Hello? These 10 Toy Phones Are Perfect For Little Chatterboxes

The perfect solution for when your kids won’t stop grabbing your cell phone.

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best toy phones for kids
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Toy phones for kids — heck, for babies and toddlers, too — are basically a toy box must-have alongside Spider-Man toys and unicorn coloring pages. Gone are the days when you get your first cell phone in high school. Now toddlers are getting cell phones! Okay, maybe that’s not quite true (well, in most cases), but a toy telephone that looks just like an iPhone is probably present in many, many households these days. For all the children who want to be just like their parents, there is a kids play phone for each of them, no matter the age. Toy companies are even making phone toys suitable for babies to help them learn how to push buttons and follow light signals — and start learning how to make important calls. For now, it’s probably to the dog in the next room to ask if they’ll come over and play or watch videos on their tablet … because of course, your kiddo has one of those.

The big plus side of toy phones for kids is that they’ll be much easier on your wallet. These toys are usually in the $10-$20 range, and you don’t have to worry about an expensive data plan. They’re also perfectly portable, so you can throw them into your diaper backpack to keep Baby entertained while you’re on the go. Enjoy this time with your kids not fully connected to their screens with a toy cell phone that’ll keep them busy and chatting all day.

Scary Mommy picked out a bunch of toy phones from Amazon — from cell phones to old-school rotary telephones (“what’s that?!”) — that your kids are definitely going to love.

Best Toy Phones

Be prepared to throw your children for a loop with this one. You probably remember the Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone from your childhood, so why not get the newest version for your own kids? The old-school rotary phone may not have a ton of bells and whistles like a cell phone, but it’s still just as fun. Especially for little ones — they won’t know the difference between this handset and a cell phone, plus it’ll give them a little more time being innocent before they spend all their time on actual phones.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought this a few years back for my grands to play with at my house. Every little kid that has come through has enjoyed playing with it. Bought this for my youngest grandson for Christmas this year since he plays with the one I have at my house so much. He is 18 months. It's not like the original ones that had the wooden base. This is fully plastic.”

It doesn’t get much cuter than this Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Cell Phone with an actual bow on the top of it. Perfect for the Disney-loving family or any child who wants something loud and pink, this little cell phone toy has fun sounds and lights, but best of all, Minnie Mouse is on the other end of the calls! If you have a child who would enjoy having a best friend on the line, grab one of these phones at a budget-friendly price.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My daughter is obsessed. I can easily see her playing with this phone for years.”

This classic rotary-style toy phone is perfect for the child who hosts tea parties, plays house, and is great at playing pretend. The Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Phone will fit right into the lifestyle of an imaginative child who wants something a little different. The bright colors and fun sounds are sure to make your child’s day, and they’ll surely love speaking with their pal Minnie Mouse.

One Reviewer Wrote: “It's worth the purchase. My kids love it and have endless fun. Good quality for the price and it even dials like a real phone.”

Best Baby Phone Toys

Available in four different colors, the VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone is perfect for your little ones ages 6 months and up. Teeny hands will love pushing the buttons and pretending to make phone calls. They can listen to music, play “games” on the apps, and more. Plus, it’s plenty durable, so you won’t have to worry when your toddler inevitably throws it at some point.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I was looking for a quirky cellphone toy for my baby and found this one that comes with lots of features, it’s very interactive, it comes with songs and it teaches numbers and first words. I totally recommend it because it’s resistant and my baby loves it.”

If you’re wondering if you’ll ever escape Baby Shark, even years later, the answer is no. It’s not happening. So embrace it with the Baby Shark Phone Toy for your toddler. This toy is aimed towards kiddos 18 months and up and provides endless opportunities to push buttons, sing, dance, chat, and so much more. This toy is bulky enough to fit comfortably in your little one’s hand and is built strong so it won’t break. It is also equipped with toddler-level games to help your child learn letters, numbers, and more.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is definitely a favorite toy. At 10 months she [spends] half her time biting on it and the other half pushing the buttons. The 3 buttons that play music are favorites. And small enough to throw in a diaper bag when on the go. Great value for the money!”

You may have traded in your flip phone years ago, but we’re willing to bet your kid will love this flip phone toy. The Infantino Flip and Peek Fun Phone comes in two colors and gives little hands a fun opportunity to open and close the phone to use it. They can also play peek-a-boo with themselves by seeing their reflection in the screen mirror. The buttons keep fingers busy and the phone sounds will keep your baby engaged. If they also chew on it a little bit, that’s probably not a problem either, as the manufacturer noted on Amazon that the products are BPA free.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I've been looking for a toy phone for my daughter and bought a couple of the "smartphone" style ones from Amazon, but they're all just overwhelming (for me and for my 2 year old) with all the flashing lights and loud music. Fortunately, she didn't like them and they got hidden at the bottom of the toy box. This one doesn't have any lights, and the sounds are short and relatively quiet. But she still loves to play with it! Would definitely recommend this for parents who hate noisy toys.”

Best Toy Cell Phones

You can’t go wrong with a LeapFrog toy. This LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone comes in a couple of fun colors so you can pick your kiddo’s favorite. It’s suited for children ages 18 months to 5 years and taps into their affinity for lights and buttons. With an animated pup that moves across a backlit screen, your little one truly feel like they’ve got the real deal. It even comes stocked with games they can play (many led by Scout, the dog). For this price, it’s a well-rounded toy.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Wow! This thing does it all... My grandson is obsessed with our cell phones so I had to get him his own. The little stinker still wants to play with mine but this entertains him for a while. He’s dropped it many times and it’s very durable! Great product!”

Do you know what your toddler will like even more than a toy phone of their own? A toy phone that comes with car keys and credit cards! The JOYIN Play-act Pretend Play Smart Phone comes in a set with the rest of the necessities your miniature teenager needs — including a driver’s license — to keep them busy. The key fob and phone light up and play sounds, so don’t be surprised when your toddler starts placing very important business calls in your living room and swinging their keys around as they plan their business trip.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought this for my 3.5-year-old granddaughter. What a great purchase, especially for the price! The phone lights up and each button announces a different message, such as, "Call me back, Hi, just calling to say Hello, etc. It's a perfect size as well. She LOVES it! The keys are also fabulous. They have buttons that sound just like a car key being pressed to unlock or start up. The license and debit card are cute, but she loves the phone and keys!”

Best Toy iPhones

The Child’s Interactive My First Own Cell Phone will make your little one feel like they have an iPhone of their own. There’s actually a good chance you might accidentally pick up this toy phone and try to use it yourself — it’s that convincing. The toy is equipped with plenty of songs and lights to keep children engaged, and it even plays sleep songs for bedtime. This is one phone you shouldn’t mind letting your kid have in bed!

One Reviewer Wrote: “My granddaughter loves her phone. It lights up and plays multiple songs. She’s too young to understand the push the buttons for animal noises but loves it in general because she’s 12 months old and at that stage of grabbing remotes and phones. Now she has her own.”

If you have a couple of kids at home, go ahead and get this set of two CooPlay Yphones so each has an iPhone lookalike of their own. They have a ton of fun, colorful lights, as well as songs your kids can sing and dance to. Plus, your children can talk on their phones with each other for hours and feel so cool.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The most realistic children’s phones! They love these. Great deal with a 2-pack and the different colors let each child know which is theirs.”

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