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Costco Has Unleashed A 3.5 Pound Banana Cream Pie Upon The World

Here are the early reviews.

Costco has dropped a new pie, and it is banana cream pie with a caramel topping.
Laura Jayne Lamb / @costcohotfinds / Instagram

Is there anything more exciting than when Costco drops a new pie? And one that is as big a hubcap and weighs more than a half-gallon of milk? There is not.

First we had the 5-pound peanut butter chocolate pie drop in 2023, and we were never the same again. Then we were #blessed with the 4-pound lemon meringue cheesecake pie just a few months later. Now, get your forks ready for the 3.5-pound banana cream pie, which is already on the shelves in a lot of Costcos around the United States.

We were first alerted to this momentous event by one of our favorite Instagram Costco follows, @costcohotfinds, also known as Laura Jane Lamb, also known as the only person who likes Costco more than we do.

What do we know about this pie, besides its weight? It retails for $15.99, it’s made from real bananas, and is topped with a thick caramel whipped topping, with some extra caramel sauce crisscrossed on top. Several people have clarified that it does not have chunks of banana — it’s all creamy.

“I love the butter graham cracker crust. This pie is so, so creamy and delicious,” Lamb says during her video review of the new product.

Opinions coming in from social media were also totally positive.

“Don’t want, need,” one person wrote.

“No one take me to Costco, I have no self control,” one person begged.

“Top it with some nilla wafers. Thank me later,” another wrote.

As always, there were a few little complaints. Many people want Costco to sell slices so that they don’t have to commit to eating 3.5 pounds of dessert if they’re in a smaller household. But since it’s a warehouse store that specializes in bulk sales, we’re probably out of luck. Maybe it freezes well?

And Costco-goers in Canada were disappointed to report that their bakeries aren’t yet producing these pies north of the border. Historically, Canadian Costcos carry some different items than in the United States and may never get the same pies we do (however, they have some great stuff that we don’t get, like poutine in the food court, so it evens out).

Some U.S. shoppers were also reporting that the pie hasn’t dropped in their area yet — which is normal for these rollouts — so you might want to call your local store before making a trip out of it.