50+ Popular Pakistani Last Names With Meanings And Origins

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Pakistani Last Names
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A country or region’s last names are a window into their history and culture, and Pakistan is no exception. Located in South Asia, Pakistan is the world’s fifth-most populous country — home to more than 212.2 million people, as well as the second-largest Muslim population. There are three categories of Pakistani last names: those that follow the Arab naming convention, tribal names, and ancestral names. The names themselves can also vary pretty widely, depending on a family’s ethnicity, spoken language, and geographic location. Many have Persian, Turkish, or Arabic origins.

Pakistani last names often include a prefix or suffix, which provides additional information about a family. For example, the prefix “Haji-” means that someone has made the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, while “Mir-” indicates royal descent, and “Syed-” is used for people belonging to the family of Muhammad. Similarly, the suffix “-dad” means “given by,” and “-bakhsh” means “granted by.” To learn more, take a look at these popular Pakistani last names, along with their meanings and origins.

If you’re interested in Pakistani names, you’re undoubtedly also interested in Pakistani culture. It’s a huge melting pot filled with Indian, Persian, Afghan, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western Asian culture. There are more than 70 languages actively spoken! The people take great pride in their craftsmanship — their Arabic calligraphy can be found in buildings, on copper works, in paintings, and on carved wood. Sports are also a big deal in the middle eastern country. They have one of the world’s best cricket teams, and hockey, squash, and badminton are also very popular. Polo is a common sport in some pockets of Pakistan as well. And if you ever get the opportunity to attend a Pakistani wedding, consider yourself lucky. The Pakistani people know how to throw a celebration! Their weddings can last anywhere between three to six days. Can you imagine three whole days of amazing food, music, and a never-ending dance party?

Interested in other popular last names, along with their meanings and origins? Check out our pages on Irish last names, Japanese last names, French last names, Scottish last names, Italian last names, and more. Below, you’ll find popular Pakistani last names.

  1. Aamir

Transcription: عامر Meaning: Replete, full Origin: Urdu

  1. Abdul

Transcription: عبدال Meaning: Servant of Origin: Arabic

  1. Achakzai

Transcription: اڅکزی Meaning: Son of Achak Origin: Pashto

  1. Adil

Transcription: عادل Meaning: Just Origin: Arabic, Urdu

  1. Advani

Transcription: आडवाणी Meaning: Descendant of Adu Origin: Indian, Sindhi

  1. Agarwal

Transcription: اگروال Meaning: Someone originally from the town of Agroha in Haryana state, India Origin: Hindi/Punjabi

  1. Akhtar

Transcription: اختر Meaning: Star Origin: Persian

  1. Alakozai

Transcription: الکوزۍ Meaning: Son of Alako Origin: Pashto

  1. Alam

Transcription: علم, عالم Meaning: World, universe Origin: Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Persian

  1. Arora

Transcription: अरोड़ा Meaning: More, also; From the ancient city of Aror, now the Sindh province of Pakistan Origin: Indian, Hindi, Punjabi

  1. Ashiq

Transcription: عاشق Meaning: Enamored, infatuated; admirer, lover Origin: Punjabi, Urdu

  1. Azmat

Transcription: عظمت Meaning: Majesty, glory Origin: Urdu

  1. Bai

Transcription: बाई Meaning: Lady Origin: Indian, Hindi

  1. Baig

Transcription: بیگ Meaning: Ruler, chief, lord, master Origin: Indian, Turkish

  1. Bajwa

Transcription: باجوا Meaning: Great hawk Origin: Persian

  1. Bakshi

Transcription: بخشی Meaning: Paymaster, scribe, secretary Origin: Indian, Bengali, Punjabi

  1. Bansal

Transcription: वंश Meaning: Lineage, clan, race; bamboo Origin: Indian, Sanskrit

  1. Begum

Transcription: بیگم Meaning: Lady, madam Origin: Indian, Persian

  1. Bhagat

Transcription: भगत Meaning: Devotee, worshipper Origin: Indian, Hindi

  1. Bhasin

Transcription: भसीन Meaning: Ray of light, sun Origin: Indian, Hindi

  1. Bux

Transcription: بخش Meaning: Fortune; section, portion, part Origin: Urdu, Persian, Sindhi

  1. Chand, Chanda

Transcription: چند, چندا Meaning: Moon Origin: Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu

  1. Chauhan

Transcription: चौहान Meaning: Four (Sanskrit); hero Origin: Indian, Hindi

  1. Danyal

Transcription: دانیال Meaning: Known intellectual; careful to justice Origin: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Bengali, Turkish

  1. Dass

Transcription: داس Meaning: To dare Origin: Indian, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu

  1. Daud

Transcription: داؤد Meaning: Dear friends Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Filipino, Maguindanao, Maranao, Tausug

  1. Dawlatzai

Transcription: دولتزئ‎ Meaning: Son of Dawlat Origin: Afghanistan and western Pakistan

  1. Dawood

Transcription: داؤد Meaning: Dear Origin: Arabic, Urdu

  1. Dayal

Transcription: दयालु Meaning: Kind, compassionate, merciful Origin: Indian, Hindi, Punjabi

  1. Devi

Transcription: देवी Meaning: Goddess, a female deity Origin: Indian, Hindi

  1. Dhawan

Transcription: धाव् Meaning: Runner, messenger Origin: Indian, Punjabi, Hindi

  1. Gandhi

Transcription: गांधी Meaning: Perfume seller Origin: Sanskrit

  1. Gul

Transcription: گُل Meaning: Flower or rose Origin: Pakistani, Pashto

  1. Haq

Transcription: حق Meaning: Real, true Origin: Arabic

  1. Imam

Transcription: امام‎ Meaning: Leader, guide Origin: Arabic, Bengali

  1. Jafri

Transcription: جفري Meaning: Yellow flower Origin: Persian, Arabic

  1. Jha

Transcription: झा Meaning: Teacher Origin: Sanskrit

  1. Junejo

Transcription: جونیجو Meaning: Sons of Juno Origin: Pakistani, Sindhi

  1. Kakar

Transcription: کاکړ Meaning: The name of a Gharghashti Pashtun tribe, which is based mostly in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan, and Loy Kandahar in Afghanistan Origin: Pashto, Urdu, Hindi

  1. Kamaliazad

Transcription: کمالیہ زاد Meaning: Perfection of the free or independent Origin: Pakistani, Persian

  1. Kapoor

Transcription: कपूर Meaning: Camphor Origin: Indian, Hindi, Punajabi

  1. Kazimi

Transcription: کاظمی Meaning: Commonly associated with the family of Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s great-grandson Imam Musa al-Kadhim Origin: Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India

  1. Khalil

Transcription: خليل Meaning: Friend Origin: Arabic

  1. Khalsa

Transcription: خالصة Meaning: To be pure or clear Origin: Indian (Sikh), Persian

  1. Khan

Transcription: خان Meaning: Title given to rulers and officials in central Asia, Afghanistan, and some Muslim countries; a king, a prince, a chief, a governor Origin: Turkish Khan

  1. Khokhar

Transcription: خوخار Meaning: Name of an agricultural community of the Punjab region in India Origin: India

  1. Kumari

Transcription: कुमारी Meaning: Young girl, daughter, princess Origin: Indian, Hindi

  1. Mahajan

Transcription: महाजन Meaning: Great number of people Origin: Sanskrit

  1. Malek

Transcription: مالک‎ Meaning: Refers to people from Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and the Haryana region in India and Pakistan Origin: India, Pakistan

  1. Musharaff

Transcription: مشرف Meaning: Supervisor, elevated, honored Origin: Arabic

  1. Niazi

Transcription: نیازی Meaning: Desire, wish; friend Origin: Persian

  1. Pathak

Transcription: पाठक Meaning: Learner, reader Origin: Sanskrit

  1. Qayyum

Transcription: القيوم Meaning: Subsistence, independent, sustainer Origin: Arabic

  1. Rajput

Transcription: راجپوت Meaning: Prince, son of a king Origin: Sanskrit

  1. Seth

Transcription: सेठ Meaning: Appointed one, placed Origin: Hindi

  1. Siddiqi

Transcription: صدیقی Meaning: Truthful, righteous, rightly guided Origin: Arabic

  1. Sinai

Transcription: سینا Meaning: Writer Origin: Arabic and Hebrew

  1. Soltani

Transcription: سلطاني‎ Meaning: Pertaining to or descended from Origin: Arabic

  1. Srour

Transcription: سرور‎ Meaning: Joy, happiness Origin: Arabic

  1. Sulaiman

Transcription: سليمان Meaning: Man of peace Origin: Arabic

  1. Sultan

Transcription: سلطان‎ Meaning: Ruler, kings Origin: Arabic

  1. Syed

Transcription: بادشاہ. Meaning: Always in controls Origin: Arabic

  1. Tabatabai

Transcription: طباطبایی‎ Meaning: Rightly guided Origin: Arabic

  1. Tabet

Transcription: تابت Meaning: Strong, well established Origin: Arabic

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