Samm D.

Samm D. is an ex-lawyer and mom of four who swears a lot.

Slow Down

Man, I’m Going To Miss Age 4

This stage is just magic.

summer chaos

Every Year, The Transition Between School And Summer Screws Me Up

Sure, I adjust eventually — but then it’s already time to worry about back-to-school.


It Guts Me Every Time I Go Through My Kid's Clothes

My kids will never wear those donut pajamas again, and I am filled with sadness.


My Oldest And Youngest Are Soulmates

The age gap allows for the perfect mix of responsibility, love, and friendship.


It’s So Tricky When You’re Friends — But Your Kids Aren’t

I’ve seen friendships sour over disagreement between the kids, and I don’t want that to happen.


Well, We’ve Entered The Fortnite Era At My House

Am I really OK with all this?

Not again

I’m So Sick Of Overthinking Texts Messages — And Everything Else

I spend too much time trapped in thought patterns about what other people think of me.


That Time My Five-Year-Old Pooped In The Pool At A Party

I never saw this one coming.


Leave Me Out Of The Girl Group Hang, Thanks

I don’t need a crew or a squad, and I’m A-OK with that.

in the trenches

Dear Hubby, I Know I Complain A Lot But I Still Love You

I see that you are exhaustedly giving your entire self to our family too.

Not Ready

I Don’t Want To Share My Boys With Anybody

I want to keep my people under my wing, free from outside noise or influence.


No, I Don't Want Photo "Memories" Thrown At Me From My Phone

With each photo, I experience a physical reaction.


None Of My Kids Have Any Chill

Everything we do is loud and messy and I’m tired.

It's a circus

Boy I Wish People Had Told Me The Truth About A Fourth Kid

Four is not the same as three.

Mental Health

‘What’s The Worst That Could Happen?’ Used To Help My Anxiety. Not Anymore.

I use to coach myself through big and small life events with this simple phrase.


I Would Be Lost Without My Mom Bestie

She is there through all the big life-altering events with understanding.

Youth Sports

I’m Sorry, But Your 8-Year-Old Kid Isn't Going Pro

Reality check: the point is for the kids to have fun.

mental health

I Can’t Let The House Get Messy Because Of My Anxiety

I am constantly worried that I am forgetting something, and compelled to check task-boxes off my list to give me a sense of control.


My Teen Mom Is Now My Best Friend

There is something about growing up and learning together that creates a bond like no other.

Peak Toddler Hell

16 Month Olds Are My Kryptonite

I mean it as no offense to her — it’s me. It’s just not my jam.