Sarah Bourassa

Sarah is a writer and social contributor for Scary Mommy who focuses on parenting, health, travel, and other lifestyle topics. She also writes “What The Health?,” Scary Mommy’s no-BS series about women’s health issues, from weird pregnancy and postpartum symptoms to signs of perimenopause and general wellness questions.

She has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a master’s degree in New Media And Digital Innovation from New York University. Prior to joining BDG as Scary Mommy’s senior social media manager in 2022, she worked as an audience editor at HuffPost for seven years. She was also the founder of Canceled Plans, an online community for introverts and HuffPost’s largest Facebook group. She started at HuffPost as a social media editor for the healthy living section. In addition to writing articles for Scary Mommy and HuffPost, she’s contributed to TODAY Health, TODAY Parents, NBC News,, and Gaiam Life.

She’s the mom of a toddler and Goldendoodle Zoe. She enjoys running, hiking, yoga, coffee, being outdoors, and sleeping (when her toddler allows).

You can read more about her at her Linkedin profile here.


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