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50+ Best Toys & Games On Sale During October Prime Day

This is your sign to get a jump on holiday shopping this year.

During Amazon's Big Deal Days, parents can score toys and games at steeply discounted prices.
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It may not even be Halloween yet, but shopping for the holiday season is starting now. Why? Because Amazon's "Big Deals Day" — basically October Prime Day — is currently underway. The retailer is offering deals to Prime members on toys for kids of all ages that will undoubtedly be going on a lot of holiday lists, so why not get an early start on your holiday shopping this year? You'll save money and avoid the stress of last-minute procrasti-shopping.

Below, you'll find significantly discounted popular toys for under $50, along with some bigger-ticket items under $70, like LEGO sets and Barbie dolls with accessories. There are plenty of options for parents who want their kids to get in touch with their artistic or intellectual side, while others offer outdoor fun for the whole family. Some of these will even help your kiddo sleep at night — how great is that?

So, if you’re interested in a good deal and getting ahead on shopping for the holiday season (or you just want to shop in general!), be sure to take a look at the toys and games rounded up below.


Walkie-Talkies With a 3-Mile Radius

These walkie-talkies are recommended for kids ages 3 to 12, so they’re fun for siblings with an age gap. Even parents could get in on the fun! They have a three-mile range, so your kiddos could use them in the backyard, on a hike, or during a game of hide-and-seek.


Pokémon Lego Set

LEGO sets are generally pretty pricey, so this deal on a (seemingly difficult) Pikachu set is pretty good. Plus, the finished product is a collector’s item, so they can build this and keep it forever.


Melissa & Doug Art Easel

Every kid needs one of these, honestly. And since Melissa & Doug products last forever, you could buy this now and pass it down to younger siblings.


Doctor Barbie Playset

Thanks to the new Barbie movie, Barbie is making a comeback with kids of all ages. This Barbie is a doctor with her own clinic, where she can treat dolls with all sorts of injuries. The gift shop is an adorable touch.


Harry Potter Lego Set

Another LEGO set for a really good price, this one is based on the Harry Potter movie franchise. Little Potterheads can build five different minifigures or new characters and recreate scenes from the movies.


VTech Turn and Learn Driver

This steering wheel toy is meant for kids ages 6 months to 3 years old, comes in two different colors, and has 60+ songs, sounds, and phrases.


LeapFrog Book

This LeapFrog book comes in many colors with different versions about an array of topics. Created for kids over 18 months, the book's subject matter includes 100 words, 100 places to go, and more.


DJ Bouncin’ Beats

If you want to create a little party for your child over the age of 6 months who needs to learn how to bounce, then meet DJ Bouncin’ Beats! It bounces while playing music (there are 60+ music options) and can even teach your child to count, sing the alphabet, and more.


Slumbers Teddy Bear

This adorable plush 17-inch bear is the perfect size for little ones who like carrying their favorite toy around. It’s both huggable and washable, so it’s an excellent option for you and your kid.


Dinosaur Toy Set

This dinosaur set comes with an extra 30% off coupon, so check off the box under the price to save even more. It has tons of pieces for your dino lover to enjoy: It comes with one big monster dinosaur carrier truck, five pull-back dino vehicles, three toy dinosaurs, one track, two trees, one card, one fossil, and one dino egg.


Animal Beanbag Toss Game

This outdoor bean bag toss game is like a kids’ version of cornhole with a velcro ball toss game on the other side that’s kind of similar to darts. It also comes in different animal prints — safari animals (pictured), sea creatures, and dinosaurs.


My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie Playset

This is a must-grab if your child is a fan of the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie. It comes with a Sunny Starscout doll, her compound, and 25 accessories.


Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

If you have a little artist who makes a big mess, this one's for you (or them, rather). The artist will outline their drawing with a glue pen and then put the sprinkles over the glue to make the picture come alive. The sprinkle shaker goes inside the blue case, which has a cover, so they won't make a mess when they shake. The leftover sprinkles can go easily back into the bottle. It's portable and easy to manage.


Hot Wheels Track Builder Playset

Another portable option is the Hot Wheels track builder set, which can be easily built into different configurations and packed back up again.


Kidscope Microscope Toy

For the budding scientist in the family, this microscope is perfect. It’s meant for curious kids over 5 and has different slides for them to inspect close up.


Pokémon cards

Fifty cards for $5 is .10 cents a card, making this a pretty impressive deal — especially since Pokémon cards are making a comeback with young kids nowadays.


LEGO Star Wars Set

Anything Star Wars or LEGO-related is bound to be expensive, so grab it while it’s under $50. With The Mandalorian new enough for kids to still be into it, this LEGO set will be a hot ticket item. It can be displayed as a collector's piece or just to show off all your kiddo's hard work.


Fisher Price Little People Yellow School Bus

Little People toys are classic. Kids between 1 and 5 can help the figures board the bus and pull them to school with the handle, which is stored underneath the bus. It’s a fantastic option for kids learning how to walk.


Remote Control Racecar

This chargeable, remote-controlled car comes in different colors and has headlights and wheel lights (but make sure you see the options available under the label “size”). It also has an extra $5 coupon you can apply before checking out.


Toddler Balance Bike

If you think your toddler is ready for a big kid bike, this is a great one to start with because of its thick, stabilizing wheels. It’s actually made for kids as old as 5, so it can be used for a while. It’s available in different colors, and the license plate is customizable.


SwaddleMe Night Light and Sound Machine

This slumber buddy is both a night light projector and a sound machine. Since it’s plush, it can also serve as a companion for a child while they’re in bed. In addition to a sloth version, it's available in elephant and penguin options.


Dinosaur Toys Truck

Similar to the previous dinosaur truck but with fewer pieces, this toy is perfect for dino-loving kids. Some reviewers did comment that the size is much smaller than expected in real life, so be aware of that.


105-Pcs Kitchen Toy Accessories

Having a kitchen set is basically a rite of passage for a little kid. The realistic-looking pots, pans, food, and more will make pretending cooking feel real!


KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

If you need somewhere to store all those kitchen toys, you might want to grab this, too. It’s available in blue, white, pink, and red. You will have to assemble it, so get your drill ready.


Ruko 1088 Smart Robot

This smart robot is 15 inches tall, rechargeable, and can be controlled with an app you download on your phone. It plays music, dances, and responds to commands.


Kids Washable Makeup Kit

This makeup kit comes with actual makeup made of safe, water-soluble materials you can wash off with soap and water. The pink case it all comes in can also be reused for any makeup purchased in the future. Makeup can be pretty expensive — even if it’s made for play — so this being discounted by more than 50% is awesome.


Kids Bluetooth Headset

If your kid has a tablet but you don’t want to stick earbuds in their ears, these headphones are perfect since they have Bluetooth and safety settings. They have a 19-hour battery life, too, so they'll keep your kids entertained on road and airplane trips!


STAR WARS The Child Animatronic Edition

When you tap the head of this animatronic Yoda, he sings, dances, and moves around. It’s like bringing your child’s favorite character from The Mandalorian to life.


Elmer’s Squishies Kids’ Activity Kit

If you have a kid who loves making slime, here’s a new glue-based craft for them from Elmer’s. They can make up to four squishies, which double as fidget toys — making this not just a craft but something to play with for a while. If they love this, you can get a refill pack so they can use the molds to make even more squishies.


Green Toys Dump Truck

Pretty much every kid goes through that phase where they are just fascinated with dump trucks. This one, available in red and yellow, is too good of a deal to pass up.


Hasbro Gaming Clue: Disney Villains Edition Board Game

This Disney villains' version of Clue includes all the classic evil characters: Ursula, Gaston, Lady Tremaine, Dr. Facilier, Mother Gothel, and Jafar. It's meant for kids 8 and up, but is honestly perfect for anyone who loves Disney movies.


Disney Doorables Encanto Collectible Figures

Encanto is arguably one of the best Disney movies, and kids still love it a few years after its release. These figurines can be used to reenact scenes from the movie or they can think of their own creative scenarios.


Kindi Kids Scented Sisters Pawsome Royal Family

These dolls are scented, come with different outfits, and blow kisses, while their cat’s hair can be brushed (plus, he purrs). Adorable.


Lalaloopsy Doll- Storm E. Sky and Cool Cat

A doll and her pet cat for under $10 is such a steal. Plus, the packaging she comes in is actually a reusable dollhouse — how cool is that?


Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

Kindi Kids must be popular this year because there are a few sales on them. This one is 50% off, which is amazing because it comes with accessories in addition to the doll.


My Squishy Little Dumplings – Interactive Doll Collectible With Accessories

There can never be enough squishy toys on the market. If you buy this from Amazon, you can get it for a steep discount and chose from either the Doe or Dot doll.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet

It makes sense that Amazon would have a discount on their own products during Prime Days, but this discount is particularly good because the Fire tablet can be used for so many things — learning, entertainment, music, etc. Plus, those Bluetooth headphones would pair perfectly with this.


Paw Patrol, Chase’s 5-in-1 Ultimate Cruiser with Lights and Sounds

Chase is such a popular Paw Patrol character, and this cruiser lights up and makes sounds. Plus, it has a 20% off coupon and extra accessories! Your child can have Chase solve any problems that might pop up in your living room.


American Girl Butterfly Wellie Wishers Kendall Doll

American Girl dolls remain super trendy, but you typically have to shell out a lot more than $45 for them. This Kendall doll has a butterfly wing set and would make a great first American Girl doll for a kid getting into that sort of thing!


Snap Circuits - Motion Electronics Discovery Kit

This kit comes in different make-and-play versions — one focuses on green energy, another one is arcade-themed — and they’re all on sale. It’s such a cool gift for a kid who likes experiments and building.


Squishmallow 5-Inch Plush Mystery Box 5-Pk

Squishmallows are another typically expensive gift, and it can be difficult to justify spending a lot of money on a mystery pack like this since you don’t know if your child will love it. But since it’s on sale, you can try it out. You can also open up the box beforehand and pick out Squishmallows to give to more than one child in your life.


Melissa & Doug Feeding and Grooming Pet Care Play Set

This Melissa & Doug set has a horse version and an additional puppy version, so you’ve got options. Plus, as previously stated, Melissa & Doug toys last forever.


Play-Doh FUNdamentals Box Arts & Crafts

This many Play-Doh clay colors and cutters for this price?! Mindblowing. Straight into the cart.


Catan Adventure Board Game

Baby’s first Catan set? Catan is one of those games that people don’t just like, they love. If you’re one of those people, this price gives you the green light to introduce it to your kid (and maybe start a new generation of Catan lovers).


Little People Collector RuPaul Special Edition

If you love RuPaul’s Drag Race, or maybe watch it with your kid, get them this Little People set and watch them put on their own fashion shows with their dolls.


STEM Master Building Blocks Educational Toys

There’s never too many educational building toys. Your future engineer can put together 42 unique designs using the instructions provided with this impressive set.


10-Inch LCD Writing and Doodle Board

This doodle board is kind of like a tablet in that it’s easy to carry around, but maybe not quite as addicting. Perfect for a tech-free kid or a child with limited screen time. Plus, there’s an extra 20% off coupon.


Educational Dinosaur Game

This dinosaur lets your little one learn how to fit the feather toys into the holes in the dino’s back, which helps with fine motor skills and learning colors. Bonus: It’s fun.


PicassoTiles 100-Pcs Set

These magnet-building tiles give your kiddo something really fun to make structures with and improve their dexterity. It’s not as advanced as the STEM Master Building kit, so it’s ideal for younger kids or those who don’t want to follow a pattern.


Monkey See Monkey Poo Game for Kids

Grotesque, maybe, but fun. This is an actual game, but your kids will probably mostly enjoy the poop-flinging part. (There are few things kids find funnier than bathroom humor!)


iPlay, iLearn Large Truck Engine Toy

If you have a kid who wants to help fix your car but maybe isn’t old enough to get involved with it, they can fix this car instead. In the future, when they can fix their own car instead of paying a mechanic, they’ll thank you for grabbing this deal.

See something you think your kid will love? Make sure to get these deals while they last during Big Deals Day ending Oct. 11.