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The Dad Is Totally To Blame For The Half Marathon Mom “Ignoring” Her Kids


A frustrating moment in sports is going viral after a dad allows their kids almost to ruin their mom...
@Sinomar_Reporter / TikTok

A frustrating moment in sports is going viral after a dad must have blacked out from stupidity by allowing his kids almost to ruin their mom’s half marathon win.

In the clip, personal trainer, Luciana Grandi Lourenção, runs towards the finish line of the Presidente Prudente Half Marathon in Brazil. A large yellow ribbon stands in the forefront of the video, noting to viewers that she would be the first to finish and win the women’s category.

As she barrels down the hill, focused on the win, the video shows what seems to be her husband and three children on the sidelines.

Instead of having the kids stand back, let their mom finish, and watch their mom be a total and complete badass, he decides that right before her huge win, it’s the perfect time to allow the kids to stand in the middle of her path, asking for hugs, and being a general disruption.

Lourenção runs wide, avoiding her kids to speed up and get the win (despite her husband’s attempt to completely blow it for her). One of the little girls even begins to chase after mom while getting in the way of other runners finishing the race.

Lourenção celebrates, hugs a fellow runner, and screams with pride as she just accomplished something really f*cking cool.

What’s her husband doing after the win? Well, he’s in the background of the video, looking completely stupefied, shrugging like, “Why didn’t she stop for her kids? What the heck?”

He doesn’t cheer for her. He doesn’t throw his hands in the air to celebrate. He doesn’t clap. He just looks embarrassed and offended that she blew past them while she was trying to win a half marathon that she surely trained her ass off for.

Maybe other spectators were like, “Dude, you cannot thrust your kids into the middle of the running path!” and he was shrugging like, “What?! I can’t?!” The video doesn’t provide context for his strange reaction after her win, but any mom or wife can tell you that he’s totally clueless.

It’s like you can imagine him chatting with his friends on the golf course or wherever about his wife’s cute, little unserious running hobby.

Why this man couldn't wait with the kids after the finish line is beyond me. Let her have her moment! She is allowed to have a passion, a job, and a purpose beyond being a mother.

Reminder: it is okay for her to accomplish something incredible without kids hanging off your arms and legs.

Maybe he’s jealous of her spotlight and badassery. Maybe he’s resentful of her for the time she took out of her life (as a wife and mom) to train. Maybe he is just totally clueless, meaning well, but missed the mark completely.

Whatever the case may be, Lourenção should not get any flack whatsoever for bypassing her family on the way to the finish line. Does an NBA player stop mid-free throw to say hello to his family in the stands? Does Travis Kelce blow kisses to Taylor Swift in her suite before catching a winning touchdown?

Absolutely not. In fact, professional male athletes have been mocked for putting their families first. But a mother, with the same kind of goals in mind, how dare she stay focused!? If you think I’m exaggerating that this video may flip and start having people attack the mom, the TikTok search term to find the clip is already “marathon mom ignores kids.”

Can we please add: “because her husband is a dope” to the end of that, please?

Once the video went viral on TikTok, commenters were seething over this man seemingly determined to blow his wife’s win for her.

“He’s trying to remind her that him and the kids is all that matters. No matter how much she accomplished. And I’m glad she chose herself!” one user wrote.

Another said, “This is a reallllly good example of the subtle way that some husbands treat their wives serious commitments outside of family life, like a joke or not serious, or just ‘for fun’.”

“And this is what women mean when they say they’re a human being NOT JUST A MOM!!! Her time to shine! Good job!” another echoed.

One TikTok user posted her own video about the viral moment, sharing some insights into the history of female runners and marathons.

“First of all, anyone familiar with the history of women and marathons recognizes these famous photos and videos of Catherine Switzer,” Sara McCord says in her response while showing some photos from the run behind her.

“This was only 1967. She was the first woman who was allowed to run the Boston Marathon and as you can see through the entire race, men are literally trying to push her off the course because it was believed that women didn't belong there.”

Seems like there might still be some lingering sentiment of that vibe right here in 2024. Here’s to the women who keep running.