Hilary Duff's Husband Tattoos Her Name On His Butt And Yes, There's A Pic

Instagram/Matthew Koma/Hilary Duff

Matthew Koma just got a new tattoo to honor wife Hilary Duff and, hey-oh, it’s on his butt

Listen, you may have missed the butt, er, boat on following Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma on social media until now. But, if ever there was a reason to start tracking their love story online, Koma’s latest Instagram post is it, friends. Because while Duff will always undoubtedly have a special place in Koma’s heart, she now also has a special place on his backside.

Yep, the musician has a brand-new butt tattoo in his wife’s honor — and true gem that he is, he shared it on social media for the rest of us to see.

Koma debuted his new ink on Monday, captioning the cheeky pic, “Good luck winning a fight with your wife when her name’s tattooed on your butt cheek. #squats #gainz #laseraway.”

And if some commenters are to be believed, the tattoo isn’t just any old font; it’s Duff’s handwriting. You’ve gotta respect the person who (a) has the chutzpah to actually get their partner’s name on their butt, (b) commit authentically enough to borrow said partner’s signature, and (c) show off the final results to the world.

That’s to say nothing of the fact that Koma clearly had to shave the tattooed cheek. His other cheek is even fuzzier than the string of peach emojis he used to artfully cover his crack, so bravo to him for going the extra mile here to make sure the tat went on nicely.

Adorably, Duff wasn’t the only person who recently got a tattoo tribute from Koma. On Sept. 13, he shared a black and white snapshot on Instagram of another fresh piece of body art. “When your daughter’s favorite movie is Trolls and your best friend is the voice of Gristle, you have @jaynawon tattoo this on you. Thank you for the Bergen,” Koma wrote.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse — aka McLovin from Superbad — voices the Trolls‘ character of Prince (now King) Gristle. Fun fact? He also served as the officiant in Duff and Koma’s 2019 wedding.

Between Koma’s tats and having McLovin as a BFF, you probably have a pretty clear idea of how much fun Duff and Koma are as a couple. If not, though, you’ll find plenty of examples if you spend a few minutes scrolling through their social feeds. Not surprisingly, there are tons of precious photos of the couple with her son Luca Cruz Comrie, 8 (with ex Mike Comrie) and their daughter Banks Violet Bair, 1.

You can also expect to find funny NSFW content like Koma’s ass tattoo. Or the time last year when Duff posted a photo of herself dressed as grown-up Lizzie McGuire for the Disney+ reboot. To which Koma responded, “Ugh I can’t wait to role play.”

These two! TBH, we can’t wait to see what they share next.