Spring Has Sprung

20+ Fun Spring Activities Your Kids (And You!) Will Love

What’s your game plan for this warm and rainy season?

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Spring Activities For Kids
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Do you feel that? Spring is in the air! With the weather warming up, you and your kids probably want to spend more time outside. Sunshine does a body and mind good. If you're looking for new activities to add to your spring bucket list, look no further. The following spring activities for kids will keep your family busy through April showers and May flowers. So, if your spring routine needs a refresh, start right here.

The following ideas fall under classic spring activities, but the hope is that they'll serve as a jumping-off point for your family to get creative with your outings this season. Instead of playing in the sprinklers, you could create a hydroponic garden in your backyard. Not a fan of camping? Try day-tripping to local parks to spend time among the most beautiful spring blooms.

Whether you opt for something from this (ever-growing) list or come up with a clever spin, tackling these fun activities will provide lots of entertainment and bonding time for your fam for the next few months. Let's get started!

16 Spring Activities for Kids

1. Jump in puddles.

Don't hide out indoors when it rains. Put on your rainwear and splash in some puddles. Enjoy the beautiful weather — whatever it's doing.

2. Play in the sprinklers.

Speaking of water play, turning on the sprinklers is a great way to get wet if you don't want to head out to the public pool.

3. Play hopscotch.

A $1 package of chalk provides hours of fun. One way to use it? Play hopscotch. Your kids will love this old-school playground game. Bonus: You can work on numbers, letters, colors, and shapes (and your kids won't even realize they're learning).

4. Have a picnic in the park.

Change your typical mealtime routine by packing lunch or dinner and taking it to the park. Be sure to pack sunscreen and a blanket — and watch out for ants!

5. Go camping — in your backyard.

Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a newbie to the camping world, pitching a tent in your backyard is an exciting change of pace for everyone involved. You're close enough to the modern comforts of home while giving your kids an experience they will remember.

6. Play catch with the kids.

This one is super simple — all you need is a ball and a little space to toss it around. It's an excellent way for kids to expend extra energy and work on hand-eye coordination. Plus, it offers up one-on-one bonding time sans screens.

7. Blow bubbles.

Ah, bubbles — the quintessential kid activity. They're cheap but well-loved. And for good reason… they're delightfully whimsical!

8. Enjoy an ice cream cone.

There's nothing quite like strolling through town on a warm spring day, drippy ice cream cone in hand. Head on over to your favorite local spot and treat the family to this delicious dessert.

9. Grow a garden.

Nothing says springtime like sprouting seedlings. Getting your hands in the dirt is a great way to relieve stress and get outta your head for a bit. Added incentive: You're teaching your kids science and self-sustainability in the process. What could be better?!

10. Fly a kite.

Flying a kite on a windy spring day is something we enjoyed as kids and something our kids can enjoy today. Kites are inexpensive and make a dynamic outdoor activity when the weather warms up.

11. Give Fido a bath.

Why not be productive and have fun? Your kids will love splashing around in the water while getting your doggy clean.

12. Skip rocks on the river.

If you've got a body of water nearby, this pastime will keep your kids busy for hours. Skipping rocks has been an activity of choice for generations — and why not? It's a blast, and it gets you into the great outdoors.

13. Chase some butterflies.

Butterflies are beautiful and fascinating. Kids gravitate to them for a reason. Let your kids observe (and yes, even chase!) butterflies for an afternoon of enjoyment. Just teach them to respect wildlife and never touch these delicate creatures.

14. Take a walk around the block.

There's something to be said for soaking up the simple pleasures in life. Taking a stroll around your neighborhood is one of them. A family walk brings fresh air, movement, and great conversation.

15. Make a flower crown.

Stop by your local flower shop or take advantage of the blooming buds and bring home a bushel. Use those beautiful bulbs to make flower necklaces and crowns. You only need construction paper, scissors, glue, and a bouquet.

16. Grow flowers.

In honor of spring, you and your kid should plant some flowers. This will teach your little nugget patience, care, and the delicacy of life. It can also double as a science lesson because, when it blooms, you can teach your kiddo about photosynthesis.

17. Take a hike.

Next to a walk in the park, taking a hike is an excellent way to break a sweat, discover new places, and dive deeper into nature. It's a bit more strenuous than a walk, but it allows you to get a closer look at the changes in nature. You may even see a few baby ducks or bunnies on your adventure.

18. Plant a water garden.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring is most likely to reveal divots or soggy spots in your yard. Instead of stressing out about getting your yard graded, look up water gardens, head to the garden center, and let your kiddo pick out some plants that prefer soggy conditions. Then plant them in that soggy spot.

19. Make your own slip and slide.

Or buy one. Whatevs. Either way, some plastic on the ground during a warm, rainy day can add up to a lot of fun.

20. Paint (and then wash) the outdoor toys.

Let your kiddos use washable, Earth-friendly paint to decorate the sandboxes, cars, and plastic swing sets that sat abandoned all winter. Afterward, hose 'em off and get them clean and ready for seasons of fun.

21. Paint some rocks.

Some brightly colored and decorate rocks set out where the neighbors can see 'em will significantly improve everyone's mood when "second winter" sneaks through. (Bonus: You can paint them outside on a nice day or prep them inside if it's too ugly out.)

Does it rain a lot in the spring?

Although precipitation levels vary by region, spring typically is the rainiest season in the Northern Hemisphere. So, it helps to prepare for the weather! Since this list is chock-full of ideas for both indoor activities and outdoor activities, you've got options. When mapping out your agenda for each week, pick backup plans you can have at the ready when the weather doesn't cooperate for fun in the great outdoors.

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