quality and my 4yr old was super pumped about bath time.”

Does your kid hate surprises? OMG, same. Luckily, these bombs come with an extra large toy peeking out, so they always know what figure they’re getting. The bombs release essential oil fragrance and cleansing bubbles, for a bath experience fit for a hero, and the super colorful gift box makes this the perfect present for the toddler entering their “no bath” phase.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is a good-sized bath bomb for my son. He always loves to watch the fizz & the superhero is a nice surprise. The box we received had characters he is not aware of, such as Deadpool. This gave Dad a chance to step in and teach him [about] these new superheroes!”

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