Samm Burnham Davidson

Samm Burnham Davidson is an ex-lawyer mom of four who swears a lot. She lives in Beverly, Massachusetts.


Leave Me Out Of The Girl Group Hang, Thanks

I don’t need a crew or a squad, and I’m A-OK with that.

in the trenches

Dear Hubby, I Know I Complain A Lot But I Still Love You

I see that you are exhaustedly giving your entire self to our family too.

Not Ready

I Don’t Want To Share My Boys With Anybody

I want to keep my people under my wing, free from outside noise or influence.


No, I Don't Want Photo "Memories" Thrown At Me From My Phone

With each photo, I experience a physical reaction.


None Of My Kids Have Any Chill

Everything we do is loud and messy and I’m tired.

It's a circus

Boy I Wish People Had Told Me The Truth About A Fourth Kid

Four is not the same as three.

Mental Health

‘What’s The Worst That Could Happen?’ Used To Help My Anxiety. Not Anymore.

I use to coach myself through big and small life events with this simple phrase.


I Would Be Lost Without My Mom Bestie

She is there through all the big life-altering events with understanding.

Youth Sports

I’m Sorry, But Your 8-Year-Old Kid Isn't Going Pro

Reality check: the point is for the kids to have fun.

mental health

I Can’t Let The House Get Messy Because Of My Anxiety

I am constantly worried that I am forgetting something, and compelled to check task-boxes off my list to give me a sense of control.


My Teen Mom Is Now My Best Friend

There is something about growing up and learning together that creates a bond like no other.

Peak Toddler Hell

16 Month Olds Are My Kryptonite

I mean it as no offense to her — it’s me. It’s just not my jam.


9 Is A Weird Age. Here's What I've Learned.

The baby cuddles are over, but we can still connect.


Mother’s Day Is A Crock

I am the planner, the executor of all family events, holidays, and gatherings. So who then is in charge of this day?

Really Hard

Life With A Short-Fused Kid Is A Minefield

And I’m right in the middle.

I Did That

I Wanted A Girl After Two Boys And I'm Convinced I Made It Happen

I know that this sounds wild but the truth is, it didn’t not work.

Hard Stuff

I Have Major Body Issues And I Am Terrified My Daughters Will Too

Life has yet to beat the self-love out of her.


It’s Hard As Hell Being The Introverted Mom To An Extroverted Kid

I’m so proud of this confident little social badass... and I’m so tired.

Be Present

Don't Tell Me To 'Enjoy Every Moment'

Trying to be present is like trying to hold onto the back of a bull.

Guilt Free Living

F*ck It, I’m Embracing My Mom Pooch

And all the other things I can no longer give a crap about.