Samm Davidson

Samm is an ex-lawyer and mom of four who swears a lot. Find her on Instagram @sammbdavidson.

Buckle Up

God, I Hate Being The Car Ride Referee

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short ride to the store or across state lines — it’s all mayhem.

Yup, Lost It

Yeah, I Yell Sometimes — So?

I'm human and make mistakes, it happens.

I have to do what?

How Come Nobody Warned Me About Mammograms?

Why on Earth didn’t anybody tell me about the boob-flattening?

Collective Chill

Can We PLEASE Take Youth Sports Down A Notch?!

My kid is not competitive but loves sports. Can he fit in?

Buckle Up

Here's To The Coach's Wife, The Unsung And Very Tired Hero Of Fall

Logistically, it adds a level of complexity to everything.

So relaxing

The Moment I Learned I Didn't Have To Do It All On My Own

I didn't know how much help I needed until I got it.


Is It Just Me, Or Are Your Late 30s Really Weird?

I am not a new mom, but I am not totally seasoned either.


Let Me Tell You The Truth About The PTA

It’s probably not what you think.

Birth Order

To All The Firstborn Daughters, The World Would Be Lost Without Us

It’s a whole vibe.

I became fearless

I'm A Hot Mess At A Lot Of Things, But Breastfeeding Came Easily To Me

Nursing was my superpower.

Yup, My Fault

Every Mom Ruins Their Kid's Day Once In A While

His special trip with his grandfather did not go as planned.

Let's Call Mom

My Kid Won’t Stop Calling Me On His Smartwatch

I should have known that putting a direct line to me on his wrist would lead to problems.

Slow Down

Man, I’m Going To Miss Age 4

This stage is just magic.

summer chaos

Every Year, The Transition Between School And Summer Screws Me Up

Sure, I adjust eventually — but then it’s already time to worry about back-to-school.


It Guts Me Every Time I Go Through My Kid's Clothes

My kids will never wear those donut pajamas again, and I am filled with sadness.


My Oldest And Youngest Are Soulmates

The age gap allows for the perfect mix of responsibility, love, and friendship.


It’s So Tricky When You’re Friends — But Your Kids Aren’t

I’ve seen friendships sour over disagreement between the kids, and I don’t want that to happen.


Well, We’ve Entered The Fortnite Era At My House

Am I really OK with all this?

Not again

I’m So Sick Of Overthinking Texts Messages — And Everything Else

I spend too much time trapped in thought patterns about what other people think of me.


That Time My Five-Year-Old Pooped In The Pool At A Party

I never saw this one coming.