Here Are Some Cozy And Convenient Nursing Pajamas & Gowns

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Hey there, Mama or soon-to-be-Mama — you did it! The hoping, the praying, and the ovulation calculators have worked and now you have a little one to take care of. But we love that you’re here to find nursing gowns and pajamas. Because in addition to buying and registering for the millions of things you want/need for your new baby, you’re also taking care of *you*. You grew a human inside your body—you deserve the softest, most comfortable nursing pajamas, gowns, and loungewear to make breastfeeding as easy and cozy as possible.

Nursing isn’t easy for everyone, or even possible for everyone, but if it does work out for you and your baby, you might as well wear pajamas you never want to take off. And that are convenient for breastfeeding. We searched the web to find what we would want to wear (and do wear) around the house (and outside the house, because who even cares anymore) to make accessing that coveted milk supply, AKA your chest, quick and easy. Take a look at our top picks of the best nursing gowns, pajamas, and loungewear below.

Best Nursing Gowns

This nursing nightgown can also be worn as a dress, which pretty much means you can go out to dinner or to the grocery store while wearing pajamas. Its stretchy fabric will grow and shrink as your belly does, and the material allows you to pull it down to breastfeed without needing to clip or unclip any straps. The nightgown is available in sizes small to XX-large and comes in 22 color options.

One Reviewer Says: “This gown is seriously so comfortable and even more than what I was expecting!!! It is so flowy and flattering even on a pregnant and postpartum body it gives amazing coverage while still allowing access to your belly and chest (there is a small split in the gown that can be spread apart) though it will not spread apart unless made too!”

This cozy nightgown can double as an outside-the-house dress. The fabric is soft, breathable, and stretchy, so it moves with your pregnant belly and postnatal body. A double-layered design makes it easy to access for nursing without needing to pull down the straps. The nightgown is available in sizes small to XX-large and comes in 11 color options.

One Reviewer Says: “I had my baby 9 months ago and still wear this sometimes because it's so comfy! Every lil thing matters after giving birth. I'm happy I bought this.”

Best Nursing Pajamas for the Hospital

The gown the hospital gives you is big and scratchy and nowhere near as cute as this one. The stretchy material is perfect for postnatal recovery, and since the nurses will be checking you frequently, not wearing pants makes sense. A zipper on the side of the nightgown gives you access for nursing. Available in sizes small to XX-large, you can choose from 45 designs.

One Reviewer Says: “This nightgown fits amazing!! I order many nursing nightgowns from Amazon trying to find the perfect one...all got returned except this one. Just ordered my 3rd one of this! You don't see nor feel the zipper and it's very easy to unzip one-handed. Everyone in the hospital was asking where I found this nightgown and was super proud to say Amazon and already had 4 friends buy this after I raved about it!”

Looking for a pair of soft pajamas that’ll make those first few days a bit easier? This set from Kindred Bravely offers up discreet breastfeeding access while also looking cute. And one of the best things of all is that it has pockets.

One Reviewer Says: “I absolutely love these PJs. I was hesitant at first because they were a little pricey but they are so worth it. The material is so soft and comfy, after trying them on I didn't want to wear any others and ordered a second pair. The pants have a great elastic band and fits under or over the pregnancy belly. The top shirt is a little more close-fitting, which is nice because it gives you just the bit of support that's needed for the night. I have washed them lots already and I love that you can dry them in the dryer or line dry them.”

This cozy nightgown works well for the hospital, as it can easily be removed using the buttons on the back, which is a requirement at some hospitals. There are also buttons on the front for breastfeeding. Buttons could potentially be challenging for middle-of-the-night feedings, but there’s no rule that says you have to close it. Especially since you’ll be nursing consistently. You can buy this dress in sizes small to XX-large and choose from 17 colors.

One Reviewer Says: “I purchased this gown for my hospital stay when I was having [my] baby. It was very comfortable and the fabric is buttery soft. I would say it fits true to size and it was easy to nurse in this gown.”

After you deliver your baby, you might find yourself only wanting to rest in a robe. This one makes nursing and routine checks on Mama very easy. Plus, the matching swaddle makes for great photos and overall cuteness perfection. It’s available in two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large. You can choose from several designs.

One Reviewer Says: “I love this mommy and me robe/swaddle set! The fabric is soft and comfortable. The quality is incredible.”

If you feel more comfortable in the hospital wearing shorts, as opposed to a nightgown, this T-shirt and shorts pajama set is perfect. The fabric is soft and cozy, and the shirt pulls open for breastfeeding. The shorts come with a button, so you can adjust the size as your body changes. It’s available in sizes small to XX-large and comes in 14 colors.

One Reviewer Says: “I've been struggling to find comfortable sleepwear during pregnancy and these are just what I've been searching for! I really can't stand the over-the-belly waist you find on so many maternity clothes and these shorts fit perfectly under your belly without being too tight or too loose.”

If you’re more of a “wear a long shirt to bed” kind of person, this soft nightgown may be a great contender. Resembling more of a dress than anything else, you can feel prepped for the occasion regardless of what time of day your post-labor nap happens to be. This nightgown was reportedly designed by moms, and is so cozy that you can legitimately wear it while dropping older kids off at school, and nobody would know you’re technically still in your PJs.

One Reviewer Says: “I love this nightgown, I am still pregnant but it has plenty of room to grow with me and keep wearing after baby arrives. The fabric is super soft and doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin at all. I also love that it goes down to my knees (I'm 5'7" wearing a small) since a lot of nightgowns/ shirts end up being way too short so that I don't feel comfortable lounging around the house in them without pants as well.”

Best Nursing Loungewear

The relaxed fit of this nursing loungewear pajama set provides the comfort you need from the waist down. The short sleeve shirt is cozy and stretchy enough to grow and shrink with your body. The set is available in sizes small to XX-large, and it comes in 31 colors.

One Reviewer Says: “The material is soft and thin. Perfect for those warm hospital rooms but isn’t see-through. The ruching [on] the sides of the top make the PJs look a lot more flattering than a lot of maternity clothes out there. What I really like is that the nursing part of the shirt is very discrete. It doesn’t look like a nursing top because the flap openings are at the sides and not underneath the bust. This set also works great for just lounging around the house.”

If you’re looking for modest pajamas with more of a yoga pant feel, this one is great. The fabric is ultra-soft and a flap on the long sleeve shirt lifts up to reveal discreet nursing. It can be worn to sleep in, around the house, or out and about. The set is available in size small to XX-large and comes in four colors.

One Reviewer Says: “The buttery softness is everything all the gushy reviewers said it would be. The weight and warmth are perfect for someone who tends to get chilly, but the material is breathable and doesn’t make me feel sweaty or overheated. The design makes nursing a convenient and modest affair. The waistband is my favorite type: stretchy, but not elastic…kind of like the kind of yoga or workout pants that don’t fold over.”

Never forget the importance of a good robe. Not only is it a great item to lounge in, but it can also help give you some extra privacy while nursing. This robe doubles as a nightgown, and many moms have commented on how comfortable it is to wear — both in the hospital, and back at home. It’s available in nine colors, including a gorgeous pink.

One Reviewer Says: “Worked great for [the] delivery room and after. You look effortlessly comfortable and put together. Easy for breastfeeding. Worth the money.”

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