Vanessa Kroll Bennett

Vanessa Kroll Bennett is the co-host of The Puberty Podcast; the founder of Dynamo Girl, a company using sports and puberty education to empower kids; and the author of the Uncertain Parenting Newsletter, musings on raising adolescents. You can follow her on Instagram @vanessakrollbennett.


I'm Hormonal And Living With Four Very Hormonal Kids — Send Help

What happens when we’re all pissy from hormones? Nothing good, that’s what.

tone it down

We Do Our Kids A Disservice Making Them Specialize In Sports Too Soon

Sports meant so much to me, but they’ve changed completely since I was a kid.


My Daughter Wanted Her Ears Double Pierced. Why Did I Care So Much?

I responded in a classic parental knee-jerk fashion but I realized I was wrong.

Post-Roe America

Talking About Sex With Our Kids In A Post-Roe World

What are we supposed to say now?


I Was A Crappy Parent Of Toddlers

Give yourself permission not to love every stage of your kids’ lives.


Reminder: Your Kid’s First Dance Isn’t Make-Or-Break, So Relax

There is so much more life to be lived.

Big Topics

What I Said When My Kid Asked, ‘Mom, What's the Playboy Mansion?’

I never lie to my kid or purposely avoid any question — even the hard ones.


When Your Tween Dumps All Their Sh*t On You

It was like a hormonal chain of command where she needed to put it on someone, and I was the lucky recipient.


Boys Have Mood Swings, Too

The uneven ebb and flow of testosterone might present as physical aggressiveness, anger, or simply utter silence.

Birds and Bees

Bridgerton Is The Best Sex Ed (But Not In The Way You Think)

The moment that jerked me right out of the show – and disappointed me as a longtime romance fan.

I didn't see this coming

So Your 9-Year-Old Has Breast Buds? Don’t Panic.

A guide to tackling this new stage of life with your child.

Big Feelings

I Was A Red Panda, Too

I had no problem using my voice and unleashing my anger.

Alone Time

Don't Let The Quiet Kid Get Lost In The Shuffle

Make space for one-on-one — even if it’s a pack of Oreos and an hour together.

Bye Mom

My Kids Broke Up With Me

I feel like I was dumped by my kids


We've All Forgotten How To Socialize, Haven't We?

My teens seem unsure how to even go about making plans with friends. It's like they were out sick the day everyone learned this social skill lesson.


What I Said When My Son Asked Me If Parenting Was Worth It

My son, the pint-sized philosopher, asked: “Mom, do the pros outweigh the cons as a parent?”