Jilleen Barrett

Jilleen Barrett is an editorial intern at Bustle Digital Group. She focuses on the parenting beat and mainly writes for ScaryMommy and Romper. She is spending the summer of 2023 with BDG, and is excited to see what opportunities will open up because of the valuable lessons she learned here.

Before BDG, Jilleen was an intern with the American Society of Magazine Editors. Through that program she spent the summer as an intern with Smart + Strong Publishing, which owns magazines that focus on a variety of health issues, such as HIV and AIDS. She was also an intern with The Riverdale Press, a newspaper local to her alma mater, Manhattan College (located in The Bronx). If you’re familiar with the MC campus, you’ll notice the quadrangle in the backround of her headshot! At Manhattan, Jilleen studied communication with a concentration in journalism and a minor in women and gender studies. Go Jaspers!

Jilleen grew up on Long Island and went to Manhattan because she wanted a school with a campus near a city. She studied journalism because she enjoys finding out answers to the questions readers have about topics such as health, culture and larger conversations and controversies. Outside of work, Jilleen enjoys going on walks and runs, practicing pilates and listening to Taylor Swift.

Jilleen’s LinkedIn can be found here.

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