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103 Made-Up Names For Boys & Girls To Set Your One-Of-A-Kind Kid Apart

At the very least, they won’t wind up the 5th Emma or Aidan in their class.

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For parents who want to give their babies a truly unique moniker, made-up baby names could be the an...
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Naming your baby is one of the most important first decisions you'll make as a parent. But it can definitely get tricky if you want to ensure your baby’s name is just as unique as they are since — you know, considering it seems every name out there has been given to at least 10,000 children before yours. So, what do you do when you really want your baby to have a truly one-of-a-kind name? Simple: You make it up. In fact, made-up baby names are an increasingly popular new trend in baby naming because parents are determined to make their kids stand out and have their name reflect their specialness.

Wondering how you go about making up a name? Easy. You can combine a few monikers that you already love — for example, Evabeth, which combines Eva with Elizabeth — or you can spell a name you like backward, like Nevaeh (that’s "Heaven" spelled backward). You can put two names of family members together (to prevent those tense fights with the in-laws). Or you can simply pull a name out of thin air and make it a name because you said so! There are no rules when it comes to made-up baby names. That's kind of the point.

If you’re interested in crafting a unique name for your little one, peruse this list of made-up baby names below to find some inspiration.

Made-up Baby Names for Girls

  1. Anaveah
  2. Audrielle
  3. Avenleigh
  4. Blaisely
  5. Brezlyn
  6. Britley
  7. Brylie
  8. Clia
  9. Daveigh
  10. Elisobelle
  11. Esmarae
  12. Evra
  13. Evabeth
  14. Faelina
  15. Fyra
  16. Garcella
  17. Gravity
  18. Honest
  19. Idalia
  20. Jenaya
  21. Jin
  22. Jessalie
  23. Kellis
  24. Kensley
  25. Liselle
  26. Lovelle
  27. Maiselie
  28. Mianna
  29. Navy
  30. Noalie
  31. Novalee
  32. Olydia
  33. Phinea
  34. Prairie
  35. Quinley
  36. SiddaLee
  37. Stormi
  38. Story
  39. Sylvalie
  40. Sophiela
  41. Tessadora
  42. Tippi
  43. Vietta
  44. Winora
  45. Wrenley
  46. Veruca
  47. Zavrya
  48. Zuri

Made-up Baby Names for Boys

  1. Albion
  2. Brevin
  3. Brigham
  4. Brixton
  5. Calton
  6. Cedar
  7. Charleston
  8. Cyler
  9. Dax
  10. Eastley
  11. Graylen
  12. Inder
  13. Jaspin
  14. Judson
  15. Kale
  16. Kallen
  17. Kayden
  18. Kole
  19. Kyan
  20. Lathan
  21. Leland
  22. Lucky
  23. Lysander
  24. Marvel
  25. Maxton
  26. Muse
  27. Nellary
  28. Nestor
  29. Omari
  30. Oz
  31. Paxon
  32. Radley
  33. Ranger
  34. Remy
  35. Riggan
  36. Rivo
  37. Rizzo
  38. Rocco
  39. Slash
  40. Tegan
  41. Tevin
  42. Theoden
  43. Tovin
  44. Warrior
  45. Wilder
  46. Wrenlow
  47. Zabe
  48. Zayden
  49. Zee
  50. Zelle

More Made-Up Names for Girls

  1. Amya. Amya has roots in a diverse blend of cultures. In Japanese, it means night rain, and in Arabic, soft.
  2. Coco. Coco is a French name with a sweet chocolate meaning. It translates to cocoa, and also has a chic vibe, thanks to world-renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel.
  3. Hazelyn. Hazelyn is truly original, but the word hazel comes from English origin and means hazelnut tree.
  4. Maevery. Maevery is derived from the name Maeve, a traditional Irish name. It means the intoxicating one or she who rules.
  5. Raddix. The name Raddix pulled popularity when Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden gave the moniker to their daughter in 2020. It comes from the Latin word radix, which means root.

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