Samm Davidson

Samm Davidson has been a regular writer and contributor at Scary Mommy since early 2022, focusing mostly on first person parenting essays.

Samm has dual bachelor's degrees in Sociology and Justice studies from the University of New Hampshire, and a Law Degree from Suffolk University. She worked briefly as an estate planning attorney after graduation before shifting to a career in social work, which felt closer to her heart. For the last ten years she has been at home with her now four children and currently works in her non-mom hours as a writer and lifestyle family photographer.

Samm is passionate about sharing her honest, raw, unfiltered truth about motherhood. She loves newborns, statement sunglasses, Justin Bieber, and a well-placed F bomb. She is a complicated introvert, giving most of her energy to her chaotic household but she is a foxhole chick. (She will die for you – but will likely not meet you for coffee.) She is currently working her way into the next stage of life beyond the years of babies – and while she is a little sad and nervous, she is hopeful for what is next.

Something's gotta give

Can We Stop Inviting The Whole Class To The Birthday Party

BySamm Davidson

I don’t want to feel shamed into playing this party-scorekeeping game when I create my guest list.

underestimated the whole thing

I Knew Braces Were Expensive But Damn

BySamm Davidson

Maybe a little tooth crowding isn’t so bad?!

cage match

Is It Just My Kids, Or Are Easter Egg Hunts A Bloodbath?

BySamm Davidson

It’s the Hunger Games with bright plastic eggs.

we've all wondered

Wait, Is My Vagina Weird?

BySamm Davidson

I’m 40, and I still don’t know what’s normal!

Growing up

I So Wasn’t Prepared For This One Big Middle School Adjustment

BySamm Davidson

I got used to elementary school... then it all changed.

We're having fun

Well, We’re Going To Disney. Bring It On.

BySamm Davidson

I’ve gotta get my mind right before we do this thing.

those were the days

Snow Days In The 90s Were Just Better

BySamm Davidson

Waiting for my school’s name on that little ticker at the bottom of the TV... magic.

hard pass

Indoor Sports Season Is Hell

BySamm Davidson

The noise. God, the NOISE.

where'd they go?

Do Kids Even Have Playdates Anymore?

BySamm Davidson

Maybe packed schedules leave little room for low-stakes meet-ups.

not again

I Just Don’t See The Point Of Homework For Young Kids

BySamm Davidson

They are exhausted at the end of the school day, it’s the last thing they need.

Why did we do this?!?

Trends That Sucked In 2023

BySamm Davidson

Let’s leave this stuff behind in the new year, thanks.

Inner circle

My Family Only Hangs With Each Other At Holidays Parties

BySamm Davidson

And it might seen rude but it’s just how we roll.

forever coughs

My Kid Isn’t Contagious Anymore. The Cold Just Won’t Go Away.

BySamm Davidson

What’s most frustrating is that it seems unavoidable!

my head is spinning

Are You Also Totally Overwhelmed & It’s Not Even December Yet?!

BySamm Davidson

No? Just me? Don’t leave me hangin’.

dress for success

Middle School Fashion Is Totally Wild, Huh?

BySamm Davidson

Seriously, what is going on?

Rein it in

I’m So Over The Holiday Clutter

BySamm Davidson

No more overspending on crap we don’t actually need.


My Kid Won’t Let Me Dress Her Anymore & I’m Struggling

BySamm Davidson

She has her own vision... and I’ll be honest, it clashes with mine.


I Wanna Be A Man On Thanksgiving

BySamm Davidson

For once I want dinner to appear magically before me, after a long afternoon of football.

plot twist

My Daughter Refused To Let Me Chaperone Her Field Trip

BySamm Davidson

What I thought would be a moment of celebration became something very different.

No interruptions

The Car Ride That Changed My Perspective Of Parenting

BySamm Davidson

Twenty-five minutes of one-on-one time with my 8 year old was pure magic.