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A Mom Took Her Adorable Toddler On A Dream Target Shopping Spree

The little girl was allowed to get whatever she could fit into her mini Target cart.

TikTok / Albina Mart

Every mom dreams of being able to grab some Starbucks and head over to Target for a full-on shopping spree. Taking a couple hours to roam every aisle and getting anything and everything you want (with no kids screaming or asking for toys) sounds like an absolute dream. For one little toddler, she got to live that out thanks to her mom.

Albina Mart — aka @albinamart on TikTok — took her little girl to Target for her very first shopping spree. The event included Starbucks (milk for the little one) and her very own mini Target cart that she could push around as she browsed for things to take home. Surprisingly, the toddler was very thoughtful about what she decided was going in the cart.

The now-viral video with 4.1 million views begins with Mart and her daughter having a cheers with their respective Starbucks cups outside Target. “Cheers to her 1st time when I [let] her get whatever she can fit in the cart,” she wrote on the video.

At first, the toddler seems shy and a bit apprehensive about heading into the store with her cart. Her mom even admits that the little girl “didn’t get it at first” but as soon as she realizes that this shopping spree is for her — she is ready to party.

She runs around the store, pushing her cart, and stops in the toddler clothing section first. She eyes an adorable pink sweater that her mom encourages her to put into the cart. However, the toddler knows that she only has so much space in her cart and passes on the item.

Next, the toddler eyes a Minnie Mouse dress with a tutu and grabs it. This one is not surprising as it seems the little girl is a fan of Minnie Mouse considering she’s wearing a precious sweatsuit with the cartoon character on it already along with leopard print boots and a crossbody purse.

After making sure her wardrobe is updated, she decides to pick up some more practical items. She adds two toddler water bottles to the cart.

After selecting the water bottles, the youngster stops for a “coffee break” while donning an adorable milk mustache. She then heads to the book section and immediately snags an “I Love You” bunny book without even scanning the pages. This girl clearly knows what she likes.

Saving the best for last, she then heads to the toy section. Much to the chagrin of mom, the toddler picks up a Cocomelon toy and shows it to the camera, excited about her find. The mom’s wide-eyed and laughing emojis say it all.

After concluding her spree, the little one insisted on pushing the cart and carrying everything herself including the large toy (because it didn’t actually fit in the cart).

“Walked to check out took another 10 minutes because she didn’t want to get any help and carried everything by herself,” Mart explained.

The independent cutie even loaded everything she picked onto the belt herself and exited the store with her haul.

To no one’s surprise, thousands of comments came flooding in to tell Mart how adorable her little one was on her shopping spree. One user found the little girl’s trip super relatable. “And just like me…she doesn’t look at prices 😅😂,” they wrote.

Another joked about the pint-size Target cart and wrote, “Maybe if my cart was this size I wouldn’t buy $200 worth of stuff every trip 😂”

Another commented, “This is the cutest! We got the cart too so I think we need to go take it to target and shop!”

Mart replied, “It is our second attempt! First time she just left her cart and asked me to hold her on my hands 😅”

Many commented on how thoughtful and mature the toddler was in what she decided to put into her cart. “My littles would just pick out random stuff that made no sense for us to buy,” one user mentioned.

In another video, Mart showcases her daughter as she takes a trip to Starbucks dressed like a millennial mom while she confidently grabs a fruit pouch before heading to the counter to order her drink and pay.

“She already knows where everything is and what she needs,” Mart wrote on the video.

This cutie will know her Starbucks order and her way around Target with her eyes closed before she gets to kindergarten.