'Ello, Poppet! These 40+ 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Quotes Are A Real Treasure

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Aye, ye landlubbers! Are you ready to walk the plank, matey? That’s a horrible imitation of a pirate. But do you know who does a great imitation of one? Johnny Depp. His Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is probably the most famous pirate ever — because he does eyeliner really well, sure, but also because of his classic one-liners. Let’s face it: When it comes to reciting Pirates of the Caribbean quotes, you’re probably pulling off your best Jack Sparrow impression since the Jack Sparrow quotes are the best. However, The Pirates of the Caribbean is full of fun and fantastic lines.

If you’re a fan of the Disney franchise, then you’ll love these memorable quotes from the Pirates of the Caribbean. And when you need a break from adventure on the high seas, check out our pages filled with quotes from other maritime Disney classics like Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, and Moana.

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Jack Sparrow Quotes

  1. “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow. The original. The only!”
  2. “Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.”
  3. “You need to find yourself a girl, mate.”
  4. “Complications arose, ensued, were overcome.”
  5. “Nobody move! I dropped me brain!”
  6. (Speaking to Will of Elizabeth) “She’s safe, just like I promised. She’s all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we’re all men of our word really… except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman.”
  7. “One word, love: curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it’s like. One day you won’t be able to resist.”
  8. “No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder.”
  9. “Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate.”
  10. “Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore I’m not crazy, isn’t that crazy?”
  11. “If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.”
  12. “I know those guns.”
  13. “You lied to me by telling me the truth?”
  14. “I’ve got a jar of dirt!”
  15. “The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can’t do. For instance, you can accept that your father was a pirate and a good man, or you can’t. But pirate is in your blood, boy, so you’ll have to square with that some day. And me, for example, I can let you drown, but I can’t bring this ship into Tortuga all by me onesies, savvy? So, can you sail under the command of a pirate, or can you not?”
  16. “Captain, I wish to report a mutiny. I can name fingers and point names.”
  17. “Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.”
  18. “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”
  19. Norrington: “You are, without doubt, the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of.”

Jack Sparrow: “But you have heard of me.”

  1. “Well! I think this has been a very good experience for all of us, eh? Spiritually? Ecumenically? Grammatically?”
  2. A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around!”
  3. “Why fight when you can negotiate?”
  4. “I’m afraid you have the misfortune of facing Captain Jack Sparrow!”
  5. “Why is the rum always gone?”
  6. “Savvy?”
  7. “There’ll be no living with her after this.”
  8. “Gentlemen! You shall always remember this as the day that you almost caught, Captain Jack Sparrow!”
  9. “What a horrible way to live.”
  10. “I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.”
  11. “Mistook it for a brothel. Honest mistake.”

More Epic Pirates of the Caribbean Quotes

  1. “Slap me thrice and hand me to me, mama. It’s Jack!” — Gibbs
  2. “Because you and I are alike, and there will come a moment when you have a chance to show it. To do the right thing.” — Elizabeth Swann
  3. “What’s in your head, boy?” — Hector Barbossa
  4. “’Ello poppet.” — Pintel
  5. “Elizabeth, I should have told you every day from the moment I met you. I love you.” — Will Turner
  6. “Commodore, I really must protest!” — Elizabeth Swann
  7. “You better start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner, you’re in one!” — Hector Barbossa
  8. “If you want pain, try wearing a corset.” — Elizabeth Swann
  9. “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” — Hector Barbossa
  10. “You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here, there be monsters.” — Hector Barbossa
  11. Will Turner: “This is either madness or brilliance.”

Jack Sparrow: “It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide.”

  1. “Strike your colors, you bloomin’ cockroaches! Surrender Captain Jack Sparrow or, by thunder, we’ll burn this city to the ground!” — Hector Barbossa
  2. “Where be Captain Jack Sparrow? Speak up! Or do you fancy a swim with Davy Jones?” — Treasure Keeper
  3. Elizabeth Swann: “We’ve come to rescue you.”

Jack Sparrow: “Have you now? That’s very kind of you. But it would seem that as I possess a ship, and you don’t, you’re the ones in need of rescuing, and I’m not sure, as I’m in the mood.”

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