44 Persian Last Names/Surnames With Meanings And Origins

44 Popular Persian Last Names With Meanings And Origins

November 30, 2020 Updated January 7, 2021

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When you think of Persia, you can’t help but reminisce about its colorful history filled with empires, battles, and impressive innovation. Persia had refrigerators and air conditioners before electricity was even invented. They were also leading when it came to societal expectations for women, who were allowed to own land, run businesses, and enlist in the army.

Prior to 1979, the country now known as Iran was once called Persia. The country’s name derives from its original tribal name, Parsua and in Greek, Persia means Iran. Today, Persians are an ethnic group that accounts for more than half the population of Iran, with their own language and distinct culture. And while their history goes back to ancient times, Persians only began using last names in 1919. Before then, a bunch of different prefixes and suffixes were added to a person’s given name (and you just hoped no one else had that unique combination). They used names to reflect a long and storied history (one of the world’s oldest civilizations!).

Similar to many other ethnicities, Persian last names frequently reference a family‘s location or place of origin.  And given the geographic extent of the Persian Empire — spanning from Egypt in the west to Turkey in the north, and through Mesopotamia to the Indus River in the east — it’s not unusual for their modern last names to borrow from Greek, Kurdish, and Azerbaijani-Turkish.

Persian last names, like Persian culture, are a point of pride and honor for Iranians. In Persian culture, truth was revered, and telling a lie was one of the worst things a person could do. Many also speak to a central focus for Iranians: family. It’s not uncommon to see multi-generational households. Another reason to gravitate toward Persian names? Iranian people are known for their hospitality. They are welcoming and polite, and they strive to maintain that perception. So, a Persian last name is weighted with many positive associations.

Ready to learn more about these family names? Here are 44 popular Persian last names, including their meanings and origins.

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  1. Abbas
    Transcription: عبّاس
    Meaning: Austere
    Origin: Arabic
  2. Afsoun
    Transcription: افسون
    Meaning: Charm, spell
    Origin: Persian
  3. Ahmad
    Transcription: احمد
    Meaning: Most praiseworthy
    Origin: Arabic
  4. Akbar
    Transcription: اکبر
    Meaning: Greater, greatest
    Origin: Arabic
  5. Alborz
    Transcription: البرز
    Meaning: from the name of a mountain range in northern Iran
    Origin: Persian
  6. Ali
    Transcription: علی
    Meaning: Lofty, sublime
    Origin: Arabic
  7. Azad
    Transcription: آزاد
    Meaning: Free
    Origin: Persian
  8. Babak
    Meaning: Little father
    Origin: Persian
  9. Bahman
    Transcription: بابک
    Meaning: Good mind
    Origin: Persian
  10. Baran
    Transcription: باران
    Meaning: Rain
    Origin: Persian
  11. Darya
    Transcription: دریا
    Meaning: Sea, ocean
    Origin: Persian
  12. Delara
    Transcription: دلآرا
    Meaning: Adorning the heart
    Origin: Persian
  13. Elaheh
    Transcription: الهه
    Meaning: Goddess
    Origin: Persian
  14. Farid
    Transcription: فرید
    Meaning: Unique, precious
    Origin: Arabic
  15. Farrokh
    Transcription: فرّخ
    Meaning: Happy, auspicious
    Origin: Persian
  16. Farzaneh
    Transcription: فرزانه
    Meaning: Wise, intelligent
    Origin: Persian
  17. Fereshteh
    Transcription: فرشته
    Meaning: Angel
    Origin: Persian
  18. Firouzeh
    Transcription: فیروزه
    Meaning: Turquoise (the gemstone)
    Origin: Persian
  19. Ghoncheh
    Transcription: غنچه
    Meaning: Flower bud
    Origin: Persian
  20. Gohar
    Transcription: گوهر
    Meaning: Jewel, gemstone
    Origin: Persian, Armenian, Urdu
  21. Golbahar
    Transcription: گلبهار
    Meaning: Spring rose
    Origin: Persian
  22. Golshan
    Transcription: گلشن
    Meaning: Rose garden
    Origin: Persian
  23. Golzar
    Transcription: گلزار
    Meaning: Rosy-cheeked
    Origin: Persian
  24. Habib
    Transcription: حبیب
    Meaning: Beloved, darling
    Origin: Arabic, Persian, Urdu
  25. Hadi
    Transcription: هادی
    Meaning: Leader, guide
    Origin: Arabic, Persian
  26. Hassan
    Transcription: حسن
    Meaning: Beautifier; pious, wise
    Origin: Arabic
  27. Hayat
    Transcription: حیات
    Meaning: Life
    Origin: Arabic
  28. Heydari
    Transcription: حیدری
    Meaning: Lion; brave, courageous
    Origin: Arabic
  29. Iman
    Transcription: ایمان
    Meaning: Faith
    Origin: Arabic, Persian, Indonesian
  30. Isa
    Transcription: عیسى
    Meaning: Arabic form of Jesus
    Origin: Arabic, Persian, Albanian
  31. Jafar
    Transcription: جعفر
    Meaning: Stream
    Origin: Arabic, Persian
  32. Jahan
    Transcription: جهان
    Meaning: World
    Origin: Persian
  33. Jahangir
    Transcription: جهانگی
    Meaning: World conquerer
    Origin: Persian, Urdu
  34. Jalal
    Transcription: جلال
    Meaning: Greatness
    Origin: Arabic, Persian
  35. Jalil
    Transcription: جلیل
    Meaning: Important, exalted
    Origin: Arabic, Persian
  36. Jamshid
    Transcription: جمشید
    Meaning: shining Jam (a mythological king of Persia)
    Origin: Persian, Uzbek, Persian mythology
  37. Javed
    Transcription: جواد
    Meaning: Eternal
    Origin: Persian
  38. Karim
    Transcription: کریم
    Meaning: Generous, noble
    Origin: Arabic, Persian
  39. Mahin
    Transcription: مهین
    Meaning: Of the moon
    Origin: Persian
  40. Moradi
    Transcription: مرادی
    Meaning: Wishful
    Origin: Persian
  41. Mozhdeh
    Transcription: مژده
    Meaning: Good news
    Origin: Persian
  42. Roshan
    Transcription: روشن
    Meaning: Light, bright
    Origin: Persian
  43. Shahin
    Transcription: شاهین
    Meaning: Falcon, peregrine
    Origin: Persian
  44. Vida
    Transcription: ویدا
    Meaning: Visible, apparent, prominent
    Origin: Persian