The 11 Best Kites For Kids For Fun, Easy Flying

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by Lauren Beach
Kids having a lot of fun with colorful plane and butterfly kites

Flying a kite is a rite of childhood. Or, should I say, trying to fly a kite. Usually you’re pleading for more wind, or less wind. Or a longer string. Or for the thing just to soar long enough to awe your little one. And that’s where the best kites for kids come in: They make it a bit easier to get them in the air — and stay there — for a frustration-free experience. Whether your family is new to kites or already kite-obsessed, you’ll find your perfect pick here so you can have a great time outside.

The Best Entry-Level Kites For Kids

  • Delta Kites are one of the easiest kites for kids to fly. Their balanced triangular shape makes flying them a steady and gratifying experience. Eye-catching and designed to glide even in lighter winds, they come in a variety of fun prints.
  • Diamond Kites are a classic for a reason. They are affordable and while they’re easy to fly, they benefit from having a tail attached to keep them steady.
  • Parafoil Kites are soft kites that can’t break during a crash landing. Because they don’t rely on rods for their shape, they can be large, three-dimensional, and look great in the air. While the previous types may fold down for storage, parafoil kites are the easiest to tuck into a beach bag or luggage because they don’t have rods.

The Best Kites For Older Kids

Larger models are exciting and offer kids more of a challenge, as do kites that can be connected and flown from the same line, a technique known as stacking. Most of our choices are single-line kites aimed at younger kids and beginners, but when your kids are ready for tricks (or to watch you do them), look for dual-line kites like our Prism Kite pick below.

  • Large Or Stacking Kites are really exciting to see soaring in the air. Just know the added weight of a large kite or multiple kites on a line calls for a windier day to get them up there.
  • Dual-Line Kites or Stunt Kites are for more advanced kite fliers who want to experiment with tricks and more precise moves. The added line allows for more control while maneuvering aerobatic moves.

No matter which one you choose to fly, all of the kites below are highly rated by reviewers, ranging from simple and modestly sized picks to unique and extra-large choices for more advanced soarers. Keep in mind the larger the kite, the harder it pulls in the wind — so smaller kites are best for younger kids and less experienced fliers. For your convenience, we’ve noted the dimensions for each kite below (keep in mind that some of the fun designs have tails or pieces that extend beyond the main frame of the kite).

Now, get outside, throw caution (and your new kite) to the wind and enjoy this family fun activity.


The Overall Best Kite For Kids

Featuring six streaming multicolor tail ribbons and 300 feet of string, this beautiful delta kite is a hit with reviewers and their kids. One happy parent said they bought several “easy” kites for their kids and this was the best delta kite they tried and also the “prettiest in the sky and best flier.” With an impressive wingspan and easy-to-grip handle, this kite conveniently folds down to fit in its 18- by 5-inch reusable bag. The sturdy fiberglass frame is designed to handle winds of 5 to 18 miles per hour.

Helpful Review: “This kite is phenomenal!! [...] On a day that was occasionally breezy at most [...] this baby took off! [...] Even my 5 year old was able to fly it and it looked spectacular up in the air! Also I have to mention the quality of this kite! The fabric feels very durable, it was easy to put together, and I love that it comes with a little swiveling metal piece that connects the string to the actual kite because it makes it so the kite can spin in the air without twisting the string. The other kite we had kept crash landing to the side because the string got twisted! [...] We LOVE this kite!!”

Type of kite: Delta | Dimensions: 32 x 63 inches (L x W); 9.8 feet long with tails


The Best Kite For Older Kids Or Experienced Fliers

This highly rated dual-line parafoil kite is ready to go out of the storage bag without assembly. With some coaching, kids can master spins, dives, and figure eights with this larger model on [60-foot line]. Reviewers raved about how durable it was despite many crashes. There are no small parts to lose or worry about breaking, and it folds down to a 10- by 6-inch bag to throw in your backpack or beach bag.

Helpful Review: “Had it out of the bag for all of two minutes. Kids and their friends were doing loops 5 minutes in on the beach. 2 hours later the sun went down and had to call it. It’s a ten of a ten. Kids are 8-11 years old.”

Type of kite: Parafoil | Dimensions: 24 x 67 inches (L x W)


An Impressive Beach Kite On A Windy Day

The kids will have a whale of a time with this impressive-looking parafoil kite that looks like an orca soaring in the sky. The rod-free design makes it a great pick for the beach, where you don’t have a good assembly surface — just attach the tail and you’re ready to go. This high-contrast orca kite is fast to get in the air and it’s easy to spot even from far away. Reviewers say it “flew amazingly well in fast winds (30 mph) and was super easy to control.” It comes with just over 98 feet of strong fly line; reviewers do note that this bigger kite worked best on a windier day to get it up in the air.

Helpful Review: “LOVED this! Great quality and even better packaging! We purchased this for our beach trip and the kids loved it. Highly recommend!”

Type of kite: Parafoil | Dimensions: 78 x 47 inches (L x W)


Writer’s Choice: A Parafoil Kite That’s Great For Beginners

This easy-to-fly kite is great for a first-time flier wanting to try a parafoil. The octopus legs are the tails in this clever design, making it look like the octopus is swimming in the sky. It requires zero assembly, so it’s up in the air as fast as you can catch a breeze and it’s a whopping 16 feet long with the tails. Made of strong, durable, and lightweight polyester material, the kite has an easy-to-hold bright red handle that’s easy to spot if dropped and comes with a reusable storage bag. The included line extends 13 feet.

Writer’s Praise: “We got this kite when my kids were six and three years old. The lack of assembly was great for getting it going quickly at the beach and we had it up in the air with ease. The bright red is eye-catching against the sky and my daughters were able to keep it flying on their own. They were so proud to show off their kite and several people walking by commented how much fun it was!”

Type of kite: Parafoil | Dimensions: 196 x 31.5 inches (L x W); 16 feet long with tails


A Starter Diamond Kite In A Cute Fox Design

Adorable and easy for little ones to manage even in light winds, this fox-themed diamond kite is a great pick for a first kite. Made of ripstop polyester, this kite is intended for a wide range of wind speeds from 3 to 25 mph. This kite is well sized for younger kids, and it has 328 feet of line to fly high in the air from an easy-to-grip handle. Another feature that makes this a good choice for little kids is the fox’s kite tail, which ensures it flies steadily. It rolls down to an 18-inch cylinder size for easy and compact storage in the included pouch.

Helpful Review: “This is a great kite for the price! I was expecting cheap plastic with plastic poles and thin string but it’s a durable nylon kite with metal poles and a large spool of sturdy kite string! We recently took it to the beach and my daughter loved it!”

Type of kite: Diamond | Dimensions: 32 x 32 inches (L x W)


This Beautiful Butterfly Kite For First-Time Fliers

Getting this beautiful butterfly kite in flight is easy and the easy-grip spool handle has a super-long 900-foot line to catch winds up ultra high. With tails that extend as long as it is wide for eye-catching moves, this kite is designed to be durable thanks to high-strength weather-resistant rip-stop nylon fabric and flexible fiberglass rods. A unique reinforcement piece where the rods meet keeps it from breaking, even when dropped or crashed into the ground. This pick comes partially assembled with easy-to-follow instructions, and reviewers said it only took a few minutes to get ready for flight.

Helpful Review: “Amazing for little kids! Got it for my 9 year olds birthday. And it sure is an “easy flyer!” Went up the very first try and didn’t come down once! It was pretty gusty out also and the kite and the string were so durable. Def recommend!”

Type of kite: Delta | Dimensions: 55 x 28.5 inches (L x W); 55 inches long with tails


An Affordable Kite That Looks Like A Plane

If your kiddo is a superhero or aviation fan, they’ll love this fighter plane kite. Reviewers say this unique pick is so easy to assemble that it only takes about a minute. Stable even in high winds, it’s durable and easy to fly, even for the smallest pilots. It’s made with ripstop polyester fabric and durable polyester rods. The kid-friendly handle has 200 feet of line and swivels, which makes it easy to connect additional kites for a squadron of planes.

Helpful Review: “My son loves this kite! It was big and easy to assemble. Flies nicely. Great kite, loved the price point. He can’t wait to fly it again.”

Type of kite: Delta | Dimensions: 58 x 42 inches (L x W) with tails


This Impressively Large Shark Kite

Every week is Shark Week with this large shark kite. Reviewers say assembly takes less than five minutes and the high-quality ripstop polyester fabric is vibrant and printed to be fade-resistant in the sun. The line is about 164 feet long and it can handle a wide range of wind speeds from 5 to 20 mph. It also comes with its own storage bag.

Helpful Review: “Absolutely awesome kite, my 3 year old son saw a kite on TV and came to me asking if we could get him one, so of course he picked this one out. I'm glad we got it, it works great and isn't like those cheap kites that don't work. It is quite large and he loves flying it with the help of his daddy. They have a lot of fun with it.”

Type of kite: Diamond | Dimensions: 74 x 45 inches (L x W)


The Best 3D Kite For Older Kids

Be the coolest parent on the beach when you pull out this impressive three-dimensional kite. Requiring only light assembly, this huge pirate ship kite features a fiberglass frame and nylon sails. Little buccaneers as young as 8 years old can enjoy flying this and keeping it in the air without any issues. The kite comes with a plastic tube for storage for easy sailing. Reviewers report it does come with a line, though it’s unclear how long it is.

Helpful Review: “I have owned this kite for about 4 years now, my son (9 now) and I have been flying this kite when we go on our yearly beach vacation. [...] It does take a good amount of wind to fly correctly but when it is flying well it is a great [sight] to see, always draws a crowd and great comments like "Cool Kite" or "where did you get that I would like one". [...] All in all it was a great purchase for my young son on our first trip to the beach.”

Type of kite: 3D Kite | Dimensions: 72 inches long (width not listed)


An Easy-To-Fly Delta Kite Available In Kid-Friendly Themes

Sturdy and easy to fly, there’s something funny about the expression on the face of this not-scary dragon as it soars through the air. It’s made to last with high-strength weather-resistant rip-stop nylon fabric and flexible fiberglass rods with extra reinforcement. With a 328-foot string, parents say this dragon kite flies easily and well, even for toddlers. Assembly takes just a few minutes and the kite stores in its own reusable bag. The friendly dragon is sure to be a fave, but this pick also comes in other fun designs, like a unicorn and a bat.

Helpful Review: “This kite is so fun. My 5 year old loves it! It comes to the beach with us every time we go. Super easy to set up and use. And folds right back into the package. It's made of a great durable material, I'm sure it will last a long time!”

Type of kite: Delta | Dimensions: 82 x 47 inches (L x W)


The Best Kite-Designing Kit

Looking for a way to keep your littles busy on a rainy and a windy day? This make-your-own-kite kit offers two different kinds of play. Let them paint their own one-of-a-kind kite before you take it flying. The kit includes a white 20-inch kite that’s ready to be customized with the included paints and brushes. Parents noted it comes with primary colors, which can be expanded through paint mixing and raiding your own craft supply to make an even more colorful and creative kite.

Helpful Review: “I bought these for when we studied the letter K with my 3 and 4 year old. I was a little worried that they would fly, crash, then break but they are very durable. The kids really enjoyed painting the kites. Flying them was just as much fun and they continue to ask when we can go fly them again.”

Type of kite: Diamond | Dimensions: 20 x 20 inches (L x W)


Nice To Have: The Best Kite Spool For Kids

To make holding on to their new kite even easier and to fly it even higher, consider this kite spool. It has 500 feet of thick, twisted polyester line to handle even the strongest winds and the long handles on either side are easy for kids to hold on to. The wide winding area of the spool makes it easy to avoid tangling and for children to let the kite up higher or reel it back in. This spool is a sure thing with a high 4.6-star rating after 3,000 reviews.

Helpful Review: “For this price, very useful for avoiding tangles, and for my 5 and 6 year olds to handle.”