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Dad Declares That “Parks Are Old News,” Bring Your Kids To Breweries

“I am loving how breweries have become the new place to bring your family, your young kids,” he says.

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A dad has declared that breweries are the new park, but others argue that drinking establishments sh... / TikTok

In 2023, kid-friendly establishments have become a bit easier to come by (though there’s still a lot of work to do, world!). When parents want to switch up the weekend agenda from the playground and the children’s section at a local library, one TikTok dad suggests a place where kids and parents can have a great time — breweries.

TikTok user, has a PSA for all new parents: head to your local brewery for a fun family day out. He says that breweries offer something that other places (like restaurants) don’t offer.

“I am loving how breweries have become the new place to bring your family, your young kids,” he begins. “You're just hanging out. You're having a beer. The kids are running around in the grass having a great time, and it seems like we're all doing it.”

He goes on to explain that breweries are a great place for families with kids of all ages. Toddlers can run around and play while a newborn chills in a baby carrier — all the while parents sip on a Kölsch, Pilsner, or Hefeweizen.

And, really, many breweries have caught on, installing kid-friendly play places in a room or corner, or adding outdoor spaces for kids to run or play yard games. Google “family-friendly breweries” and you’ll get a slew of them.

“So you've got newborns up to five, six, seven year olds, and it's a great spot just to bring family. Have a good time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Friday after work. That's the place to be, not the park. Park's old news. It's breweries. Bring your kids. Have a great time,” he concluded.

After the OP’s video went viral, hundreds of TikTok users commented on the video with varying opinions on bringing kids to places like a brewery.

One user wrote, “We need more spaces that families can exist together. My kid has fun at the kids museum, but I'm bored out of my mind. playground/brewery = coexist.”

Another echoed, “Agree! Other restaurants would get more business if they made it kid friendly like breweries. We don’t do ipads at the table. So love to have options.”

One user didn’t exactly agree that breweries were family-friendly, noting their annoyance with kids being around.

“Tbh….. no….. they need to establish if they are family friendly or not. I’m really tired of people bringing their kids places they shouldn’t be...The overarching message of hey bring your kids to breweries sucks,” they wrote.

Another wrote, “I’m fine if the parents actually parent their kids. But parents insisting their loud children be the sound track for the evening isn’t fun.”

“No, leave those loud & annoying kids at the park. We are here to drink with our friends. Not babysit your kids for you when you aren’t paying attention,” one user said.

One user noted that kids at breweries are fine as long as the parents are actually watching their kids which the OP replied with of course a “prerequisite” as should be the case at any public place.

This last note brings up a great point about the idea that kids deserve to exist in this world just like the rest of society. They do! However, as parents, there needs to be some clear boundaries about first, places that are appropriate (if the brewery has coloring pages and a playground, I think you’re in the clear) and second, parents who are aware of how their kid’s behavior is affecting those around them.

If those two boundaries are clear, then we might be on our way to being more like Spain.

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