125+ Bright Hot Names That Mean Fire For Your Little Ember

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What do baby naming and fire have in common? Not much, unless you want an impactful name for your little warrior princess or prince. For many people, fire has no good connotation. It represents evil, hell, or just scariness. For the rest of the population and for those who have come before us, however, fire often holds many powerful and interesting meanings. In Christianity, fire often represents a religious zeal and even martyrdom (think Joan of Arc). Fire takes on even more meaning when considering its place amongst the four elements. Fire is, after all, the only element we can create ourselves. You might have heard the phrase about having “fire in the belly,” which refers to a deeply rooted passion or drive. As it turns out, there are solid reasons to choose a strong baby name that means fire. Whether you want to root them in your unique heritage or fill them with a fire to do big, bold things, a fire name might be the answer.

Exploring history and mythology is a great way to find old names that mean fire. One famous fire goddess is Fuchi, the Japanese goddess of fire. Symbolized by the mountain and fire symbols, it’s said she gave her name to the famous volcano, Fujiyama. As a goddess of fire, she represents natural energy and warmth, everything from fuel to the fire in our stoves or fireplaces. Her male counterpart is Kōjin, the god of fire.

Another common name that means “fire?” The Irish name Aiden means “little fire” after the Celtic god of the sun and fire. The Gaelic version of the name is Aodh. While Aiden isn’t as wildly popular as it was 10 or 20 years ago, it’s still a solid name with a fiery meaning.

Want an even more unique name? Try the cool, one-syllable name is Ra, which means “sun” and was the name of the Egyptian sun god, Amun-Ra. Some might argue you couldn’t use Ra on its own. But, why not? Be bold! Like the sun!

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Ferdinand Foch once said, “The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire.” As a French general and renowned military strategist during the First World War, he knew plenty about weapons, fighting, and, of course, that ubiquitous “fire in the belly.” If you’re looking for a name that might propel your child toward greatness and give them the strength they need to be a warrior for what they believe in, a name that means fire might be the way to go.

These are some of our other favorite names that mean fire or are connected to fire through history, mythology, or etymology. Did yours make the list?

Girls’ Names


Akosua Alinta Anala Angarika Azar Barbara Bedelia Bren Bridgette Brigid Calida Candace Cyra Dian Drita Edan Eilidh Electra Elaine Eliana Elidi Ember Enya Fiammetta Fuchi Hera Hestia Idalia Idris Kalama Kalinda Keahi Mckenna Mehri Mirri Nyari Säde Sahar Saulė Savita Savitri Seraphina Shachar Shula Sirius Solana Samson Soleil Sol Solveig Sorin Sunçana Sunna Sunniva

Boys’ Names


Adar Admani Aiden Alev Anatole Aodh Apollo Azar Barak Blaze Bodaway Brando Brantley Brent Cole Conleth/Conley Cyrus Egan Elio Flint Fuji Hagan Hakan Hugh Ignacio Ignatius Kai Keahi Kenneth Kiran Kwasi Loki McCoy Nuri Pele Ra Surya Tyson Uri

Gender Neutral Fire Names


Afi Azar Calida Garnet Hayden Inaki Phoenix Reese/Rhys Tanwen Vesta

Fire Names of Japanese Origin


Hijiri Homura Kaen Kaji Kaki Kasai Kazuya Mosu Rekka

Fire Gods Names

Roman Mythology

Cacus: A fire breathing giant god. Fornax: Goddess of the furnace. Stata Mater: Goddess who stops fires. Vesta: Goddess of the hearth. Vulcan: God of crafting and fire.

Indigenous Gods of Mesoamerica

Chantico: A goddess who creates hearth fires and volcanoes. Mixcoatl: This Aztec god introduced fire to humans. Xiuhtecuhtli: This is the god of fire, heat, volcanoes, and the afterlife. Tatewari: This Huichol deity is the fire god of shamans. Huracán: This Mayan fire god controls storms and winds. Jacawitz: This fire god was friends with the sun god, Tohil Coatlicue: This is the mother serpent goddess of childbirth and snakes. He is also a fire diety.

Mesopotamian Mythology

Nusku: Not only is Nusku the god of earthly fire but heavenly fire and light. Gibil: This Sumerian fire god. Ishum: This is the brother of the sun god Shamash and servant to Erra. Gerra: This fire deity is mentioned in Akkadian and historical Babylonian records.

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