Allison Kenien

Allison Kenien has been writing lifestyle articles and first-person narratives for Scary Mommy since 2022. She focuses on parenting trends, viral social media content and clever life hacks.

In addition to writing for Scary Mommy, she has contributed articles to other publications including Insider and Today’s Parent. Before starting her freelance writing career, Allison taught high school students for 3 years and worked as a sales and marketing manager for 11 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in teaching from the State University of New York at Cortland.

Allison enjoys spending time with her husband, her 8-year-old daughter and her 4-year-old son. She loves skiing, snowboarding, golfing and (most of all) socializing in the lodge or clubhouse afterwards. She’s always on a quest to find the best new movie, book, restaurant, lifestyle trend or family adventure. She also loves starting overly ambitious DIY projects, which she may or may not choose to complete. She is grateful to have amazing mom friends who provide her with many real-life stories and practical insights that inspire her articles. Her friends have called her the “wild card” of the group due to her unpredictability — a title she wears with honor.

ZzZzZzZ... Wait, WTF?

An Absolutely Unofficial Guide To Your Vivid Marriage & Parenting Dreams

ByAllison Kenien

Your partner got kidnapped? Here’s what your brain might be trying to tell you.

A Parents' Guide

Why Are Kids Choosing Objects As Their Genders?

ByAllison Kenien

Experts explain what xenogenders and nounself pronouns are, and offer advice for supporting your child’s identity.


An Environmental Psychologist Shares 6 Interior Design Tips To Boost Your Teen’s Mental Health

ByAllison Kenien

Bonus: They’ll make you feel pretty great, too.

A Changed Perspective

30 Years Later, The ‘90s Classic Dennis The Menace Feels More Heartbreaking Than Hilarious

ByAllison Kenien

Now that I know about ADHD, this childhood classic just hits different.

Hear Me Out: It's Still Good

25 Years Ago, She’s All That Became The Cliché High School Movie Of A Generation

ByAllison Kenien

Laney Boggs lives rent-free in our heads forever.


I Asked 50 Mom Friends What Clinched Their Friendship. Here Are 5 Big Takeaways.

ByAllison Kenien

Because we all deserve a circle of mom besties.

This Hits Different

29 Years Later, The Mom From The Santa Clause Is The Movie’s Most Relatable Character

ByAllison Kenien

Honestly, this woman deserves to be sainted.

Modern Parenting Probs

Alexa Is Basically My Kid’s BFF. How Much AI Is Too Much?!

ByAllison Kenien

Psychologist Susan Linn, author of Who's Raising The Kids, offers advice for parents on healthy boundaries between children and artificial intelligence.

New-Age Naming

40 Futurecore Baby Names For Your Next-Generation Kid

ByAllison Kenien

From sci-fi heroes to tech references, there’s plenty of inspo in our fast-paced world.

Send Help

My Young Teen Wants Their BF/GF To Sleep Over. How Do I Deal?

ByAllison Kenien

It’s all very cute until young love wants to crash at your house for the night.

Food for Thought

Should You Warn Your Ex's Significant Other About Them? A Psychiatrist Weighs In

ByAllison Kenien

Travis Kelce’s ex Maya Benberry recently called out his alleged infidelity, but an expert says relationship whistle-blowing isn’t necessarily healthy.

Food For Thought

I Watched Live To 100 On Netflix, & It Changed My Perspective On Parenting

ByAllison Kenien

"When you know someone needs you and wants you to be in their life, that gives you longevity.”

Welp, This Tracks

This Is 40 Used To Terrify Me. Now I Get The Midlife Humor.

ByAllison Kenien

Debbie’s story just hits different these days.

Snip, Snip

A Professional Stylist Combs Through 5 Of TikTok’s Trendiest DIY Haircuts

ByAllison Kenien

Tempted to try giving yourself the viral butterfly cut? Cosmetologist Shantella Rios has advice.

Taking It Way Back

I Rewatched Now and Then, & It Changed How I Do Summer With My Kids

ByAllison Kenien

Teeny, Roberta, Samantha, and Chrissy set the golden standard.

Taking A Closer Look

With Food & Financial Insecurity On The Rise, Families Plunge Into Dumpster Diving

ByAllison Kenien

Videos on #dumpsterdiving have racked up more than 4 billion views on TikTok.

family time

Actually, I Love Traveling With My In-Laws

ByAllison Kenien

Here’s how we make it work.

Whoa, Throwback

Yes, Hot Topic Still Exists. Here's What It's Like Now.

ByAllison Kenien

Remember those intimidating, dungeon-like doors? They’re gone, but the store is still kicking.


Youth Coaches Share The Shocking Behavior They’ve Seen From Sports Moms & Dads

ByAllison Kenien

Plus, a few etiquette tips to share with those parents (we all know some).


TikTok Is Beating Inflation With Dollar Tree Dinners, But Is It Worth The Hype?

ByAllison Kenien

I took this budget-friendly trend for a test drive with my family.