You Want What?!

33 Gifts Tweens Actually Want, According To Tweens

Many parents were surprised by some of their kids’ requests.

Written by Sarah Bourassa
Ariela Basson/Scary Mommy; Getty Images, Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods
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Beanie Babies. Steve Madden platform sandals. Gel pens. Spice Girls and Mariah Carey CDs. Lisa Frank everything. This is what I remember being obsessed with when I was a tween in the ‘90s. But what are tweens into nowadays?

When we asked our readers on Facebook what gifts their tweens (ages 9-12) are requesting this year, they were more than willing to share. (In fact, some even posted videos and photos of entire slideshows their kids had created about their wish lists.)

Read on for the most common responses and ideas for your tween shopping list.

Stanley Cup

The most popular response? The Stanley cup. (And no, we’re not talking about the hockey trophy, despite what moms thought when their kids asked for one.) It’s a travel tumbler popular on TikTok and known for keeping your drink cold for up to 11 hours.

Our readers had a LOT to say about it: “My daughter has three styles and at least 10 different colors picked out. SMH!” “You would be surprised how many girls in my daughter’s fourth-grade class have Stanley cups.” “What is up with this cup? What’s it made of, gold??!!”

Some of our readers who were turned off by the price tag for the standard 40-oz. Stanley Tumbler (around $45) recommended knock-off brands (like the Simple Modern one below).

Stanley Cup Accessories

As if the cup alone wasn’t enough, readers said their tweens also had accessories for these tumblers on their holiday lists, like straw toppers that come in different designs.


This age group is ALL about skincare, again thanks to TikTok. One mom shared a photo of her tween daughter’s skincare products neatly organized in her own cosmetic fridge: “Her skincare game is better than mine! And I love skincare!” Some of the most popular brands mentioned: Bubble and Drunk Elephant.


Every generation seems to have their collectibles. (I admit, I still have all of my Beanie Babies). Tweens (and even adults) these days are obsessed with the cuddly, plush Squishmallows. There are currently more than 1,000 characters, each with its own name and backstory.

All Things Lego

Several of our readers also mentioned their kids are into collecting Legos, especially themed sets like Lego Minecraft, Lego Technic Cars, and Lego Friends.

Taylor Swift Merchandise

A lot of tweens want Taylor Swift concert tickets (don’t we all!). But whether your Swiftie has been to a show or not, there’s a ton of cute Taylor Swift-themed products they’ll love books, calendars, socks, jewelry, sweatshirts, candles, and soaps.

One mom mentioned she gives her daughter a hoodie from a different era of Taylor Swift’s tour every holiday.

Room Decor

Bedroom makeovers were a popular theme, and tweens are asking for decor like LED lights, wall hangings, sheet sets, lava lamps, rugs, posters, and bean bag chairs.

One common request for bedroom makeovers that caught moms off-guard: a mini fridge. Some were asking for one to keep their skincare items fresh, while others were wanting to store their favorite drinks and snacks in their rooms.

Record Player and Vinyl Records

This generation is bringing back record players and records. One mom recommended the Victrola because it also has Bluetooth and can stream music.

Gaming Gear

Gaming systems, like Nintendo Switch, are the big-ticket items in this category. But if you don’t want to splurge that much, video games and accessories like gaming chairs, headphones, and keyboards also topped the list.


There were several specific shoe brands and styles that were repeatedly mentioned by parents as *hot* items for this age group, like Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, Ugg Tasman slippers, Crocs, and Converse (aka Chucks). Don’t worry; there are also knock-offs available for most of these.


It can be hard to know exactly what your tween wants when they say “clothing.” Our readers broke it down for us: flared yoga pants, oversized sweatshirts, crop tops, fuzzy sweaters, and sports jerseys, just to name a few.

Tech Gadgets

There are three tech products that seem to be tweens’ go-to wish list items: Apple Watches, AirPods, and Instax cameras (which create instant photo prints).

Art Supplies

If you’re a parent of a crafty tween, try one of these reader recommendations.

Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with a gift card they’re easy and great for last-minute gifts too. Some of the most popular ones tweens are asking for: Target, Lululemon, Sephora, Ulta, Aerie, Starbucks, Xbox, and Roblox.

Tweens may initially seem tough to shop for since they’re between age groups. But after reading the thousands of comments from our readers, it’s clear: Tweens know exactly what they want.