This Mom's Business Plan For A "Coma Spa" Has Gone Viral

“You get hair colored, OK? You get a little botox, if that’s your vibe,” the mom suggests.

Kalin Sheick posted a video on TikTok sharing her ingenious and hilarious idea for a relaxing “coma ...
Kalin Sheick / TikTok

A mom is going viral after sharing her brilliant idea for a relaxing “coma spa” that moms can opt into during those tiring and whirlwind postpartum months.

Kalin Sheick, a mom of three, posted a video on TikTok sharing her ingenious and hilarious idea for postpartum women who need a little TLC. The concept? A postpartum spa. The big niche? You can “Go into a medically induced coma.”

Crying-laughing yet?

“While you’re in that coma, this is after you’ve had a baby, they do everything for you,” she said. “You get hair colored, OK?” she says while showing her natural hair roots creeping in under her blonde hair. “You get a little botox, if that’s your vibe. You get a facial. OK? You get lashed, you get your teeth whitened.”

The pampering doesn’t stop there though, according to Sheick. Not only will you get a makeover, you’ll get an entirely new postpartum wardrobe that actually fits your body and looks cute.

“And they buy you a new wardrobe that fits, that is stylish, but age appropriate. And then you wake up and you're like, ‘Thank you, do you take American Express?’”

But wait — there’s more. In Sheick’s dream coma spa, the gifts just keep on giving.

“I'm forgetting two very important things while you're in there,” she says as the TikTok ends. “You get a Brazilian wax and they do your taxes.”

In the caption, she also wrote, “Meet me at the coma spa.”

Since posting, the video has amassed over 200k views and over 30k likes. Hundreds of fellow TikTokers took to Sheick’s comment section to applaud the mom on her great idea. One user has some suggestions for improvements to the business plan.

“Can they do this annually and take care of all the medical stuff- dental cleaning, Pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy. I’ll just sleep through it,” they wrote.

Popular TikToker Elyse Myers implied she doesn’t even need any of the self-care treatment and would settle for just the break. “You had me at the coma,” she joked.

“Elyse hi! 👋🏼 I’ll save you a coma pod (still workshopping that brand pillar 😉),” Sheick replied.

Speaking to about her now-viral video, Sheick addressed how it’s been that people have related to her idea.

“The things that people are adding as à la carte services just shows that moms, in particular, we want to feel taken care of and pampered a little bit after putting our bodies out there for such a transformative event,” she said.

She acknowledged that in a world that can be so divisive at times, it’s nice to see moms can come together and collectively agree that motherhood is no joke. “Not many people can agree on one thing anymore. But we seem to be in agreement we should all go to the coma spa,” she said.