Feeling Creative?

Calling All Fall Stans! You Can DIY A Faux Pumpkin For Free At Michaels

They’ll provide the decorating supplies as part of two “Pumpkin Fest MakeBreak" craft events.

Michaels is offering two free pumpkin crafting days.

Feeling crafty and really ready for Halloween? Girl, same. Luckily, Michaels exists, and they want to help you out — the beloved craft supply store is offering two *practically* free (more on this in a minute) opportunities to create the DIY pumpkin of your Halloween dreams. It's all part of Michaels' "Pumpkin Fest MakeBreak" craft event.

If you're unfamiliar with Michaels' MakeBreak craft days, they're designed to give people of all ages a creative outlet. There's no cost to attend, although you may be required to purchase some element of the crafting canvas. For these Halloween-themed events, you'll need to buy a craft pumpkin (starting at $6.99). But beyond that, you can use Michaels' massive arsenal of crafting supplies for free to decorate a pumpkin perfect for your autumnal aesthetic.

Both events take place on Sundays, from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. local time, so it shouldn't interfere with most church or lunch obligations. Crafty kings and queens can sign up to join in on the fun on either Sunday, Sept. 24, or Sunday, Oct. 1.

For the Sept. 24 event, crafters will be steered toward fall-themed pumpkin centerpieces. From the look of the event site, you'll have access to faux flowers to fill your pumpkin and make a gorgeous fall bouquet.


For the Oct. 1 event, crafters will enjoy a different kind of pumpkin decorating: with paint! From spooky shapes to drips and splatters, there are no wrong answers.


Most of us fall and Halloween-obsessed humans prefer a particular look in our homes during this season. Maybe you want your home to appear like it's straight out of a Halloween horror film. Some of us prefer the spooky, dark academia vibe with vampires and witches... but nothing too gruesome. Many Halloween fanatics have flipped recently for cutesy and pastel decor. Still, some of us aren't into Halloween at all but love a chunky sweater and leaf-peeping with a PSL in hand. Either way, Michaels has always been a go-to for meeting seasonal crafting needs.

Not sure what you want to create? Here are some popular aesthetic trends and how to incorporate them into your pumpkin decorating:

  • Cottagecore: Cover your pumpkin in moss, add some fairy garden decor, or paint it up like a fairytale mushroom (red with white spots).
  • Sad Beige, Baby: Paint a cluster of pumpkins in shades of white and cream for a Martha-chic collection that will match any “grown-up” decor.
  • Practical Magic: The ‘90s movie starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock has garnered a modern cult following. Play up your obsession by carving out the front and setting up a shrine on the inside with crystals and battery-operated candles.
  • Pasteloween: Checks. Groovy flowers. Squiggly lines. The patterns of the ‘70s have merged with soft pastels for funky but familiar design trends.
  • Go Goth: Use dark colors and 3D stickers to go over-the-top gothy glam with your new pumpkin. Sure, it’s traditional Halloween decor. But why mess with a good thing?

Wanna go goth? Digging that Pasteloween vibe? Bringing cottage core to your mantle this Halloween? You'll have the perfect chance to do it during "Pumpkin Fest" at one of the two special "MakeBreaks" at local participating Michaels' stores. Grab the kiddos, make a PSL pitstop, and get your fall family fun on.