40 Years, Already? Here Are The Best 40th Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate

by Megan McCarty
A three-part collage of a necklace, the Aera touch diffuser, and a brown bathing robe as some of the...

After the engagement, wedding, tons of anniversaries, and everything else in between — it’s now four decades later and you’re looking for 40th anniversary gifts. Crazy, huh? Forty years of marriage is a long time that has likely been filled with lots of love, arguments, and unmatched socks (so many unmatched socks). Whether you’re shopping for your spouse (in which case, congratulations!) or for your parents, friends, etc., a wedding anniversary is definitely a milestone that’s worth celebrating, so a 40th-anniversary gift is a must.

If you want to stick to tradition or actually like gift guidelines to help narrow the options, the traditional gifts for a 40th anniversary are ruby related. Think a special piece of ruby jewelry (like earrings or cufflinks), or anything ruby-ish in hue (like a nice handbag or cozy slippers). But of course, you can venture out of the box when it comes to 40th-anniversary gifts too! In the list below, we’ve rounded up our favorite ruby wedding anniversary gifts, as well as tons of other fun, thoughtful, and unique items that your giftee will love.

From personalized artwork and home must-haves to a few fun and easy-on-the-wallet options, read on for 15 of what we consider, in our less than humble opinion, to be the best 40th anniversary gifts. (And psst, we also have you covered for 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries too.)

Best 40th Anniversary Gifts

Best Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gifts