Dark Hearts, Rejoice!

26 Halloween House Decorations Under $40 You Can Use All Year Long

Stock up on frightfully good decor.

Dark holiday table set up with candle lights, fir tree branches and Christmas balls. Black tableware...
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Every October, Halloween decorations are dusted off and put on display. For some of us, it’s as simple as placing a pumpkin on a stoop. Others (you know who you are) concoct entire spooky graveyards complete with animatronic witches, ghouls, and a light show. And while we’re all about going all in for Halloween, we know that not everyone has the time or money to concoct the perfect scary set-up for just one night. Besides, there are Halloween movies to watch and family costumes to plan! Not to mention what a buzzkill it is to have to put everything away as soon as the calendar flips from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1. That’s why we put together this list of Halloween home decor you can use all year long.

The reality is, for some of us, the only thing that would make Halloween better is if it actually never ended. But, in light of that not happening, the next best thing is being able to carry some element of the Halloween aesthetic with us throughout the year. From flameless candles and tarot-inspired wall tapestries (um — yes, please!) to black *everything*, here are 26 Halloween decorations under $40 that you can enjoy even after the trick-or-treating bag is empty. Your dark heart will feel right at home, 24/7/365.

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A Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

We have to *hand* it to the creators of this jewelry stand: It’s awesome. This almost-dismembered set of digits looks frightfully good on Halloween — and all year round, when it doubles as the ultimate jewelry organizer... and a way to finally remember which crease in your palm is your love line. Reviewers adore its eye-catching design and versatility.

Helpful Review: “It's very mysterious looking, and I love it. I have necklaces on it but can totally see this being on a wall or in an art-type home project.”


A Conversation Piece Wall Tapestry

Looking for an easy, affordable, and highly aesthetic piece of statement art? You just found it. This darkly romantic tapestry would give any room a little more cool cred.

Helpful Review: “Love how clear the image is, this tapestry really brought my room together! It’s super lightweight, and I can put it pretty much anywhere in my house and it fits perfectly!”


Black Cats That’ll Hold Up Your Books

What witch’s lair is complete without a black cat (or two)? These playful bookends will frighten superstitious guests afraid of crossing paths with a black cat, and delight feline fans the other days of the year.

Helpful Review: “These would make the cutest gift for book/cat lovers. Currently holding all of my books on a shelf in my room.”


Flameless Pillar Candles For A Cozy Glow

Flickering candles are the perfect way to set the mood, whether you’re going for a frightful night or a cozy weeknight dinner party. We love this set of three flameless candles with remote control. They have a timer function so you can set it and forget it — a much safer and stress-free option in a house full of kiddos.

Helpful Review: “These candles look so real they fooled our friends and neighbors! The color is a beautiful ivory, they feel real, and when they are lit, they flicker just like real candles... but without the smoke and there is no wick to trim!”


Candlesticks With Witchy Flair

Set the table for a spooky Halloween with these slim black candle holders. The clean lines of their modern design make them a sophisticated choice for your tablescape year-round. Reviewers agree, too — the holders have over 5,000 positive reviews.

Helpful Review: “These black, easy-to-assemble taper candle holders were exactly what I was looking for.”


A Strobe Light To Start The Party

Give trick-or-treaters a thrill with this sound-activated strobe disco light. Repurpose it for a Bar Mitzvah, birthday party, or any place you want to light up a dance floor. The lights move to the beat of whatever song you’re playing, whether it’s “The Monster Mash” or the Encanto soundtrack.

Helpful Review: “I love this thing and highly recommend getting it for your kid. It works great and entertains my daughter.”


Gothic Chic Black Ostrich Feathers

Add a dramatic touch to your table or entryway. You can repurpose this elegant plumage for costume balls (think: a pirate’s hat, a flapper’s headband) or add a flight of fancy to your home. The possibilities are endless, making these a smart year-round decor pick.

Helpful Review: “Easy to use and glue. They are super soft, and they don’t shed at all.”


A Beetlejuice-Inspired Door Mat

This door mat features a pattern straight out of one of our favorite Halloween movies. But it’s far from a one-fright-night wonder: It’s equally elegant as a preppy striped staple for the rest of the year. It comes in four sizes and is great for layering.

Helpful Review: “Adds a bit of spice to the porch. Easy to wash in the machine.”


Vases With Eerie Vibes

Speaking of Beetlejuice, are these vases a portal to the underworld or just really good-looking sculptures? We love the modernist design that gives some serious Tim Burton vibes. Top them off with the black ostrich feathers featured in this list, pampas grass, or flowers of any color — after all, black goes with anything.

Helpful Review: “So stunning, oh my goodness. Gets complimented A LOT! Worth every penny.”


A Lamp That Mimics The Full Moon

What better way to set the mood for a Halloween party than the glowing orb of a full moon? This moon lamp doubles as an enchanting nightlight all year long.

Helpful Review: “This little moon is amazing! My 4-year-old is obsessed with anything space, so this was a no-brainer. She loves that it changes colors and that it comes with a remote. She loves that she can pick a new color every night, and some nights we just let it cycle through the colors on its own, which is so soothing.”


A Dark Victorian-Style Serving Stand

No party is complete without eye-catching appetizers. Display yours with this three-tier serving stand that’s neutral enough to take you from Halloween parties to New Year’s Eve toasts and summer soirées. Perfect for spooky cupcakes or finger foods.

Helpful Review: “Looks beautiful assembled with different cheeses, fruits, and cupcakes.”


Silver “Spider Web” Napkin Rings

Make your Halloween table stand out with these silver napkin rings that evoke a spider’s web. They’re a great value (just over a dollar a ring!) and look polished enough for year-round use.

Helpful Review: “I love the quality and material. Completes the elegant touch on my table setting.”


A Skull Holder For Your Makeup Brushes

Use this memento mori to store makeup brushes or as an edgy way to stash pens at the office. Need more convincing? It has nearly 2000 5-star reviews!

Helpful Review: “This has a really great weight to it and is a good-sized cup for brushes. It is just the right tilt to allow for easy access to brushes. The design is crisp and well done, giving it a more glamorous/less morbid feel, and it’s a rich matte black.”


A Planter That Looks Good From Every Side

Turn heads with this eye-catching resin succulent planter. At four inches tall and six inches wide, it’s great for small spaces and comes in black or white. We like it for Halloween and as a trippy year-round way to show off your succulents.

Helpful Review: “I love this planter. It's lightweight, and the finish isn't gritty or chalky to the touch. There's drainage at the bottom!! Most stylish planters don't bother with drainage, but I'm happy to report this one does.”


Spooky & Sophisticated Flickering Lanterns

Light the way to treats for your costumed guests with this indoor/outdoor flickering LED lantern. It comes with a timer so you can set it and forget it, enjoying the ambiance of flickering candlelight without the fuss. Don’t forget the two AA batteries (not included).

Helpful Review: “Love how the ‘flame’ flickers. Gives the room a nice ambiance without being too bright. Even comes with an extra door for the bottom and extra screw and screwdriver. Great value...love it!”


Black Tapers For A Noir Aesthetic

What candlelit fright night is complete without elegant tapers? These black candles come in multiple sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and-14 inch, so they can fit simple candlesticks or more sizable candelabra. Light them on Halloween or whenever you want to enjoy them.

Helpful Review: “These candles were some of the best I have used in years! I am an event planner and designe and many times with taper candles that don't last, I have purchased the most high-end, and these were WINNERS!”


A Double-Duty Dark & Durable Tablecloth

Drape this black tablecloth vertically for a spooky Halloween photo booth background, or use it to set a sophisticated table. Bonus: The dark color camouflages spills, and wrinkle-free fabric means you won’t waste precious family time ironing. Win-win.

Helpful Review: “These tablecloths have a nice sheen to them, making them look much more expensive than they are. AND stain-resistant and have a moisture barrier. Love them!”


Raffia Ribbon For Decor & More

Into DIY Halloween decorations? Raffia ribbon can be used to tie spooky gift bags, decorate a witch’s broom or hat brim, or make a cat costume’s whiskers. It’s handy year-round as the perfect replacement for curling ribbon to wrap gifts.

Helpful Review: “Great price for the amount given. Very sturdy, would be great for any crafting. I used it for wrapping a tiki-themed gift.”


The Perfect Terrarium For Spooky Stuff

This glass terrarium planter adds a touch of green to any room year-round, but we love it as a display case of spooky finds for Halloween: Skulls. Faux spiders. A glass coffin for a spooky doll. Your imagination is the limit with this display case!

Helpful Review: “Loved it! I can see this having so many different uses, and this is my second one like it. I have one that I just made into a cemetery terrarium. It is very sturdy, and I would definitely buy again!”


Dark Foliage For All Seasons

Pop these in a gothic vase for the perfect Halloween centerpiece — and then swap out the vase and let the flowers stay for a year-round touch of gothic chic. With black blooms and purplish-red branches, these artificial stems feel darkly sophisticated.

Helpful Review: “These are gorgeous and perfect for the vase I had for them. Once you pull apart and set stems as you like, they are beautiful.”


A Frightfully Good Lamp

Honestly, it would be a shame just to have this spooky lamp on display during October — with the kind of hauntingly beautiful shadow play it creates, it deserves the be in the limelight year-round. We also love that it offers three levels of brightness and touch control.

Helpful Review: “This really looks great when lit up in a dark room, I use it every evening, it throws its cool shadows even in further away parts of the room... I’ve never seen anything like it; it matched my decor flawlessly. Pair it with some nice black candles.”


A Rug Mimicking A Mythical Creature’s Hide

You can never go wrong with a super-soft shag rug — especially when it looks as luxe as this one, which has nearly 40,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Made from durable faux sheepskin with slip-resistant suede leather backing, it’s the perfect blend of form and function.

Helpful Review: “Just what I needed for a beautiful accent rug. It is nice and soft. It was easy to wash, as do my other rugs of the same material. It fluffed back up after drying.”


A “Crystal Ball”

Crystal ball or meditation tool? You decide! Use this black obsidian crystal sphere as a spooky centerpiece during Halloween, and then use it to create a cool vignette on a dresser or bookshelf the rest of the year.

Helpful Review: “I am very happy with my crystal ball, it’s exactly what I expected. It was very well packaged and came quickly.”


Sleek Black Sheets

Halloween bedding doesn’t have to be covered in pumpkins and ghouls. These sleek black sheets scream dark sophistication! Bonus: They have over 200,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.6 rating.

Helpful Review: “This is hands down the absolute best company and sheet sets in existence! The best customer service! We own over 5+ sets of their sheets in two different styles, and I'll be buying more. These are the only sheets we buy and use now! I've been spoiled all the way around by them. As described. Super soft. Not noisy at all. Machine wash and dry very easy. No pilling. They keep their size and shape great. No issues with seams, quality or rips, etc. Cool to the touch, but not cooling sheets. We don't overheat or sweat sleeping in these sheets at all, we did in other brands. They look, feel and sleep like extremely high dollar/quality sheets sets, but they're affordable! Perfect for year-round temps and climates. We are in the humid south and sleep amazing through blizzards and humid heat domes. Great, true colors that have never faded for me. I do recommend washing before first use and at least twice (total) alone before washing with other sheets. They do bleed a bit the first two washes and no issues after that.”


A Candy Bowl That Does Double Duty

Make your candy look like it’s levitating with this decorative bowl. Its black mesh evokes medieval chainmail... or a spider’s web. Lean into the spooky by making this lightweight but sturdy bowl your go-to for handing out treats on Halloween, then reuse it as a modern fruit bowl or centerpiece all year long.

Helpful Review: “They are sturdy, good looking, go well with all decor styles, and add some panache to the countertop. Highly recommend!”


An Ornate Picture Frame

You can never have too many pretty picture frames! This one (which has a ton of 5-star reviews on Amazon) would look amazing draped in faux spider webs for Halloween. Once the spooky season is over, though, it could easily be mixed in with your other frames for a bit of eclectic styling.

Helpful Review: “This is an exceptionally beautiful little frame for a little sweetheart. We didn't want anything that was childish or cheap-looking or ostentatious. This had the right balance for being pretty but not overly expensive.”

Halloween comes around once a year, but your Halloween decorations can be left out year-round thanks to these 25 pieces with staying power. Now, you can focus on getting your family excited for the holiday. You know, so you can enjoy the adorable memories (and costume photos!) until next Halloween.