Update Your Wish List With These Amazing Books That Celebrate Neurodiversity

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Books are the ultimate way to increase your capacity for empathy and understanding. They’re also an amazing way to find comfort and recognition when you closely identify with a character or protagonist. For both of these reasons, representation in books is vital to our abilities to connect, understand humanity, and see our own self-worth.

In the recent past, representation in literature and in the publishing industry has increased significantly (although not enough!), and more and more readers are going out of their way to read books by more diverse authors that have more diverse characters and storylines. One type of diversity that is still overlooked by many? Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity comes in many forms, but some of the most common examples include autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, OCD, and Tourette Syndrome. And while reading nonfiction articles and books about these topics can be extremely helpful and enlightening for everyone, fiction reads that include neurodiversity provide us with something different: for the neurotypical, an opportunity for better understanding, and for the neurodiverse, a chance to read stories like their own.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite books that celebrate neurodiversity—and many are #ownvoices selections that have nsurodiverse authors. Another notable thing about our list? Almost all of the books are romance novels—and we are so happy that the genre is so diverse and inclusive (and producing so many awesome stories for us to enjoy).

Neurodiverse Romance Novels We Love


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