The Most Adorable Flower Girl Baskets To Suit Any Wedding Vibe

best flower girl baskets

A flower girl can’t flower girl without a flower girl basket. One of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony is the flower girl — after the bride’s entrance in her romantic white dress and the cake, obviously. Wedding guests young and old can’t resist the aww-factor of a little girl wearing a pretty flower girl dress, walking down the aisle, tossing flowers from a basket. Even if she doesn’t make it all the way down the aisle for whatever unforeseen (or, let’s be honest, foreseen) reason, as long as she looks the part with a basket in hand, it doesn’t matter.

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Whether your wedding is rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, there are lots of flower girl basket options to consider. We rounded up the best overall baskets, including rustic, wicker, and traditional styles. Of course, she doesn’t have to throw flower petals (in fact, they aren’t allowed at some venues, so you might want to check on that) — she can strew lavender, biodegradable confetti, feathers, fall foliage, eucalyptus leaves, or paper hearts.

While she might be the tiniest member of your wedding (it might be a toss-up with the ring bearer in his tiny suit), she has a big job and needs the right basket to do it. So, if you’re currently knee-deep in planning a wedding (there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, promise), check out our flower girl basket ideas below.

Best Flower Girl Baskets

Best Rustic Flower Girl Baskets

Best Wicker Flower Girl Baskets