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This Ikea Bread Bin Nightstand Hack Will Make You Feel Like A Mid-Century Modern MacGuyver

A TikTok DIYer, two bread bins, and one epic MCM end result.

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Girl in a store buys a wooden container for storing bread and food. The concept of buying new dishes...

What do you do when you want an "authentic"-looking mid-century modern nightstand but don't have the wiggle room in your budget to buy two of anything from that period? It turns out furniture genius Ikea, along with a little craftiness, might be your answer. If you feel capable with some glue and a drill, you're all set to follow one TikToker's super easy (and crazy cheap) Ikea hack that turns two bread bins into a petite nightstand.

The delightful DIY nightstand isn't just trendy; it's budget-friendly — Ikea's Magasin bread bin is a steal at about 18 U.S. dollars. Its bumpy, wooden slat design looks a bit "rustic" or farmhouse when it sits horizontally, in its intended position. However, turning it on its end gives those wooden slats a whole new feel. Suddenly they look more like the wooden slat designs popular in mid-century modern design, as well as its early-'90s revival.

TikTok's DIY On A Budget (@diyononabudgetofficial) added some inexpensive hairpin design legs, which you can find at most home improvement stores, Amazon, and Ikea. They'll set you back anywhere from $5 a leg to $15 for the whole set. Or you could try upcycling some more mid-century legs from another piece of furniture beyond saving, in which case it's free.

At the most, though, you're looking at less than $50 for some stylish nightstands. Need to see it to believe it? Check out the tutorial below.

Of course, the best part of this Ikea hack is the nearly limitless ways you can customize it. Like darker wood tones? Stain it. Don't like gold? Search out legs in a different color (or spray paint them.) Hate the knob? Replace it. Not sure about that paint color? Choose any of the thousands of colors available on the wall of a local Sherwin-Williams. Even the actual table design is versatile. You could just as easily glue together the other two flat sides.

Or, if you need more floor space and prefer the look of sconces to lamps, try just screwing one bread bin directly to your wall. There's still enough space inside for a couple of books, your readers, face cream, and your B.O.B. Plus, there's room on top to sit a glass of water. That drops the price to only $18 plus the cost of anchoring or toggle screws.

Why the bread bin, though? While those cube shelves would also work splendidly for a bedside table, the bread bin is just so thoughtfully designed. The doors keep everything hidden, making it a major selling point. But let's face it, the star of this bread bin remains the slatted outer shell. While many suburbanites are still eating up the Chip and Joanna Gaines-inspired "modern farmhouse" look, there's another modern look taking the world by storm. This time, it's that mid-century modern look you'll find in old episodes of Mad Men or even older episodes of I Love Lucy.

What makes MCM so appealing? Obviously, the biggest reason for mid-century modern's resurgence is nostalgia. Among mid-century designs, you'll also find comforting curves, clean lines, and a minimalist look that many people crave. Besides, let's be honest: There's always a cycle to follow within the fashion and home design worlds. It's just MCM's turn to shine... again.

If you’re looking for other ways to save money while still designing a home to show off your impeccable taste, Ikea hacks are almost always the answer. From shoe racks-turned-linen closets to Billy bookcases transformed to look like built-in shelves, the world is your oyster. Whatever look you're trying to create (or recreate), use the internet to your full advantage and scroll through ideas until you find one that sparks your interest.

Since most hacks — Ikea or otherwise — are created to save the DIYer money, you can rest assured knowing that even if you mess it up, you won't be out a ton of funds.

Looking for more ideas for your own bread box nightstand? Check out these TikToks filled with creative DIY furniture you can use as inspiration for your next project.

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