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DIY Skin Care Tips, Tricks, And Recipes For Any Age Or Skin Type

It’s time to raid your kitchen cabinets!

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DIY Skincare
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Skin care products are super expensive, right? Even a trip down the skin care aisles of Target can give a budget-minded mama major sticker shock. Raise your hand if you’ve ever ordered a $10 moisturizer from Target pick-up and gotten something the size of a lip balm pot! (No? Just us? OK, so we’re not great with volume measurements.) It’s disappointing — and overwhelming. As moms, we often forget about taking care of ourselves or just don’t make it a priority. We can’t always spend hundreds of dollars on magical creams and tinctures when we’ve got diapers to buy or sports registration fees to pay. But, Mama… self-care is important. So, we’d like to float an idea by you: DIY skin care.

Giving yourself a little love and attention can go a long way toward getting you out of a slump or boosting your confidence. You know this already. Think of how much better you feel when you spend a little extra time on your hair and scalp or when you treat that zit instead of ignoring it. Honestly, though, taking care of your skin shouldn’t be something you see as a luxury; it should be part of your routine. Your skin deserves that. You deserve that.

Despite being covered in it, we often overlook our skin. We let it burn on beach days. We scrub or pick at breakouts. (We’re almost 40, weren’t we promised zits would go away after high school?) We wash our greasy hair but settle for just letting the way-too-hot-water rinse off the day’s grime on our face. If we took a little more care of our skin, imagine the rewards. Just like you’re (apparently) never too old to worry about breakouts, you’re also never too young to start an anti-aging routine. These are some of our favorite recipes and tricks for DIY skin care, along with why they work!

DIY Skin Care: The Ingredients

Ever wonder why we put certain things on our faces? These are some of the most popular DIY skin care ingredients and why they work for your skin. Take note: You can blend just about any of these together for a one-of-a-kind recipe perfect for your unique skin care needs.

Yogurt/Sour Cream/Milk

Milk products have — surprise, surprise — lactic acid. That not only hydrates your skin but gently exfoliates, too. While warm concoctions will open your pores, using yogurt or sour cream straight from the fridge can feel incredibly refreshing! Like those cuke slices on the eyes.


Did you know honey has both antibacterial and antiseptic qualities? It’s true! That makes it especially useful for oily skin or breakouts. Of course, honey is also a humectant, which means it can help soften and moisturize dry skin.

Egg Whites

The protein in egg whites works wonders for firming up your skin. Just, ya know, be careful to wash it off completely and don’t accidentally ingest it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a super plant and can work wonders for your skin. It’s packed with antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A and C. Aloe has healing properties that can even out and soften skin. It’s a great anti-inflammatory and is even used to treat burns and dry skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is kind of amazing, right? You can use it on your hair. You can take it as a supplement to help with appetite issues. And, yes, you can use it on your skin. An acetic and citric acid, ACV not only works to cleanse but also decreases wrinkles and age spots.

Sugars, Oats or Coffee Grounds

The biggest reason to include any of these in your recipes is that they work well as exfoliants, scrubbing away the gunk in your pores. Oats also offer saponins, which act as a cleanser. And the caffeine in coffee? Yeah, your skin likes that, too.


Chamomile, mint, and lavender teas are all great additions to your skin care recipes. Chamomile and lavender, especially, are known for their calming effects. Aside from mixing them into recipes, you can also keep your tea bags refrigerated and use them on puffy eyes in the morning.

Essential Oils

Your high school friend with the MLM has probably left a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to essential oils. However, it’s worth noting that some essential oils really do have benefits. Tea tree oil has been shown to kill many bacteria and viruses, making it an ideal cleansing agent (one known to help with acne and inflammation). Lavender works as an antibacterial too and is also known for its calming effects.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a super versatile product, but it can also do wonders for your skin. It eliminates dead skin cells, strengthens skin tissue, and protects you from sunburn. Coconut oil also hydrates and smoothes skin and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose water

Looking for a natural toner? Rose water is just as magical as it sounds and is made from distilled rose petals and steam. It’s great for getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells after a day of makeup or a face wash. Unlike other toners, rose water will leave your face hydrated and moisturized.

Anti-Aging DIY Skin Care

1. Egg-White Mask

As previously mentioned, the proteins work to tighten the skin and aid in reducing wrinkles. The egg also absorbs excess oil from your skin. This is the absolute easiest recipe.

  • Beat one or two egg whites until foamy and frothy.
  • Smear them onto a rinsed face.
  • Let sit for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.

For added benefits, mix in lemon, oils, or honey to reap their anti-aging properties as well.

2. A Full DIY Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Looking for something more in-depth? Try this routine full of DIY skin care treatments.

DIY Skincare for Acne-prone Skin

3. World’s Easiest Toner for Acne-prone Skin

  • Four ounces of witch hazel
  • Four to eight drops of lavender oil
  • Four to eight drops of tea tree oil

Combine and store in an air-tight container — we like the pushdown pump bottles you can get from Ulta. Shake well before use. Use a cotton makeup pad to collect a few pumps from your mixture, and then gently wipe your face with the pad. Pay close attention to your T-zone or other acne-prone areas. This toner can be used post-shower or after you’ve washed your face. It’s also gentle enough to use any time you come in from outside and just need to refresh your face. (In our twenties, this is literally the only thing we did to keep our faces clean and break-out free.)

4. Turmeric and Honey Face Mask for Acne

Sometimes you need to spoil yourself with a mask. These turmeric recipes are all great, as turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Even just the simple turmeric and honey recipe will be great for an especially broken-out face.

Dry Skin? DIY Skin Care Options

Dry skin happens to everyone… even those of us with oily skin. One summer, we went a little too hard on the DQ strawberry sundaes, and our typically greasy face turned dry and flaky. Weird, huh? Too much dairy can do that. So can over bathing, steamy showers, and a multitude of other things that are nearly out of your control. But there’s an easy solution!

5. Quick, Easy, and Dirt Cheap Fix for Dry Skin

The ingredient list for this one is simple: honey. Yeah, that’s it. Smear it on your face, read a chapter of your book, and then rinse with warm water. Do this several times a week. Feel free to lick your lips.

6. Creating a Whole Routine for Dry Skin

Want more help? Yeah, we get it. Honey almost seems too simple, and sometimes we need a reason to slow down and do a bit more for ourselves. We love these tips and recipes — all require a little more work and attention. Spa day, anyone?

More DIY Skin Care Fun

7. DIY Lip Balm

8. DIY Hand Lotion

9. Homemade Foot Scrub

We’ve given you everything you need to spoil your skin from head to toe. It’s up to you (and maybe your partner — rainy day at-home spa, anyone?) to find the time to do it.

What should you never put on your face?

When making DIY facial projects, like creams or cleansers, it’s important to know which products to avoid and not overuse. Skin cells are delicate, and to keep them healthy, here’s a list of chemicals you should keep out of your facial routine.

Hydrogen peroxide: Many people have used hydrogen peroxide to pop a pimple, but this chemical damages skin cells!

Witch hazel: It’s important not to overuse this product. Too much witch hazel sucks the natural oils from your face, which can cause dryness and irritation.

DIY Korean Skincare Recipe

Korean skincare products are filled with natural solutions that promote healthy and clear skin. So, to make your own spa day at home, here are the ingredients you need to make your own Korean skincare cleanser!


  1. A quarter of a cup of liquid castile soap
  2. One cup of filtered water
  3. Five teaspoons of jojoba oil
  4. Two tablespoons of honey
  5. Seven drops of tea tree oil
  6. Twelve drops of neroli essential oil
  7. Ten drops rosemary essential oil
  8. Foaming soap dispenser

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