10 Best-Selling Amazon Vacuum Cleaners That We Need To Suck Up Our Messes

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Best Amazon Vacuum Cleaners

It can be mind-boggling how fast dirt and dust can accumulate around the house. As soon as you finish cleaning and vacuuming the kitchen, blink twice, and it seems like you have to do it all over again. Thanks to the kids and pets, your messes have exponentially multiplied, and you might as well just leave that vacuum out because whether you like it or not, there will always be something to suction off the floor or furniture or basically any exposed surface.

Because tidying up is a never-ending chore, a good vacuum cleaner is an essential tool in your battle against all the unwanted crumbs and spills, not to mention dirt, hair, and more that’s lying around. Whether you’re homeschooling the kids or working remotely from your at-home office, maintaining a clean living space has never been more important. Depending on your preferences, there are many vacuum options: uprights to suck up big messes, handhelds for quick pick-ups, sticks for lightweight cleaning, or robotic ones that can move around the house while you tend to other things (for example, enjoying a sweet treat with the kids or a glass of wine for one). Here are 10 of the best Amazon vacuum cleaners, all best-sellers, that will help you with some of the dirty work around the house.

Best Handheld Cordless Vacuums

When you need to clean up a small mess quickly, instead of dragging a full-sized vacuum out of a closet, grab a convenient handheld one instead. This dustbuster comes with a four-hour fast charging base and is lightweight and cordless, which will make toting it around the house to clean up after the endless spills and accidents a tiny bit easier. The slim nozzle rotates 180 degrees so you don’t have to twist your wrists in unnatural positions, and the dirt bowl and filter are both washable. It also comes with a pull-out crevice tool to reach into those hard-to-reach nooks, as well as a flip-up brush for furniture and upholstery.

One Reviewer Says: “It quickly and easily sucks up crumbs, hair, dust, litter, and all those other little items that plague our surfaces and makes our space look soooo much nicer. One day I used it to clean all the baseboards, the stairs, the couch, and, well, heck, I got carried away and did most of the floors - and it didn't run out of charge until the bitter end. Sits well in its base, too.”

This VacLife cordless vacuum may be tiny, but it’s been a lifesaver to plenty of parents when it comes to crumbs and mess. It’s got a mighty motor, and since it’s without a cord, you can easily transport it from room to room. It also provides an LED light, so that you can better see tough areas that need cleaning. Currently, it has over 7,500 five-star reviews on Amazon

One Reviewer Says: “We needed a small, cordless vac for our camping trailer. Trailer sites tend to be a combination of dirt and small pebbles. I was looking for a vac that was lightweight but could suction up debris and small pebbles that inevitably get into the trailer. I have taken this vac on its maiden voyage with the trailer, and it performed just as I had hoped. We were out with it for 3 full days, and although I only used it for perhaps 10 minutes at a time, I used it 3-4 times, and never had to recharge it. I only plugged it back in when we returned home.”

The next time you get a ridiculous urge to do some deep cleaning, put the Shark Navigator to work. Weighing in at just 13.7 pounds, this beast is hella easy to maneuver thanks to the swivel steering. There’s also a 5-foot hose for overhead areas that could use a good dusting. With little ones running around, spills are inevitable. With the Shark in your arsenal, cleanup (be it on hard surfaces or carpeted floors) will be a breeze. Did we mention that there’s even a detachable pod that you can pull out for the staircase? Oh yeah.

One Reviewer Says: “The vacuum arrived and assembly was pretty self-explanatory. I quickly had it together and gave it a test run in the one room in the house with carpet. The den isn't a huge room, but it's everyone's favorite room thanks to the sliding doors. Shark isn't kidding when they say this thing is powerful! I swear I'm not a horrible housekeeper, but I wound up emptying the bin twice before I even left the den. This vacuum picked up stuff my old one didn't and didn't lose suction at all.”

Pet owners know the struggles of having to deal with having literally everything and everybody in your house covered in fur. This Bissell will help manage the excessive amount of pet hair in your house, and if you don’t have a furry family member, the sucking power of this vacuum will still come in handy. The triple-action brush lifts and removes embedded dirt and pet hair, and the scatter-free technology means you’ll actually contain the messes instead of blowing them all around the room. The swivel head lets you maneuver it around furniture or strewn around toys (by pets or kids). The filter is washable, and with every purchase, Bissell donates money to help save homeless pets.

One Reviewer Says: “The dust bin is large, and the electric cord is very long, the longest I’ve ever seen in a vacuum. Which allows for one to clean many rooms before having to empty the dust bin, or unplug and plug the vacuum again. Making one’s job easier and faster. I like how it’s simple to go from hardwood floors to rugs, these is particularly useful when the house has hardwood flooring covered with rugs.”

The Eureka PowerSpeed bagless vacuum is lightweight at just 10 pounds, but it has powerful suction and an XL dust cup to take care of any XL messes in your home. There are five height adjustments to choose from, depending on what surface you’re vacuuming (carpet, hardwood, and more), and a quick handle release to let you clean on furniture, in room corners, on window sills, etc. It comes with multiple attachments, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool, all of which conveniently store directly on the vacuum (no more digging through the closet for loose attachments).

One Reviewer Says: “At first glance it does not look particularly fancy or high tech, but this thing absolutely works. The suction is impressive, the unit is lightweight and stores the attachments compactly, and the settings are easy to use. I honestly can’t believe how much it picked up from my carpets. It was also effective for the pet hair on my couches. Noise output is average, cord length seems reasonable - perhaps the hose could be longer for cleaning surfaces overhead, but not a huge concern for me.”

Best Stick Vacuums

A stick vacuum gives you a cleaning option that is lighter than a traditional upright vacuum but bigger than a handheld one. The Dyson V11 animal cordless vacuum cleaner has three cleaning modes, whether you want something to automatically adapt suction depending on your floor type, need a quick intense cleaning session, or a longer run time up to 60 minutes. The filtration system captures 99.97 percent of microscopic dust particles to keep your home as dust-free as possible. It converts to a handheld vacuum and comes with multiple attachments, including a crevice tool, dirt brush, and mini-motorized tool to help remove pet hair. It has an easy-to-empty dust bin that ejects collected dirt out, and its slim design makes it friendly to store in small closets or spaces.

One Reviewer Says: “I’ve always loved Dyson, but this one is top of the line and I’m blown away. I also own a corded animal Dyson ball, and I thought it was powerful until I used this vacuum. This thing packs a major punch, and as a clean freak I couldn’t ask for a better machine.”

The Bissell Featherweight lightweight stick vacuum is actually three machines in one: a stick vacuum, handle vacuum, and stair vacuum. It comes with a crevice tool to use for the handheld option as well as a floor nozzle for cleaning stairs. It’s compact, versatile, and bagless, so the dirt bin is easy to clean out. Best of all, the price is extremely easy on the wallet, especially if you’re looking for a slim vacuum to complement or replace a bulkier upright.

One Reviewer Says: “This little sweeper does an excellent job of picking up literally everything, dog hair, dust, little pieces of debris etc. The suction is powerful gets into corners beautifully and the filter is very easy to change and clean. I am especially amazed at the amount of dog hair it picks up.”

Best Robot Vacuums

Sure, we love our fur babies, too. What we don’t love, however, is their hair getting in a tangled mess on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Say no more. The Pro Robot, a self-charging vacuum, boasts a low profile design that’s practically made for cleaning beneath beds, couches, and other furniture. Whether you put it to work on hardwood, tile, laminate, or stone, the result will be a cleaner surface. Practically out of the movie Smart House, this bad boy can be pre-programmed ahead of time for 90 to 100 minutes. Pick from four cleaning modes (auto clean, edge clean, spot clean, and schedule clean) with just one click of the remote.

One Reviewer Says: “Money was tight and I couldn’t afford a new Roomba, so I took a chance on this little dude! 1st day on the job and I’m already more impressed with it than I was with my Roomba! Not only did it do a great job sweeping up my darling furbabies’ fur tumbleweeds that developed faster than I can shake a broom at, but the real test was in the bathroom where they must throw raves in their litter pan whenever I leave for work. The Roomba I had would usually assist in making sure it [was] flung all over. Stepping out of the shower onto Kitty Litter Beach is gross. This little beauty came in and literally cleaned house.”

Of course, Roomba makes the list. The robo-vacuum is known for being a gamechanger, especially when it comes to crumbs and pet hair. This model has been programmed to learn a bit more about your routine, and has dual multi-surface brushes to get the job done. You can also program this version of Roomba to your phone, giving you even more control of how it works. You can’t argue with the over 7,000 five-star reviews this model has gotten on Amazon.

One Reviewer Says: “Have resisted purchasing a Roomba for many years. Despite friends telling me how great a vacuum it was I refused to believe it could do a better job than my self-powered dry mop and Shark vacuum. However, I dry mopped and vacuumed then ran the Roomba over the same area I had just cleaned. To my chagrin, the Roomba was full of pet hair, dirt, and dander. I was amazed! My Roomba runs every day cleaning a different area. My floors are a pleasure to walk on with bare feet.”

This extra-thin RoboVac is just 2.85 inches tall, so it can clean under places a larger vacuum can’t (hello sofa, we’re looking at you). It has a triple filtration system and large wheels that can move across hardwood floors and carpets. It quietly cleans for up to 100 minutes and has BoostIQ Technology to increase suction power when extra cleaning is needed, as well as drop-sensing technology to prevent it from accidentally tumbling down a set of stairs. When it’s low on power, it automatically heads back to the docking station to recharge, and it comes with a remote control.

One Reviewer Says: “We weren't in the market for a robot vacuum until one day a story popped up on my phone that there was a sale going on and this was an excellent choice. I did some investigating and it looked like a solid performer, neither I nor my wife are fans of sweeping and vacuuming, so it looked like a good option. We absolutely love this little thing! I'm sitting at my computer sipping a cappuccino while our RoboVac is whirring away keeping our whole house clean. Upside- it's so easy and does such a good job. It does get itself stuck occasionally, usually by wedging under a dresser front, but it beeps for a rescuer and shuts down to wait. We've been running it for about ten days now and it gathers a large amount of dirt and dust every day. It is slim enough that it easily gets underneath all the beds and most of the sofas and chairs, places that our upright vac couldn't get to.”

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