The 4 Best Clothing Labels For Daycare — So It’s Easy to Find Your Kid's Stuff

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by Bethany Braun-Silva and Ileana Morales Valentine
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Best clothing labels for daycare

When getting ready to send your toddler off to daycare, there are a few things to consider. First, will drop-off be easy or hard? Second, how will anyone know what belongs to them among all the bins and lockers? The best clothing labels for daycare make it easy for caregivers — and some toddlers, too — to quickly find the right things, whether that’s a favorite blanket, T-shirt, pair of pants, shoes, or change of underwear (potty accidents are pretty much inevitable). And because these items will go through a bit of wear and tear, these clothing labels need to stay put.

The best clothing labels strongly adhere to withstand the washer and dryer (or the dishwasher, so you can go ahead and label all those cups, bottles, and lunchboxes, too). Each of the below picks is waterproof, but the style to which they adhere to your kiddo’s clothes is different. Here are some quick tips when shopping for the different types of clothing labels for daycare:

  • Stick-on labels: Peel these off a sheet like a sticker and simply press them on — you’re done. If you ever wanted to remove them, they peel off surprisingly easily. (You can also use your sheet of stickers on other daycare accessories.) The other thing to decide is whether you’d prefer a write-on label or a pre-printed one. Blank labels can be customized with a permanent marker and tend to be cheaper, but they’re also no frills. Pre-printed labels are clearly legible and can even feature designs that your toddler can recognize; just keep in mind the cuteness and convenience will be a bit more expensive.
  • Iron-on labels: Yes, you do have to take the extra step of heating up the iron and pressing these into fabric. But if you want to be sure you have the most secure name label, this is the way to go. To remove them, you’ll need heat and some tweezers.
  • Stamp-on labels: With a flat surface and a steady hand, press a stamp label firmly into clothing. This type will require extra care to let it dry and avoid smudges, but it’s relatively easy to use and you can get much more usage out of one stamp than a sheet or roll of other kinds of labels.

Label manufacturers generally recommend letting them rest for about 24 hours to fully set, but you may find write-on or stamp-on labels end up requiring extra dry time.

Ahead you’ll find the four best clothing labels for daycares (and camps too).

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best clothing labels for daycare.

1. Editor’s Choice: Name Bubbles Starter Labels

2. The Best Stamp Labels: MiyaCstm Custom Stamp Label

1. Editor’s Choice: The Personalized Labels Your Kiddo Will Recognize

Even if your child can’t recognize their name, they will be able to identify a cute character on these Name Bubbles Labels. Choose one they’ll love, like a unicorn, crocodile, rainbow, or fire truck. You’ll be impressed when your tot soon recognizes their little logo to help corral their stuff at pickup, too. This starter pack includes three different sizes to fit various items of clothing, and the labels are waterproof to withstand the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

Editor Praise “I've used these labels since my son started daycare, and I'll be using the same ones when he starts Pre-K soon. It's super easy to stick them onto anything — a change of clothes, a towel, a water bottle — and they've been as reliable as they are cute. They hold up impressively well. Plus, he's been able to recognize the cute rainbow icon for his stuff. I'll be ordering these again when little brother starts daycare.” -Ileana Morales Valentine, Scary Mommy Associate Editor

Style: Stick-on; pre-printed | Total: 90 labels

2. The Best Stick-On Labels On A Budget

These popular Avery No-Iron Fabric Labels have over 8,000 five-star reviews from shoppers who report they are easy to use and stay on for a long time. For less than $20, you get over 100 labels, so you’re set for a while. If you have more than one child heading to daycare, you can use this one set for them, too. You can write directly on the waterproof, machine-washable labels using a permanent marker, which won’t fade or smudge.

Helpful review: “Love these for daycare labeling. Wash up fine, easy to write on, and cheap compared to the fancy labels that you can get pre printed. I've repurchased them and will stick with them, as they stick with me! Have used for clothing, cups, and other things that permanent marker will usually rub off of.”

Style: Stick-on; write-on | Total: 108 labels

3. The Best Stamp Labels for Daycare

Press this MiyaCstm Custom Stamp Label once onto your kiddo’s clothes, and it’ll be labeled with their full name, a cute character, and your phone number in case it ends up in someone else’s backpack. You can even customize this waterproof stamp in multiple languages. Reviewers report it can still be seen on darker clothing items, like navy, but you may find this one works best on lighter clothing. The stamp can be used up to 500 times, which is by the far the most usage of these picks, and you get a bonus set of 20 stickers for labeling bottles and other accessories for daycare, too.

Helpful review: “They both attend daycare and at the beginning, I noticed some items were not coming back. The school did advise labeling everything, but of course, I didn't. These stamps came in handy because they didn't wash out or fade. I stamped the inside of their shoes, clothes, towels, stuffed animals and just about anything I could stamp. The teachers acknowledged how it was so helpful. If you were like me and worried if it would wash out, well it's been a few months and you know kids clothes dirty quick...and the stamps are still on the inside of the clothes like I stamped them yesterday.”

Style: Stamp; pre-printed | Total: up to 500 uses

4. The Best Iron-On Labels for Daycare

This continuous roll of Haberdashery personalized iron-on fabric labels is similar to a roll of scotch tape. Simply cut the label after the name, place it on the item of clothing, iron, and you’re set. These waterproof labels will lay flat so no need to worry about any itchy tags bugging your toddler or preschooler, and they hold up in the washing machine and dryer.

Helpful review: “I am so glad I purchased these labels. They have lasted through all washes and wears on my kids' clothes for the past 5 months with no signs of fading, edge peeling or coming off. I also use on blankets, pillows and soft toys that may go to daycare or school. The only downside is the time it takes to cut them all apart since they are all attached, but I will order more for family items because they hold up so well.”

Style: Iron-on; pre-printed | Total: 100 labels

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