The 9 Best Body Washes for Kids To Get Them Nice & Clean
Mother washing little son in bathroom

Any parent knows how dirty kids can get. So when it comes to bath or shower time, kids need something that gets them nice and clean without irritating that sweet skin. That’s where a body wash specifically formulated for kids comes in. Most smell great and are easy to use since they come equipped with handy pumps or pour spots. And the best body washes for kids contain gentle ingredients that aim to keep skin nourished and moisturized; some even work overtime as shampoo and bubble bath, because who doesn’t love a multitasking product that means less clutter in the bathroom?

If you are using a shampoo and body wash combo, just know that you’ll still want to look for a ‘tear-free’ label to prevent eye irritation (if your kid is on the younger side).

And sure, you could say that all kids have sensitive skin, but some kids’ skin is more sensitive than others and there might be other conditions, like eczema, at play. If your child has sensitive skin or eczema some ingredients to avoid include:

With that in mind, check out the nine best body washes for kids below. From a washes that are National Eczema Association-approved to ones with kid-friendly character-themed bottles, ahead you’re sure to find the right wash for your family.


Editor’s Choice: A 3-In-1 Soap With Gentle Ingredients

With over 9,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon, the Everyone 3-in-1 kids body wash is a popular pick for a reason. It has no artificial fragrance, is made with plant extracts and essential oils, and comes in eco-friendly packaging. It also acts as a body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath in one, making it the only bath time product your kids need. And with scents like Orang Squeeze, Berry Blast, Lavender Lullaby, and Tropical Coconut your kid can find one they love that leaves them smelling oh so good.

Editor Praise: “If any product can save me trips to the store and space in the bath room, I’m sold. I love that this multipurpose soap can be used from head to toe on all three of my littles. And each bottle is 32 ounces, so it lasts a while (even with my kids over-pumping the thing). I like that the wash is EWG rated for even more peace of mind.” -Kate Miller, Scary Mommy editor

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: Yes | Hypoallergenic: Yes


A Tear-Free All-In-One Cleanser With Soothing Oils

Kids need a body wash that’s gentle yet effective. The Pura D’Or kids body wash is just that. It’s hypoallergenic, dye-free, pH-balanced, and tear-free. It also is formulated without parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. It contains aloe vera to keep your kid’s skin moisturized and fresh, and features tangerine, lavender, and bergamot oil for soothing skin while providing the loveliest scent.

Helpful Review: “What a deal — clean scent, mild and nontoxic, lathers well, no tears, and very economical! I think I’ve found my new favorite all-in-one shampoo and body wash!”

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: No artificial fragrance; does contain essential oils | Hypoallergenic: Yes


The Best Body Wash For Kids With Eczema

Kids with eczema need a soothing wash that won’t cause their skin additional irritation. The Dove Derma Care body wash is fragrance-free and cream-based so it will be gentle on your child’s skin. It’s also accepted by the National Eczema Association and is enriched with colloidal oatmeal to provide extra nourishment. You also won’t find any parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or dyes in this moisturizing body wash. It’s a popular pick on Amazon, having earned a near-perfect 4.8-star rating after thousands of reviews.

Helpful Review: “This Dove soothing body wash is excellent for my daughter who has eczema and very dry skin! It moisturizes and makes her skin feel so soft and smooth after use. I would recommend!”

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: No | Hypoallergenic: Yes


An Affordable Body Wash With A Beloved Character

Sometimes kids need a little incentive to get into the shower or bath, so why not enlist SpongeBob to help? This Suave Kids 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash is an affordable option that’s tear-free and dermatologist-tested. It has a peachy scent that’s not too overwhelming and at the low price, you can stock up on multiple bottles if your kids love it.

Helpful Review: “Who doesn’t love SpongeBob?! My kids really like this and so do I because it makes them smell really good! My youngest has sensitive skin but didn’t break out from it. The price is great too! 10 out of 10.”

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: Yes | Hypoallergenic: No


A Trusted Sensitive-Skin Body Wash & Shampoo Combo

Many parents of newborns turn to Aquaphor to help with their little one’s skin concerns, so it makes sense that the Aquaphor body wash would continue to be a trusted choice. With chamomile essence and provitamin B5, this tear-free body wash and shampoo combo is gentle and leaves your child’s skin soft and smooth. It has no parabens, preservatives, or artificial fragrance.

Helpful Review: “Gentle, fragrancefree, and has not irritated any of our 3 childrens' sensitive skin. We first tried this at the recommendation of our pediatrician, and continued to use when we saw the results. [...]”.

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: No | Hypoallergenic: Yes


A 3-In-1 Bubble Bath Wash That Cleans While It Calms

Just run a bath, pour some Dr. Teal’s elderberry 3-in-1 bubble bath wash in, and watch your kids get clean while the essential oil scent gets them nice and calm. Shoppers report that it does a good job of getting rid of dirt and grime and leaves kids smelling like sweet citrus. And in a large, 20-ounce bottle for under $10, you’re getting a lot for your money. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes, too. Just note that this pick is not tear-free.

Helpful Review: “Perfect for my 7yr old who’s autistic and sensitive to getting hair slightly pulled when brushed. This shampoo/bubble bath/body wash is all around perfect for a one time getting my kiddo bathe in a short time! I wish I can use this for me coz the scent is just aaaaaaaammmaaazzzing!!!!”

Dispensing Style: Squeeze | Fragrance: Yes | Hypoallergenic: No


A Delicious-Smelling Body Wash You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

This sweet-smelling foaming body wash is packed with vitamins and is made with plant-based ingredients — in fact, the main cleaning agent being coconut-based. It’s gentle but does a great job of cleaning the skin and leaving you feeling fresh. It comes in a cool melon, pomelo, or peach scent and each smells better than the next. The fragrance is 100% natural and this pick has also earned the National Eczema Association’s seal of acceptance.

Helpful Review: “The pediatric skin is so delicate, so I have always been very cautious in selecting products. This body wash gently removes dirt while leaving the skin hydrated. I can use it with peace of mind. Also, my kid loves the scent. So do I! I want this for myself as well.”

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: Yes (naturally derived) | Hypoallergenic: Yes


A Multipurpose Body Wash Available In Lots Of Yummy Scents (& Even A Fragrance-Free Option)

With a calming lavender scent and three ways to use it, this Dial Kids 3-in-1 body wash is a smart choice. It's free of parabens and phthalates and has a tear-free formula. The scent can help kids calm down after a day at school or playing with friends and get them clean and ready for bed. Choose from four delicious smelling scented options or spring for the fragrance-free wash. The bottle is also made from 100% recycled materials.

Helpful Review: “Smell is AMAZING !!! Used other scents and this one is by far the BEST !! Other Brands left my child’s skin dry and a little irritated. Switched to Dial For Kids And it’s improved his sensitive skin.”

Dispensing Style: Pump Fragrance: Yes | Hypoallergenic: Yes


Another Budget-Friendly Body Wash That Leaves Kids’ Skin Moisturized & Soft

With constant bathing kids’ skin can lose moisture pretty quickly. The Johnson’s Skin Nourish moisture wash helps to retain moisture and has vitamin E and aloe to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. It has the brand’s signature “no more tears” formula, too. The wallet-friendly price doesn’t hurt either.

Helpful Review: “Johnson & Johnson continues to deliver with baby body washes and shampoo products that work great for babies and adults alike, and this one is no exception. The smell is pleasant, and the results speak for themselves. Hypoallergenic was a must-have and there haven't been any issues with this body wash. Love it!”

Dispensing Style: Pump | Fragrance: Yes | Hypoallergenic: Yes