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This Hilarious Mom Warns Parents That Traveling With Small Children Is “Horrible”

"There's not one part of it I enjoy other than arriving at my destination."

TikTok mom Kelsey p jokes when kids are little, there is no fun to be had when it comes to traveling...
kelsey_p90 / TikTok

If you’re planning a trip this summer with your kids, one TikTok mom wishes you would really think it through because, in her words, traveling with young children is actually pretty much the pits.

TikTok mom Kelsey P jokes in her now-viral video that, from her own experience, when kids are little (less than 4), there is no fun to be had when it comes to traveling. All those TikTok videos and Instagram Reels from traveling family accounts, encouraging you to “take the trip” are out of their minds.

“Those TikToks and Instagram reels of like parents with their small baby, and they’re like, ‘Don't let them stop you from seeing the world! Take them with you! Travel! F**k that! I'm just here to remind you that traveling with small children is indeed horrible!” she says through laughter.

“It is! There's not one part of it I enjoy other than arriving at my destination, but everything in between — the pits, for the birds — and this is for like, ages like three and under.”

“The second you can get that kid in on the iPad? Chef's kiss. #ipadkid!” she jokes. “But before that, holy sh*t.”

“Look at your little little squirmy baby — 12 to 18 month old. Now imagine that on an airplane for many hours where you're trying to just shush that. They won't nap. They will stuff soggy crackers in your mouth for hours on end. They won't f**king sit still! I'm not saying don't do it. Just know it's horrible. That's all.”

In her caption, she wrote, “Signed a mom going on a 7 hr long travel day with two separate flights tomorrow with her small kids 🙃🙂”

After her video gained traction, hundreds of parents commented on Kelsey’s take with varying opinions.

“I travel to aldi... is that enough 😂,” one user joked.

Another wrote, “It’s not a vacation, it’s the Hunger Games 🤷🏼‍♀️”

“I traveled 9hrs with my 18m old on Thursday. My life flashed before my eyes several times,” one user said.

One user shared, “We got randomly selected at Boston and had to unpack every bag in a bag, take the covers off our carseats, strollers, etc, then clean it all up and repack while wrangling two toddlers. NEVER. AGAIN.”

The OP replied, “Ahhh f*ck no! That’s messed up!!!”

“I flew from Australia to South Carolina alone with my 11 month old and that was the worst experience of my life,” one user agreed.

Some TikTok users didn’t side with her, sharing that they enjoy traveling with their littles.

“I feel the opposite 🤣 been traveling since our lo was 1.5 months and I love it every time. She’s almost 3 and we travel internationally twice a year,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “Apparently I’m one of the lucky ones. I started traveling with my son when he was 4wks old and haven’t stop. Yes there is rough spots but over all it’s been a blast. He travels well. 😳”

Another said, “I am sorry you had issues but mine did well his first time. ✨”

The OP replied, “No offense but how old is yours? He looks less than one. I’ll be looking forward to your update when he is mobile ✨👍🏻”

The commenter responded, “No offense taken! He's on the move now and I think being on a plane for 7 hrs now would be interesting lol. Parents should know their baby’s personality & If a chill babe than travel if not stay home.”

And that’s really the long and short of it, right? If you truly believe that your 2 or 3-year-old can handle an 8-hour flight or a 12-hour road trip, then more power to you! Go ahead and see the world!

But if you’re like most of us and know that your feral children would be the true end of your sanity on a long travel day, staying home is totally fine!