Samm Davidson

Samm is an ex-lawyer and mom of four who swears a lot. Find her on Instagram @sammbdavidson.

#erastouroutfits Vibe

What’s An Almost-40 Woman Supposed To Wear To A Taylor Swift Concert?

Outfits for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour are all over my FYP — and I’m feeling the pressure.


Please, No More Playoff Games In Youth Sports

I don’t want to see any more crying fourth graders.

Not Easy

It’s Hard As Hell Being The Oldest Sibling

They’re asked to lead, take responsibility and get less attention.


I Don’t Want My Kid To Be The Oldest In Her Class

I know it’s contrary to conventional wisdom, but hear me out.

It's Basically TikTok Right?

I’m Sorry But I Just Can’t Deal With YouTube Shorts

What are YouTube shorts, you ask? A pain in my rear, that’s what.

What was I thinking?

Trust Me, Be Careful What You Promise Your Kid On Their Birthday

When I made the promise, ten seemed so far off. Not anymore.

Send some friggin’ help

My Son Has ADHD, & The Adderall Shortage Is Dramatically Impacting His Behavior

He relies on his medication to focus his mind and calm his body to be successful in a learning environment.

Oh No

I Was Not Ready For Elementary School Boy Drama

I thought elementary social conflicts would be less problematic for my son. Wow, was I wrong.


My Kid Says My Name A Million Times A Day

I feel like the mom in Family Guy all damn day.

It's the little things

I Have 4 Kids Under 10. Here’s One Thing I Know.

It took me a while, but I finally figured it out.


My Kid Is Jealous Of The Attention I Give My Phone

I reach for it as an escape — but it’s gotten out of hand.


TikTok Made Me Do It

Millennial me is allllll about it.

So Awkward

I Don't Want To Be Friends If You Judge My Parenting

Even if we've known each other forever, I've got my limits.


My 5-Year-Old Loves Makeup, And I Have A Lot Of Conflicting Feelings

Is she simply being creative and having fun?


I'm A Mom With Anxiety And Some Days Are Just Rough

I can’t control the thoughts that pop into my head — but I can decide what I do next. Or at least I can try.

Pregnancy Loss

My Miscarriage Triggered Emotions That I Never Expected

I knew it would be difficult, but I still wasn’t prepared for the reality.


Can Someone Tell Me Who Looks Good In Wide Leg Jeans?!

I want to look cool. Instead I look like a potato.

I got a whiff

I Had No Idea Armpits Could Stink At Age 9

My dump-truck-loving baby is suddenly a tween and WHEW.

How the heck?!?

The Time We Almost Lost The Class Pet

It was a close call.


My Kids' Schedules Are Wearing Me Out

My childhood memories were playing at home and commitment-free sports.