75+ Solid Amish Baby Names Both Common And Unique

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If you’re a fan of tradition or just all things “old,” you might be considering an Amish name for your little bundle of joy. What exactly is an Amish name, though? This might look like a traditional name or even an “old lady name.” Typically, Amish names are names with German or Biblical roots. If you can find the name in the Bible, in particular the Old Testament, there’s a good chance it will be popular among Amish communities. While nearly 63 percent of the Amish live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, smaller pockets can be found in as many as 31 states. Most Amish communities either speak English or German, which explains why German names are particularly popular. Sticking to Biblical or German names might, on the surface, seem to narrow down your options but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We pulled dozens of solid Amish names and that’s just a drop in the bucket of the more popular or common naming options.

Of course, we have our favorite Amish names, too. For Amish girl names, we love Sarah. Sarah was wildly popular outside of the Amish community before the late 80s, but its usage has since trailed off. In the Bible, Sarah is the wife of Abraham and is considered a prophetess. Her tale might ring close to home for anyone who has struggled with infertility. As the story goes, Sarah was older and without a child when a prophet told her husband (he was 99 at the time!) she’d give birth soon. Sarah laughed, but a year later Isaac was born. Because of her strength and perseverance despite her trials, she’s held in high regard across many religions. By the way, her son’s name, Isaac, is also on our list. His name means, “laughter.”

For Amish boy names, we’re partial to Ezekiel. It’s a pretty big name, but you could call him “Zeek” for short… and that’s pretty darn cute, right? The name Ezekiel means “God’s strength” and a look at Ezekiel’s story explains why. Ezekiel is an acknowledged prophet not just to the Amish, but among all Christian denominations, as well as in Judaism and Islam. Throughout the book of Ezekiel, he prophesizes the destruction of Jerusalem and the restoration of Israel. He also played a part in the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego about whom, if you’re here looking at Amish names, you probably already know the story.

Not all the names on our list feel or sound particularly Biblical, however. Names like Benjamin and Caleb or Amity and Ivy feel more modern and are actually fairly common outside of the Amish community, too. Then there’s Amos, Collin, Eleanor, Leah, Noah, Penelope, and Seth — all names that are fairly common across the country. If you’re looking for a name that bridges the gap between the modern world and the Amish world, you’ll probably find several on our list of Amish names.

Amish Boys’ Names

Aaron: This Hebrew name means exalted or strong. It can also mean teacher, or mountain of strength. In Arabic, it means messenger.

Abel: This name means breath or vapor. Abraham: Abraham means, “father of a multitude.” Albrecht: This Germanic moniker means noble, bright, or famous. Amos: A Hebrew verb that means “to carry,” or “borne by God.” Aquilla: A Latin name that means eagle. Benjamin: Derives from the name Binyamin which means “son of the right hand.” Caleb Collin Daniel David Elijah Elmo Ezekiel Ezra Gabriel Hannes Iddo Isaac Isaiah Jacob James Jethro Jeremiah John Jonah Joseph Joshua Josiah Levi Leander Leonard Matthew Melbern Noah Paul Peter Seth Simon Solomon Thomas Timothy Uri Wayne Wollie

Amish Names For Girls


Anke Anna Charity Collette Dinah Eleanor Elizabeth Esther Eva Faith Fannie Greta Hadassah Hannah Iris Ivy Jacqueline Jane Joyce Justine Leah Louisa Martha Mary Mercy Naomi Patience Penelope Rachel Rebecca Ruth Sarah Serenity Susanna

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