20 Musical Baby Names That Will Make Your Heart Sing

20 Musical Baby Names That’ll Make Your Heart Sing

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Music is called the “universal language” — and it isn’t hard to see why. It spans the globe, its various forms appealing to everyone regardless of culture, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy rocking out to something, whether it’s a complex orchestral piece from the classical era or layers of modern, digitally-synthesized beats.

Music inspires the world to sing, to move, to create, to perform. It can shape moods and evoke feelings. It speaks for us when we can’t find the words. So if you’re looking to name your baby in honor of something meaningful, powerful, and beautiful, is there anything more perfect than a baby name inspired by music? We think not.

Whether you groove the hardest to reggae beats, country twang, or “Baby Shark,” these musical baby names will be your jam.

1. Allegra

The feminine version of the Italian word “allegro,” which means “cheerful” (and let’s hope so, where your baby is concerned!). When you see this word in a song, you know it’s meant to be played in an upbeat, chipper fashion. And of all the traits that can be associated with a name, cheerful is definitely one of the most positive.

2. Piper

Currently standing at #88 on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s popularity charts, this sassy-sounding favorite got a boost thanks to “Orange is the New Black” — but as we know, it’s also the term for a musician. And seeing as the word “pipes” is slang for vocal chords (i.e., “She’s got quite a set of pipes!”), it can be a singing term too.

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3. Cadence

Another name that can encompass both singing and playing, cadence is the tempo and rhythm that a voice or a set of notes follows. The name itself has a melodic quality, so it’s no surprise that it currently stands at #488 on the charts (at its peak in 2007, it was at #199).

4. Sonata

Coming from the Latin sonare, “to sound,” a sonata is a musical piece that is played rather than sung. Mozart and Beethoven composed some of the most recognizable sonatas of all time.

5. Melody

A melody is defined as a sequence of notes that is “musically satisfying” — so whether it’s a memorable ditty from a TV commercial, the theme song of your favorite Netflix binge, or the tune of a really good rock ballad, a melody is something you find pleasing to the ear. It’s one of the most basic elements of music, and actually, the goal of music as a whole.

6. Aria

“Game of Thrones” fans (and, okay, everybody else too) have heard this name a lot lately thanks to the pop-culture phenomenon of character Arya Stark. But while it’s pronounced the same, this spelling — aria — is a musical term. The Italian word for “air,” an aria is a tune sung by a single voice, as in an operatic solo.

7. Harmony

In music, harmony is multiple complimentary notes being played at the same time; working together to create a beautiful sound. In general, it means “agreement,” and we can all agree we like things working in harmony … especially when it’s our kids.

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8. Viola

A viola is an instrument in the violin family. Specifically, it’s a little bit larger than a violin and tuned a little bit lower. And if you’re into botanical baby names, Viola can fit the bill there too, since it’s also a flower that very closely resembles a pansy. Either way, we’re definitely into its cute nickname: Vi.

9. Harper

A harper is someone who plays — you guessed it — the trombone! Totally kidding. It’s someone who plays a harp, obviously, especially in the genre of folk music. Though it’s still technically a unisex name, Harper currently ranks #9 for girls and #971 for boys, so you can see the direction it’s heading.

10. Lyric

This name needs no definition, since we’ve been looking up the lyrics to our favorite songs ever since we had to read them from the inserts of CDs or, if you’re a little older (raises hand), cassette tapes. As a name, it has a poetic quality — because really, aren’t lyrics just poetry set to music?

11. Jazz

Emerging from its “parents,” ragtime and blues, at the beginning of the 20th century, jazz music saw its heyday in the 1920s and 30s (which are often referred to as The Jazz Age). But it certainly hasn’t disappeared, as jazz is still a popular genre. There’s also the association with the bravery of transgender LGBTQIA+ activist Jazz Jennings, who has been a very vocal and visible advocate for the transgender community.

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12. Rhythm

Nothing makes you feel the urge to move like a good rhythm. And since movement is a huge part of having kids (they don’t hold still for, like, a decade at least) it’s a totally fitting name.

13. Solo

A term for a piece that’s meant to be sung or played by one person only — so, like their namesake, your little Solo will be a standout. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, this can be doubly meaningful.

14. Brio

We love the definition of this one: it’s an Italian word for verve, liveliness, spirit, and vivacity. Which is also why it’s a musical term, indicating that a piece is meant to be played or sung with such feeling. As a name, it’s definitely unisex, though if you wanted to make it more feminine you could go with Bria.

15. Coda

A coda is the concluding section of a piece of music — it comes from the Latin cauda, meaning “tail.” This could be a particularly fitting name for the last baby of the family, the one who makes everything complete.

16. Chord

If someone tells you Chord is a group of notes in harmony, and not a name, just point them in the direction of actor Chord Overstreet. He’s made it into a perfectly fine moniker, thankyouverymuch.

17. Reed

This could also be a botanical name (they’re hot, after all). But in musical terms, a reed is a thin strip of material in a woodwind instrument that vibrates to produce a sound. And since kids produce plenty of sound, we’d say Reed is a pretty ideal name, right?

18. Riff

Most often heard in terms of guitars, a riff is a repeating chord or melody. If you fancy having a little rocker, but don’t want to name him something as edgy as, say, Jagger … Riff could be the sweet spot. After all, it isn’t far off from on-the-rise names like Griff(in) or Rafferty.

19. Major

When we’re talking chords and scales, major indicates the key of a piece. Its opposite, minor, has a darker, more melancholy sound, whereas the major key is brighter and more cheerful.

20. Forte

Speaking of sounds, a piece that’s meant to be played “forte” is going to be strong and loud. Forte itself means strong in Italian. So when we say that Forte would make a strong name … well, we mean it literally.

These baby names inspired by music will be a reminder to your little virtuoso that he or she should always stop, listen, and appreciate the power of a sweet tune or a thumping beat. Even if, in the beginning, that beat is being banged out with the lids of your pots and pans.

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