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These Parents Took Their First Born On An "Only Child Moon" While Expecting Twins

They opted out of a traditional "baby moon" this time around.

One set of parents on TikTok opted for a different approach for their "babymoon", centering their en...
@sportsdrmorgan / TikTok

“Babymoons” have become quite popular with expecting parents in past years. It’s an opportunity to take a little trip, enjoy some one-on-one time and order room service before sh*t gets totally real.

Some parents take trips with each pregnancy, knowing that a growing family means even more chaos. However, one set of parents on TikTok opted for a different approach for their second time around, centering their entire trip around their first born daughter.

“You’ve heard of a babymoon,” Lara Morgan Lee wrote on the video. “But we took an ‘Only Child’ moon — a long weekend away for our two and half year old before she becomes a big sister to twins!”

The family of three took a trip to New York City and went “from Central Park to coffee shops and fine dining.”

“She got some adventure time with mom and dad, and we got time to enjoy her before the chaos ensues. One more special memory we made,” Lee wrote in text overlay on the video.

After her post went viral, several TikTok users wrote the OP, noting how genius the idea to include the kids when taking that last trip before a new baby arrives.

“that’s such a great idea! i’ll try to remember for when I get pregnant again!,” one user wrote.

Lee replied, “Thanks! We were lucky it timed out so well and went for it. So glad we did!”

“Pregnant with my second and sobbing right now, this is so sweet,” another wrote.

“There’s a good chance (100%) I teared up making it so I totally relate!! So many emotions. 🧡🧡,” Lee wrote back.

Other users shared that they’ve had their own versions of the “only child moon,” saying that the decision to take their first born with them on their trip was a no-brainer.

“We did that but didn’t think of the cute name 😂 one last weekend with my baby before his world turned upside down. (Side note, he LOVES his baby bro),” one user shared.

Lee replied, “Ha! Was thinking toddler moon but went only child 😂 & thats so great to hear. The transition is really scary! Want her to feel as loved as possible.”

“We’re doing this with our son! He’ll be turning 2 in January and baby sister will be here in May. We’re taking him to Disney world for his bday,” another said.

“We did this with my 3 year old the day before I was to get induced — movie, rainforest cafe, ice cream. it was such a great memory,” one user wrote.

Another said, “We did this with our then 4 year old! SO glad we did!”

The OP replied, “It is a really special time! Seeing all these comments of people that did it too makes me tear up. I love it!”